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How to reflash a bricked Nokia 5230 or other Nokia phone with a failed firmware update. Part 1

Okay, so if you're here, it means you have a phone that will not switch on or is not usable in any way which means it's bricked. In my case, to bypass the high cost of OTA (over the air firmware updates) I tried to install a updated firmware to my phone which was not compatible. Shortly after installing the firmware I noticed that the screen would go white and then fade away in little stripes and it would do this again and again when trying to switch it on.

The problem could also be caused by other things such as the phone being interrupted while doing a internet or OTA update or installing customized firmware which is not compatible with the phone. It is also reported in a few cases that this can happen spontaneously but I have my doubts as to the validity of this claim except for in the case of hardware failure.

So there I was in a flat panic at 2AM at night with a pretty paper weight. I started doing some research for how to get my phone back to a functional state and after many a hours of panicked search I found a way to do it. So after fixing my phone I decided to brick it again so I can show everyone else how to do this as I found most of the instructions on how to do this either outdated or very confusing for a novice. I do not want to detract from the original posters of similar info as without you I could not have done this! VERY IMPORTANT : Please read the entire tutorial before starting! I did this on a Nokia 5230 but the process is the same for most Nokia smart phones. Please remove your simcard and memory card before starting.

So let's get your phone fixed!

You will need:
1. A MS Windows based computer
2. Nokia Connection Cable for your phone (CA-101 for 5230)
3. Internet connection and about 500MB of data
4. Latest Nokia OVI Suite or PC Suite
5. Phoenix Service Software for Nokia
6. Original Firmware for your phone
7. About an hour
8. A little patients ;)

1. Getting Nokia PC Suite or OVI Suite

Okay so the first thing to download and install in the Nokia Suite:
It can be downloaded from Nokia. The reason for installing this is that it will install all the drivers and components needed. The Phoenix software does include cable drivers but I found that they didn't work for me and after downloading OVI this fixed the problem.

You can do a simple Google search or try THIS LINK but I may not be updating the links in this Tutorial very often so if the link does not work , please do a quick Google search as this is very easy to find. So simply install the Suite of choice after the download is completed install it.

2.Getting Nokia Phoenix Service Software

I made every attempt at trying to establish the licensing requirements and end user agreement for this program but for now I am unsure about the licensing so the responsibility falls on you to ensure you are using this software legally. The license holder is Nokia.

Now I downloaded my copy of the software HERE since I could not find a legitimate download from Nokia. I downloaded version 2010.08.004.41526 but any fairly recent version should work fine. Again as with Nokia OVI Suite , the link may no longer be valid in which case you should find the software with relative ease using Google.

Once downloaded, simply install the software. Some antivirus and firewall applications will not like the looks of this software but it is perfectly safe so please disable your antivirus and allow the program to connect to the internet at the end of installation.

3.Getting Nokia Firmware for your device.

So I got the original firmware from a site called Blue-Nokia.com by Obnoxy. You could probably find it anywhere you like including Navifirm but I find this is the easiest way for a complete noob.

Click here to go to the site and select BB5 support. Now simply select your phone from the thumbnails on the page, in my case Nokia 5230 Express Music , and it will take you to a site with lots of firmware versions available. Now , open up the battery compartment of your phone and remove the battery. There should be a little sticker on there indicating a bit of information about the phone. Here is mine but note I blurred out the IMEI for privacy reasons.

If you are a general user and did not install custom firmware or forcefully update firmware like me, a lower version should work fine for you.

If however you are like me and regularly install custom firmware (this is slightly frowned upon by Nokia for obvious reasons) and updates, I higher version is recommended. I selected v9 Euro for my 5230 which should work for anyone. The benefit for choosing the correct region is that language packs are included. In my case, the region is not correct as I live in Africa and SE Asia region and thus localised languages will not be available until I do some more updates.

So, just download the package which is an exe file and install it with its default settings while the antivirus is still disabled.

Once this is installed, restart your computer.

4. Connecting your phone

So your phone is a brick , this part is pretty much established by now. What is less well known is that the phone has a USB connection mode available while it is off for flashing and by installing OVI suite , the driver for this connection mode was also installed.

However, if your phone's battery was dead at the time of flashing, this can pose a problem as the phone will not charge while it is bricked. The solution is to either plug in the AC adaptor or give the battery a charge in someone else's phone before attempting to reflash it. I chose the latter the first time but did it on AC power while doing it the second time and both methods works fine.

So before opening any of the programs , simply insert your data cable and promptly press the power button of your phone. This press is shorter that what you would do to power on the phone and you should hear the computer detect an usb device shortly after doing this. The drivers will install indicated with a info bubble in the bottom right of your screen.

5. Doing the firmware installation.

Now open Phoenix from the shortcut created on your desktop. Sometimes the program will give you a error like "please install a Nokia dongle" but this is fixed by reinstalling the software and restarting your computer.

When the software is open go to File>Manage Connections and in the window , select the arrow down to select No Connection and press apply. This is done because the phone does not support a USB connection in its current state.

Now , close this window and go to File>Open Product and in the window select the Type code associated with your phone in my case RM-588. We read this off the back of the phone in step 3. When done , press Okay.

You may get a error message indicating that DP version was not found in this step or the next. If you do get this message , it means that your firmware that you downloaded was not found so just re-install it.

Now , with reference to the screenshot below , do the following :

1. Click Firmware Update

2. Click the little "..." box on the far right of the window that opens.

3. This will bring up a list of variations of the firmware package that you downloaded. On the left of this list and circled in red is the Product code. This is the other number we looked up in step 3 behind the battery. Try to find a product code which matches the one printed on the phone and highlight it. If you can't find one that matches exactly like in my case, don't worry too much about it. During the flashing , the product code will be changed. What is important is that you check that the description matches your phone. For an example , I have a white/silver 5230 and I want European languages installed so I select 0589701 (which is very near to my product code) and the description matches in that it is RM-588 , It is white/silver and it is European.

4. When done , Select OK

Okay , we're almost done. Your back at the Firmware Update screen now and the info selected is now filled in at the top. Under this , there is a little check box titled "Dead phone USB flashing" which you will need to have enabled.

And just like any good TV show , I will now build up the suspense by making you CLICK HERE to go to the next page with the rest of the instructions ;)

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