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How to Change Lid Switch on Roper RAS6233KQ Top Load Washer

Disconnect both hot and cold water line from the water inlet valve. Mark the hot and cold so you don't get them mixed up. There are 2 philips head screws at the back of the machine, holding down the console to the cabinet. One in each rear corner. Slide the console forward slightly and tilt back. There are 2 metal clips that hold the cabinet and top to the back panel. Use a screwdriver and pry both clips up. ( pay attention on how to put the clips back). Disconnect the harness to the lid switch. Now stand in front of the cabinet and tilt forward towards you while pulling forward. Cabinet should slide forward. Once the cabinet has been separated fro the back panel, lift the lid up. On the right side of the lid you will see 2 screws. remove screws. (theses are the screws that secure the lid switch to the top). Now go to the back of the cabinet at the opening and look in the corner where you just removed the 2 screws, You will see a green ground wire screwed to the cabinet. Should be a 5/16 screw. (not 100% sure). Remove screw. there are 2 small clips holding the tubing for the wire harness in place. Popping both clips out should release the lid switch. Now disconnect harness holder from the top of the cabinet by pressing in the plastic clips at the side. Pay attention to the direction of the plug. Put the new plug in the same direction as the one you removed. Once you have inserted the plug and it snaps back into place, thread the tubing back behind both metal clips and clip those back in place. Secure the ground wire back to the cabinet. Now mount the lid switch back to the cabinet. You can do this with the lid up. Secure both screws into the lid switch. Close and open the lid to test the lid switch. You should hear a clicking sound. Now its time to put the cabinet back on.
Standing in front of the cabinet, tilt it forward towards you and line it up with the base frame. Tuck the front bottom lip on the cabinet under the lip of the base. Make sure that the tabs sticking up from the base lines up with the bottom of the cabinet. Be patient, may take you awhile to get the cabinet back in position.
Slide the back panel forward back in place. make sure it tucks into the back of the cabinet. Once its in place, now you can reinstall the two metal clips that secure the back panel to the cabinet. reconnect the harness to the lid switch. Tilt the console back down into place inserting the tabs on the side into place on the cabinet. Once in place slide the console backwards into place. You can now put the 2 screws back that hold the console to the cabinet.
That should do it. Plug the washer back in and start using.

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1 Answer

No water being dispense into ice maker. It's doing it usual dumping & everything . The cold water dispenser in the door is working.

Probably a bad inlet valve on the lower back where the house water line hooks to the refrigerator. Its a 2 part inlet valve. Half feeds water to the dispenser and half feeds water to the icemaker. You can't change half--need a complete valve assembly. Not hard to change. Disconnect house line---unplug 2 wiring plugs (4 wires total) and disconnect 2 plastic water lines. Reverse to install---don't get wiring mixed up or reversed.

Jun 16, 2015 | Refrigerators

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My maytag washer model lat8006aae hot water flows in slow. I reversed water supply lines, no change, replaced water strainers and new water lines, still slow flow. supply lines, inlet water valve

It is possible the hot cold switch is flawed and stuck on mix of hot and cold I would have the inlet valve checked with a multi meter they can also check it for u at most appliance parts stores

Feb 07, 2015 | Maytag Washing Machines

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Bosch washer #2460 signas that water tap is closed, checked the hoses and screens

I am not sure why but there are 2 posts for your question. This is a duplicate of my original answer:
If you have checked the hoses and screens then the most probable failure is the inlet water valve. I suspect that one of the electrical water valve solenoids has failed. If you using cold water try a warm or hot wash. If your using hot or warm try a cold wash. I am not sure on this washer if there is a mixing valve but may front loading washers have mixing valves that mix hot and cold water simply to help dissolve the HE type soaps. If changing wash temp makes no difference then a continuity check for inlet water valve coil resistance will have to be performed with an inexpensive ohm meter. If there is no continuity the solenoid has failed and the inlet water valve will have to be replaced.

This unit appears to have 2 inlet water valves one for hot and cold and one for just cold that is used for diluting soap. You will need to check all 3 solenoids for continuity. The inlet water valves are items 5 and 6 of this picture:

You can find replacement parts here::

Let me know if you need more assistance.

Jul 11, 2011 | Bosch Axxis+ WFR 2460 Front Load Washer

1 Answer

Possible Mixing valve Problem

I would pull the lines off the back and check the inlet filter on the hot and cold sides of the water inlet and clean the screen style filter. If you just use cold is the water cold if the cold water valve was bad then you would get no cold wate when set to cold.

Jan 20, 2010 | Maytag PAV2300 Top Load Washer

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hi If the washer won't fill or fills very slowly, if it overfills, or if the water is the wrong temperature, the water inlet valves could be faulty. These components are easy to locate and very easy to replace, at little cost. When you suspect an inlet valve is faulty, first check to make sure the water faucets are fully turned on and properly connected to the hot and cold inlets of the valves. Then check the screens in the valves; if they're clogged, clean or replace them. If water doesn't enter the tub, set the temperature control to the HOT setting. If there is no water, set the control to the WARM setting. If all that comes out is cold water, the hot-water inlet valve is faulty. Reverse the procedure to test the cold-water valve, setting the control first on COLD and then on WARM. If the tub overfills, unplug the washer. If water still flows into the tub, the valve is stuck open. In any of these cases, the valves should probably be replaced. To check the valve assembly:

Step 1: Remove the back service panel and disconnect the hot-water and cold-water hoses to the valves.
Step 2: Remove the hoses connected to the valves inside the cabinet. Also disconnect the wires from the terminals. Back out the screws holding the valves to the machine. The inlet valves have solenoids (a coil of wire that carries a current) inside the housing. These can be tested, but chances are the valves are simply worn out.
Step 3: Tap the solenoids with a screwdriver handle. If this doesn't work, replace the entire inlet valve assembly. Repairs usually cost more than a new part. Make sure the replacement valve assembly is exactly the same type as the old one. Install it in reverse order of the way you disconnected the old one.

Sep 13, 2008 | GE WHRE5260E Top Load Washer

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