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Top 10 Lawn Mower Problems and solutions (part 2)

Top 10 Lawn Mower Problems and solutions
5: Drive makes a bad noise
Your mowers drive system making a bad noise rates 5 instead of 4 because more machines come in after the noise has gone and now the machine won't pull. If your machine is making noise in the drive train service it before it is too late. This can save you hundreds of dollars. Lubrication is required on most all drive systems this may be all that your mower needs but checking the belts and wheel alignment never hurts. ask a local shop how to get the service manual for your machine so you know the proper lubricant to use.

4: No drive
So your mower does not drive? Does problem 5 look familiar? If so it may be time for a drive rebuild. The standard rebuild at a shop is about $180. This may be more than half the price you would pay to replace the whole unit. Many shops, like Arcolawn carry used parts for just an occasion. This can help you save money and get the machine fixed up.
Before you go through all the work of putting in a new transmission it is a good idea to check the simple things like the belt, the cables and levers and any related components that could be an issue.

3: Mower vibrates
Many mowers every year are sent to the repair shop because they make their owners hands go numb. The most common cause is a bent main shaft or "crankshaft". Hitting an object (with the mower) can cause the main shaft to bend and thus throw the mower out of balance. Large machines with multiple blades may be more difficult to notice (look for quality of cut issues). This needs to be addressed by a local shop to evaluate the repair and safety concerns. It is not recommended to straighten the shaft as it may cause fractures in the metal of the shaft.
A lesser known cause of vibration is a blade that is out of balance. Silica or dirt causes blades to wear and come out of balance. This vibration can cause parts to come loose and components to fail. Aside from that worn blades are dangerous because they can break apart as they grow thinner.
Both a bent/ worn blade and a bent crankshaft can be checked at a local dealer that has a dial gauge.
2: Engine is hard to start (kicks back)
Related to number 3 the engine kicking back when trying to start means 9 times out of 10 that the key under the flywheel has sheared and is making the spark plug fire at the wrong time. This is an inexpensive fix (under $10...not counting your time) if you do it yourself. Other hard to start issues can be related to valve adjustment and fuel delivery both of which it is recommended to consult a repair manual about. (see link above for manuals from dealers)
1: Engine is hard to start and surges up and down
The number one problem is "Surging"
The most common of all complaints in engines is relate to fuel. fuel has a shelf life of 60-90 days before it will not burn in a small engine properly. this does not mean that fuel is good after 1 week in the garage with the sealing caps off of the container.
10% of the fuel today is Ethanol a corn based alcohol. Alcohol attracts moisture and works as a solvent eating rubber components and corroding metals. Since lawnmower fuel systems are made from metal and rubber gaskets this makes for a bad combination.
sometimes flushing your fuel system will fix the problem but other times a rebuild of the system is required.
Either way it is recommended to find fuel without Ethanol. Stihl inc. Dealers like www.arcolawn.com carry a special formulated fuel that has no ethanol in it. This is one notch better than recycling gallons of fuel every month or two just to keep your lawn equipment going.

There you have it the top 10 lawn mower problems and solutions.
Thank you Arco Lawn
Stihl Inc
and other referenced sites.

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1 Answer

2004 jd 790when l push the clutch pedal all the way down you can not engage the PTO in without it grinding.this happens only with rotary mower cutter tractor 3 point.with another attachment works fine

How to Troubleshoot Riding Lawnmower Problems When it is time to mow the lawn, and the old, faithful lawnmower just doesn't want to get the job done, you may need to do some maintenance or repair on the machine. Here are some steps to guide you in troubleshooting a few common problems.

Steps 1.Check the basic mower functions to determine where you need to look to diagnose the problem you are having with your mower. Here are the basic parts of a typical mower:
  • Engine
  • Belts and pulleys
  • Mower deck
  • Wheels and axle assemblies
  • Blades
  • Transmission/drive system
  • Safety system
2. Check each part of the mower to make sure it is working. First, you must make sure the engine is running. This should be obvious, and no other part of the machine will work if the engine won't start. Here is a checklist to get started diagnosing engine problems.
  1. Check the crankcase lubricant (motor oil). Many modern engines have an oil sensor that shuts off the engine if the oil level is too low for it to operate safely.
  2. Check the fuel. You may want to check the fuel pump, filter, and fuel lines for leaks or blockages.
  3. Check the air filter. Dirty air filters rob the engine's performance, and if the filter is sufficiently stopped up, it will not allow it to crank.
  4. Check the carburetor. Make sure all linkages and attachment bolts/screws are tight.
  5. Check the starting system if the mower is equipped with electric start. This includes the battery, battery cables, solenoid switch, ignition switch, starter motor, and neutral switch if equipped.
3. Check the drive belt system if the mower doesn't move or the blades will not rotate when they are engaged. This can be done by lowering the mower deck and removing any debris that obstructs your view. Here are some things you will be looking for:
  • The main drive belts should go from a pulley on the bottom of the engine to the mower deck drive pulley and to the transmission/transaxle. These should be tight when they are engaged, and loose when the clutch is depressed (transmission drive belt), and when the mower is disengaged (mower deck drive belt). Obvious things to look for are damaged or broken belts, or loose pulleys.
  1. Check wiring to the electric mower drive clutch if the machine is equipped with one.
  2. Check linkages that operate the belt idler pulleys and transmission shifter.
4. Check the lubricant in the transaxle when the mower is serviced. The bearings and gears in lawnmower transaxles will quickly become damaged if they do not receive sufficient lubrication.

5. Check the tires and axles if the mower seems underpowered or the steering doesn't seem to be operating properly. Front wheels often have grease fittings that extend the life of the wheel bearings or bushings, and when these are worn excessively, steering will operate well.

6. Keep your mower's blades sharp and balanced. This not only provides a better cut, but also decreases wear and tear on the machine. Here are things to look for to spot problems with the blades.
  • Uneven or ragged cutting is often a sign of worn, dull, or bent blades.
  • Vibration underneath the mower deck can indicate blades which are out of balance (or damaged spindles on the blade carriers) and should be repaired promptly.

How to Troubleshoot Riding Lawnmower Problems
another source that might help is:

Lawn Mower Repair Help

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Jul 02, 2015 | Garden

1 Answer

Why is mower making sound like blade hitting deck?

when does it do it ??? Only when you are driving the mower ??? if its a rear drive mower I would suspect the axle/trans/drive wheels are making the noise.

Sep 11, 2014 | Craftsman 675 Torque 190cc 21" Briggs ...

1 Answer

drive belt making noise how to adjust

how do I stop the noise when i let off the pedal you have to push in to start the mower it makes a bad noise . but when I push it in it stops. how do I remove the lower deck to get a look at drive belt.

Feb 18, 2013 | Husqvarna Lawn Tractor 48" Deck, 23 Hp,...

1 Answer

when starting my mower the starter makes clunking noise

Something broken in starter. Remove and check or have shop check it.

May 14, 2012 | Poulan Pro Lawn Tractor 2006 and Newer...

3 Answers


In the back of the mower...probably under the seat, there should be a lever to release the transmission, or it is on the back plate. As far as the noise when trying to move drive the mower, the brake in the back, next to the transmission is jammed, use a 1/2 inch wrench to loosen it maybe 1/4 turn and this should unlock the brakes

Apr 22, 2009 | Garden

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