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Cleaning PC Desktop Memory Stick Contacts

The best way to clean the contacts on computer memory sticks is to use an eraser.The contacts on memory sticks get tarnished after being exposed to the elements especially inside a computer where theirs a lot of air flow happening so cleaning them with a pencil eraser will restore the contacts to allow good contact between the stick and the memory slot.This also works for any electronic equipment that utilizes flat male/female connectors like in tvs,garage door openers.Make sure that only the eraser comes in contact with the connections and be careful that you do not hit any of the smd(surface mount devices)located on the board.If your not comfortable using a pencil eraser you can get the same results by using just an eraser itself.I would recommend that if your using a pencil eraser that it be a brand new pencil,do not use a pencil whose eraser has been worn down,due to the erasers metal holder which if not careful can scratch and/or damage the piece being cleaned.This also applies to Laptop memory.Thanks and Enjoy

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Hello, I have a dilemma. I have an ACER ASPIRE desktop. It is a AM1640-BD2160B. I am running Windows 7 with 2 GB of ram. My problem is one or both of DIMMS are bad but I CANNOT find replacements. I purchased memory from Best Buy but it does not work. My computer began freezing up originally so I proceeded to troubleshoot the problem. I narrowed it down to my memory. With any new memory, it just continues to freeze up or gives me the Blue Screen of Death. This is not a virus issue and my PC is only a couple of years old. The Serial Number of the DIMM is 508390-1533/1GB DDR2 800. The other DIMM has a different Ser. NO. WHERE CAN I PURCHASE NEW MEMORY???????????????

Before buying more ram, try cleaning the contacts of your original ram sticks.
The best way to do this is to use a pencil eraser until the copper contacts on the sticks are clean.
Make sure you wipe off the eraser filings and deposits with a clean cloth before re-installing the memory. Make sure you don't have any lint etc on the contacts after wiping them.
Never touch the contacts with your fingers.

Inspect your ram slots and check that there is no dust or anything else that shouldn't be there.
A blow of some compressed air in a tin normally is enough to get them clean if needed.

Install your ram, and I'm certain this will fix your problems, as it is very seldom I find ram actually faulty.

To make sure your ram is without any error, you can always run a test program called Memtest+86, download here:

Apr 08, 2011 | Acer Computers & Internet

1 Answer

I have a Sony-shot DSC- P200, which is showing a message "Memory Stick error' and code C:13:01. I have two memory sticks which both work in my computer, but not in my camera. I have cleaned the contacts. Is there anything else I can try, or do I need a new camera? John K.

This may sound lik an odd solution, but first try this, first:


Make sure the card is inserted properly, use the camera's Format Utility; instead of the computer (Always Use The Camera, with Sony).


Using a pencil eraser (new/clean) gently rub the contacts with the eraser, and use a dry and lint free cloth to wipe any shavings of (don't blow it off with your mouth)..


If the error still presents, try inserting and removing as many as 10 times or more (the contacts, both inside the camera and on the card may have a film on them) to both align and clean the contacts against one another.


I said it sounds odd but here's where Sonystyle.com  says it too:

DCS-P200 error code 13:xx  (all 13 code errors are memory stick related)....


Don't Forget To Vote ;-)


Thank You For Choosing FixYa~!


Mar 18, 2011 | Cameras

1 Answer

it beep three time not go no where

Memory Failure.

1) Computer unplugged from power, computer on a table, computer case open.

Observe Anti-Static Precautions

Anti-Static Precautions:

Your body carries Static electricity.
Static WILL fry out (Short Circuit) the hardware components inside a computer.

Computer UNPLUGGED from power, computer case open, TOUCH the metal frame of the open computer case to relieve your body of Static, BEFORE reaching inside the computer.

If you leave your computer in the middle of working on it, be SURE to Touch the metal frame again upon your return.

2) Remove the Ram Memory module/s. (Module = Stick)
You can lay the computer on it's side for easier access to the ram memory module/s.

Clean the gold plated contact pins on the bottom of the Ram Memory module/s.
Use a pencil eraser.
If you are Not using a solid eraser, and the eraser on the end of a pencil, refrain from letting the metal band touch the contact pins.

The Intel motherboards that use the Intel 845GV chipset use DDR Sdram ram memory,


(You can click on the photo to enlarge. You can enlarge twice)

DDR Sdram ram memory has 184 contact pins. 92 on each side.

Clean each one of the contact pins with the eraser. Both sides of the ram memory module.
Doesn't take long.

Rub the eraser up and down on each contact pin. Doesn't take very much pressure.
After you have cleaned the contact pins it may seem as though you have done nothing at all.
I assure you that you have.

The contact pins do not have to be shiny.
Corrosion develops on the gold plated contact pins, and it doesn't take very much corrosion to make a bad contact.

After you have finished use air to remove the eraser dust.
If a can of compressed air for computers is available, use it.
Otherwise air pressure from your mouth will be sufficient.

(If a can of compressed air is available, also use it to clean out the ram memory slots)

Computer still unplugged from power, press the Power On button in, and hold it in for a count of Five seconds. Let go of the Power On button.
Do this same procedure Two more times.

What you are doing is clearing CMOS Error Codes, and resetting BIOS back to the factory default settings.

Once done reinstall the ram memory module/s.
Close the computer case.
Plug the computer into power.
WAIT 1 minute, then turn the computer on.


Dec 05, 2010 | Intel PENTIUM-4 865GV CHIP MOTHER BOARD...

1 Answer

Cyber-shot DSC-F828 memory stick error C:13:01


Please clean the gold contacts of your memory card.Take any lead pencil. Take the eraser and rub it on the gold contacts on the memory stick as if you are erasing writing on paper. Do this for about 30 seconds or more until you get all the gold contacts. Put the stick in the camera, switch to 'Setup', then turn the camera on. The 'C:13:01' error will automatically disappear. At this point, quickly format the memory stick using the camera's format feature.NOTE:
Al;ways use the camera's built in function to format your memory card.Do not use the computer to format the memory card.

If you still face any problems then you will have to get it repaired.

Thank you

Sep 11, 2009 | Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-F828 Digital Camera

2 Answers

vista will not recognize sandisk memory stick pro duo 2.0 GB

Try the memory stick on another computer. If it still doesnt work, clean the contacts on your memory stick. Re-insert it. If it still doesnt work, use another working memory stick and insert it to the reader, if it recognizes it chances are your memory stick is either fried or destroyed. You'll need to by one.

hope this helps!

Mar 20, 2009 | Computers & Internet

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