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DeLonghi Space Heater does not Heat

Space heaters are becoming more common as people are trying to get their energy costs under control. To try and save money on heating, many people are turning down the heat for their central heating systems and then heating just the area that they are in with a small electric space heater.

While these electric space heaters are relatively inexpensive, there are many people who want to repair their space heater if it stops heating.

If you have an oil filled type space heater and it is leaking or you are thinking of refilling it then check out this tip.

Oil Filled Radiator Heater Leaking

If you have an electric hot air space heater, and it is not working, then there are only a few things that can go wrong. The only parts that can fail are the switch(s) for the heating, the thermostat, and the heating element. Of these parts, the switches, and the thermostats are replaceable, but the heating elements usually are not. Finding the replacement parts can also be difficult. Here is one website that carries many of the parts for these heaters.

Click Here

To find out which part exactly is the part causing your problem, you will need to follow the power through the switch(s) and the thermostat to the heating element(s) and find out where and if the power is being interrupted before getting to the heating element. If the element is getting power then everything else is working and the element is bad. If there is no power there then go backwards till you find power and replace that part.

Always remember to mark any wires that you remove very well before removing them. There are many people looking for wiring diagrams because they have not remembered where they removed the wires from.

Also make sure to remove power, (unplug the cord) before removing any electrical components from the heater. Also when checking for power with the power on, you must be very careful to avoid a shocking experience that could result in death. Make sure all parts are away from metal parts of the heaters also to avoid shorting the part to the heater and blowing a breaker or ruining the heater.

In many cases, the time, energy and the cost of parts and shipping are not worth the cost of the heater that you are trying to fix. Make sure to check all of that out before trying to make repairs.

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energy smart light stays green but no heat

Depends if you have new or old style energy smart.
Generally this can mean the control board is bad.

Link below has contact information for Craftmaster and Whirlpool and some troubleshoot resources:

Repairs are funneled through the manufacturer who profits by selling non-generic parts not available from local hardware store... with purpose to end DIY repairs, make more money for manufacturer, and build up network of brand-loyal repair service companies who can sign you up with a repair package ... under the banner of saving you $1 a month in energy cost.
Look at label located on side of water heater to find manufacturer and serial number.

If water heater is within 6-9 year warranty period, then parts are covered, but labor is not.
Manufacturer can send parts and/or refer you to local technician.


Water Heater Timers Save Money

Mar 06, 2015 | Water Heaters

2 Answers

how to same money on your heating bill

There are several ways to save money on your heating bill.

First and probably the cheapest is to change your air filter in your furnace. The more air flow restrictions you have the harder the fan motor has to work, making it less efficient. A side note, I always recommend to my customers to get the reusable filters, they cost a little more but you never have to buy a filter again.

Next you should look into getting a programmable thermostat, this way you can program your heater for when you're away, sleeping, weekends etc. When programming your furnace, never turn the furnace completely off when you are away. It will cost you more to heat your home when there's no heat in the home. Just let it maintain a lower temp while you're gone during the day.

Now lets look at the furnace itself, how efficient is it? How old is it? I can tell you that anything over 15 years should be considered changed out to a more efficient one. With all the government and utility company rebates you could save some good money on one. I have also seen heating bills cut in half due to a newer more efficient furnace.

Hope this helps

Feb 26, 2013 | The Companion Group Kozy World Portable...

2 Answers

problems with water heaters

Drawbacks And Benefits Of A Tankless Water Heater System
Consider both the positives and negatives before deciding to invest in a tankless water heater, and talk to a professional plumber for more information on how modern systems can benefit your home. Tankless water heater - modern, updated version of the traditional water heating systems - can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. They take up a lot of space, they save energy (which translates to dollars saved) and they last longer than the old style heaters.

Tankless water heater: http://www.waterheatertalk.com/best-tankless-water-heater-reviews

Water Heater 101: http://www.waterheatertalk.com/water-heaters-101-choosing-the-best-water-heater

Energy saving - According to the US Department of Energy, gas-powered tankless water heaters can save a household around $ 108 per year. Electric tankless water heater saves about $ 44 per year.The reason for these savings are rooted in how the system functions. Rather than continue to keep the hot water and the energy loss in the process, a tankless system only heats water on demand. You only pay for what you actually will use.

Add to your house for Value - Any updates you make to your home will produce a bump in value, and add a tankless water heater is no different. A new tankless system is expected to last up to 20 years, while the traditional system only lasted a maximum of 13 years. These improvements will enhance the marketability of your home, if you plan to sell.

High upfront investment fee - A modern system that will definitely cost more than traditional heaters, which may be a drawback for some. While regular water heater will only cost a few hundred dollars, the electric tankless system can start at $ 500, and the gas system will cost at least $ 1,000, depending on capacity and manufacturers. On the other hand, because products are designed to last longer than their traditional counterparts, you can expect an extended warranty coverage in case any repairs needed because of malfunctions.

Output is limited - While the function of on-demand heating is very feature that saves you money, it can also cause you frustration if you have a lot of members of the household. When the water is heating, it is divided between all the hot water faucet open. You may find you can not take a hot shower while washing machine and dishwasher is running, and may have activities involving hot water when appropriate.

Save Space - If you are building a new home and trying to find a space in a utility closet plans to add to the traditional water heater, a tankless system could save you hours of frustration and architects. Tankless systems typically about 20 inches and 28 inches, and 10 inches thick. They are mounted on the walls in the house or placed on the exterior of the house, if properly insulated.This is a significant difference in size when compared with ordinary water heater, which measures about 60 inches and 24 inches. A tankless water heater can provide more space in the laundry room or finished basement to add storage or just expand the living room.

Water Heater Talk Enjoy Endless Hot Water

Oct 19, 2012 | Water Heaters

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