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I must admit I'm not impressed with the new lever locks, the old wing nuts are far stronger but are more fiddly to adjust. If your lever type lock starts slipping here's how to fix it. The handle extension lever is held in by the pin it pivots on, cut the tip of a smaller size nail and use it to tap out the pin.
There should be a rubber block and a matching steel shim under the lever. The lever pushes on the shim and the shim on to the rubber block jamming it against the handle. The steel shim is the usual problem. it slips out. Open the other side and use that shim to get a copy cut. A piece cut out of a tin can or scrap piece of metal could work or goggle "shim" to find a local supplier. If you are lucky and all the parts are there and the rubber block is just a bit worn you can add an extra shim. I used a piece of edge banding just because it was in my workshop it's thin, easy to cut and water proof.

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The locking pad broke on my Ryobi RTS 30 table saw

Turn the saw on its side so you can access the inside of the enclosure easily.

Then remove the locknut from the mainshaft to the locking lever. This will allow you to raise the lock lever enough to get a hexkey into the screw that holds the lock lever onto the shaft, so you can remove the lever.

You have to remove the mainshaft completely, which unscrews from a secondary nut below the spring. Should be able to just apply pressure to this nut with a screwdriver while you remove the shaft.

Through the new washer, reinstall the shaft and reverse the disassembly process.

Kind of trial and error to determine how far to screw the mainshaft back in. Too far and the lock lever binds. Not far enough, and you won't get enough locking pressure.

In all, not a terrible job to tackle. Just a little frustrating- first that the washer broke at all, and second, that such a vulnerable part is so complicated to fix.

Nov 30, 2011 | Saws

1 Answer

I need a brake level for a bugaboo camelon tried to repair internal parts and spring and it is all jammed up and not salvagable. I simply need a resource for a new lever

If the lever is not broken and the teeth still have their points and engage well with the matching teeth on the fixed lever bracket it should be repairable. It is fiddly to get all the parts lined up and assembled most likely you've got the brake cable wedged. If you do need a brake lever Bugaboo won't help they only sell the whole chassis. If you have the older wing-nut white lever model you will get back some of the $400 new chassis cost in better resale value. Other wise check out eBay for old chassis with other problems but good brake parts. Here's my link about Bugaboo brakes www.fixya.com/support/r7805449-fix_bugaboo_brake

Sep 07, 2011 | Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller

2 Answers

i have a bugaboo wlth the white colour brake and have just found out that the white colour ones are out of date. my question is does anybody know if i can get it changed over to the red one and how much should i pay?

Bugaboo don't sell parts as such but they sell the chassis. It will coat you around a third of the price of a new Bugaboo. The new Red brake lever chassis has the lever extension handle locks instead of the wing-nuts and rocker style buttons for the handle release. Your old frame will be quite sort after on eBay. I like the rocker handle release and the extension levers are quick to use and look better but I must warn you the old wing-nut system held the handle better and if you bump down a lot of stairs the new lever system is more prone to slipping, macnutz_16.jpg

Nov 21, 2010 | Bugaboo Cameleon Jogger

1 Answer

agusting the clutch

To adjust the clutch on your Fat Boy, follow the cable down to the frame downtubes. You'll find a rubber bellows type cover. Slide the cover up or down to expose the cable adjuster. Loosen the lock nut and turn the ajuster inwards making the cable as short as possible.

Now, remove the derby cover. In the center of the clutch assembly, you'll see a screw and a lock nut. Loosen the lock nut and turn the screw inward just until you feel a resistance. Do not force the screw as you'll be releasing he clutch. Go in just until you feel the resistance. Try is several times to get the feel of it. Once you feel the resistance, back off on the screw between 1/2 and 1 full turn. Hold the screw in that position and lock the locknut.

Now go back to the cable adjuster and turn the adjuster outwards making the cable longer until you have about 1/8 inch (3mm) free play between the lever and the lever stanchion. Lock the lock nut and reposition the bellows cover.

Good Luck

Aug 14, 2010 | 2001 Harley Davidson FLSTF - FLSTFI Fat...

1 Answer

I am trying to change a headlight. I can't can not

The headlight assembly (1993 Grand Caravan) is held in place with three plastic "wing nuts" that rotate on the ball-end (front end) of the adjusting screws. One "adjusting screw" (the one on the bottom, inboard side) is not for adjusting, just for mounting. The other two adjusting screws take a torx T15 in the front end of the screw.
Removing the headlight assembly is somewhat of a trick - it seems like it takes a special tool to reach the "wing nut" and turm it 1/4 turn (90 degrees) CLOCKWISE (so the "wings" are vertical). When all three of these mounting "wing nuts" have the wings vertical, the headlight assembly just pulls forward and off these mounting nuts. Place the new assembly back over the "nuts", turn the 3 "wing nuts" another quarter turn, and the new unit is mounted. Probably not even a need to re-adjust the headlights, but you should check.
The PROBLEM, is that it appears to take a special tool to reach and turn these wing nuts without breaking them (yes, the old ones get brittle). I tried a socket (did not work), and then long needle-nose pliers (broke one wing nut), then a 1/2" open-end wrench (which at least worked). However, pushing the new assembly back over the wing nuts, I broke another wing nut. So, I broke 2 of the 6, and one was broken when I started.
Now I need to find replacements for these "wing nuts" ... any ideas where to get them?
Of course I can use some washers, some nuts to fit the fine-threaded adjustment screw, and some sort of bushing (maybe cut a short piece of rubber tubing to fit over the adjustment screw). Place double nuts (second nut to lock the first in place) and a washer, then the bushing onto the adjusting screw, then the headlamp assembly onto the bushing, then add another washer, and two more nuts (not too tight) to lock it onto the adjusting screw (which must still be free to rotate). Repeat for each of the 6 mounting points. I have not tried this yet, but ... it should work.

Fabricate a tool to turn the "wing nuts" using a piece of 3/8 inch ID tubing which you file or cut 1/8 inch by 1/8 inch notches on each side of a diameter line.

Apr 22, 2010 | 1993 Dodge Caravan

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