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The top 5 Apple products gadgets in CES

There are far too many new products introduced at CES for any one person to sort through in a reasonable amount of time...but I'm capable of the unreasonable. That's why I've done all of the work for you by painstakingly reading press releases, walking the show floor, and talking to developers all to find the best and most interesting product coming this year. Here are my Top 5 Apple-related products of CES 2011.
Sleek Audio's Sleek by 50 Cent Headphones

Imagine you're holding a great set of high end headphones. Now imagine that these were filled with stops. Now, if you pulled out all of those stops, you'd end up with the Sleek by 50 Cent headphones. They have one 50mm, pro-tuned dynamic drivers in each ear cup that can be driven by an internal amplifier or unamplified for reference sound quality. Why both? Because these guys work wirelessly with Sleek's incredible Kleer technology. Kleer delivers 16-bit, lossless, uncompressed sound.
Thanks to the built in rechargeable battery, you can listen sans wires for up to 10 hours. And I know you're thinking you're screwed if the batteries die, but not so. Just plug in the included audio cable and you're good to go until your iPod dies.
The Sleek by 50 Cent headphones don't even know what the word compromise means. They work with and without wires to deliver amazing sound quality. Thanks to these amazing headphones and the partnership with "Fitty," the world may finally recognize the name Sleek Audio along side Monster where they belong.
Joby's GorillaMobile Ori.

Easily my favorite iPad case and stand of the show. Why? Because it's truly different. There are flimsy folio cases all over the show floor; they're all the same. Sure, they come in different colors, but they all struggle to hold the iPad at a handful of angles. The Ori is a masterpiece of metal. It folds and twists like no other.
Not only does it give you angle options, it gives you a range of heights to work with as well. That means the Ori will be the perfect stand for everything from typing to browsing to watching a movie. And when you're all done using your iPad, it's one of the most protective cases available as well. I think the Ori is really going to be a home run for Joby.
Ion Audio's iCADE

Thanks to an April Fool's Day joke from the guys at ThinkGeek.com and the engineers at Ion Audio, you'll soon be able to have a mini arcade experience right on your desktop. The iCADE is a Bluetooth arcade style controller with a slot for iPad.
Developers have to support the controller, but doing so is simple. Atari plans to allow all of their iOS games to work with the iCADE. Just imagine playing Pac Man on this thing (just don't imagine it in real time, otherwise you'll waste the rest of your day just thinking about it). What an awesome product, am I right?
Contour's Contour GPS
This one took me by surprise. I hadn't previously heard of Contour's hands-free HD video camera, but it seems now that I should have. The newest version of their camera adds GPS and an iOS app into the mix. The app allows you to change common camera settings on the fly from your iDevice. Previously, you'd have to be at your computer to change settings that have everything to do with the environment that you're shooting in. So, it only makes sense to be able to change these settings when you get there.
The app also allows you to see exactly what the camera sees live. Since it's intended to be strapped to your head (or basically anywhere other than your hand), that'll really come in handy for lining up the camera perfectly.
And then there's the GPS. What in the world would you need a GPS in your camera for? Don't be silly. It's so you can track exactly where you were at every frame of the resulting HD video. You can even watch the video on your computer and have a separate frame animate exactly where in the world you were. While this is mainly targeted at extreme athletes, the possibilities are endless.
Blue Microphones' Yeti Pro

The original Yeti was and still is an awesome microphone for nearly every application. The Yeti Pro takes that and turns it way past 11. With four times the audio resolution of the original (CD quality), you'll be hard pressed to find a higher quality USB microphone largely thanks to the fact that one does not exist.
But the Yeti Pro isn't satisfied to just be the best at USB audio. No, it brings its great self to XLR, too. So now you can use the same great mic on stage and in the studio as you do on your computer.
Extra Credit - Griffin's Crayola ColorStudio HD

Here's another one I didn't expect to fall in love with. Griffin and Crayola have collaborated to create the coolest coloring book the world has ever seen. In order to use the coloring book, you first need the stylus, which looks exactly how I'd imagine an electric crayon looking. In fact, that's what I'm going to call it, the electric crayon. It lights up and changes colors.
But wait, it's actually useful too! With the Crayola coloring book app that will be available at product launch, you can color in or outside of the lines on a number of moving pages. And yes, you really do need the electric crayon, because the app doesn't respond to fingers. I'm still trying to figure out how it works exactly. I'm going with Magic for now.
The first thing you'll want to try is coloring one of the many pages (or scenes). Each page is fully interactive. It's not just some static page; no, the animals and objects move, reacting to gravity, changes and shaking. You can choose to color with crayons, markers, pencils and more. There's even a setting to limit your coloring inside of the lines. Or don't.
And when you're feeling extra creative, you can create your own pages or just draw freehand on a blank page.
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