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Easy removal of mobile back case

Some mobile is hard to remove the back case or the back panel..
To make it easy to remove in one hand just remove the back case and apply wax to edges and clean it with a soft cloth..
Then replace it and try to remove the back panel..
Now you can find that it is easy to remove with one handed.

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What is the best RV wax to use?

I haven't found anything better than Meguiar's products. When necessary I use their Swirl Remover 2.0 to get rid of swirls, and then NXT Generation Tech Paste Wax 2.0. Each one is applied with an random orbital waxer on the flat panels for an evenly applied coat that can't be achieved by hand. Have been searching on the internet and I found one great review about best RV wax for fiberglass that you should take a look

Jan 06, 2018 | Cars & Trucks

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Need instructions on how to use Dr. Scholl's Thermal Therapy Quick Heat Paraffin Bath -- how long to leave hands/feet in melted wax, how long to leave wax on, what to do after removing wax any other tips/info you may have . . . Thank you very much!

How to fill your Dr. Scholl's Thermal Therapy Quick Heat Paraffin Bath1. Take the lid off your bath container and remove all packing materials.2. Place the unit on a flat, heat-resistant surface.3. Remove the plastic rack.4. Remove all three blocks of paraffin wax from the plastic wrapping. Each block is equal to one pound of paraffin wax, and three pounds of paraffin wax are needed to begin using your Paraffin Bath. Break each block in half, then in half again.5. Place the blocks of paraffin wax in the Paraffin Bath container.6. Plug the unit into an electrical outlet. The green light will glow. The red "Heater" light will initially come on and then cycle on and off while the wax is melting.7. Replace the lid and turn the switch to the "high" position. The paraffin wax will be ready for use when it is visibly melted (approximately 120 minutes).8. As soon as paraffin wax has melted, place the plastic rack on the bottom of the heating chamber. This will protect hands, elbows, and feet from heat.9. Turn the dial to the "Keep Warm" setting and wait 25 minutes before dipping hands, elbows, or feet.
Warning: DO NOT place hand or any other body part inside the chamber while the unit is melting the wax.
How to Dip Hands1. Remove jewelry, roll up sleeves, and thoroughly wash and dry hands. You can also rub in some of your favorite hand lotion.NOTE: The lid should be on during the time the unit is heating. Put the lid back on the unit after each use.2. Put a small amount of wax on the inside of your wrist to test the temperature.3. Spread fingers apart slightly and slowly immerse your hand in the paraffin wax container. Then immediately, but gently, remove your hand from the Paraffin Bath chamber. Let the paraffin wax solidify on your hand. Wait at least three seconds (until the paraffin wax no longer appears shiny) before redipping. Be careful to avoid touching the sides or the bottom of the Paraffin Bath chamber.4. Continue to dip your hand in and out of the paraffin wax, following Step 3, to build up layers of paraffin wax. For the best results, do this at least five times. The more layers, the longer the heat will last.5. If desired, cover your hands with glove liners and place your hands in the insulated mitts. These retain heat for better results.6. Remove the hand mitts from your hand. Remove the plastic glove and discard. Peel the hardened paraffin wax from your hands. It is recommended that the hardened paraffin wax be discarded.7. Massage in the oils left on your hand after the paraffin wax is peeled off to get the full invigorating and rejuvenating benefits of your Paraffin Bath.NOTE: Allow the paraffin to remain in place for 10-15 minutes before removing; longer if more layers exist or if the mitt has been used previously.
To Treat Feet or ElbowsFollow steps 1-4 as outlined for hands. Mitts are intended for use with hands only.
Product Care and Maintenance Place paraffin bath in a safe, cool and dry place when not in use. Wipe with a soft, damp cloth. DO NOT use abrasive cleaner. Never submerge the unit in any liquid. Keep away form all solvents and harsh detergents. DO NOT attempt to repair this paraffin bath. There are no user-serviceable parts.
STORAGEWhen not in use, "unplug it."Allow appliance to cool and store out of reach of children in a safe, dry location. To protect from dust or dirt, simply store in its original box. Never wrap the cord around the appliance since this will cause the cord to wear prematurely and break. Handle cord carefully for longer life and avoid jerking, twisting or straining, especially at plug connections.
CLEANING INSTRUCTIONSRemove plastic rack from heating chamber.1. DO NOT unplug the Paraffin Bath. Allow paraffin wax to remain undisturbed for a few minutes.2. Turn unit off and let the paraffin wax "harden."3. Right before cleaning, turn the unit on again until the paraffin wax is visibly melted around the entire edge (approximately 3-5 minutes), then turn unit off and unplug from the electrical outlet.4. Spread an ample amount of paper towels on a hard, flat, heat-resistant work surface and slowly turn the unit upside down to allow the hardened paraffin wax to drip from the chamber onto the paper towels. Allow the surface of the paraffin wax block to harden and then discard it. To clean the empty chamber, wipe with paper towels to remove any sediment.5. To clean the outside of the unit, remove any solidified paraffin wax.6. DO NOT use sharp objects to remove solidified paraffin max.7. DO NOT scratch or damage the Paraffin Bath chamber.8. DO NOT use abrasives when cleaning the Paraffin Bath chamber as it will damage the finish.9. If you discard the paraffin wax after each use, we recommend you clean out the unit completely every 40 uses. If you re-use the paraffin wax after every use, we recommend you clean out the unit completely every 20 uses.
PLEASE NOTE: This appliance should not be used in the presence of open cuts or wounds, inflammatory skin conditions, growth peripheral vascular disease where circulation is impaired, acute inflammation, or where sensation of the extremity is reduced or absent. If there is any question about peripheral vascular disease or decreased sensation of the extremities, consult a physician or physical therapist before using the Dr. Scholl's Thermal Therapy Quick Heat Paraffin Bath. Discontinue use if dermatitis due to paraffin sensitivity occurs. Discontinue use if wax feels too hot or cool, which could indicate health problems with the user.
There are also a bunch of standard warnings about dealing with electric appliances. Take care of them, don't dump them in water, etc., etc., etc.
It's worth pointing out that paraffin wax is flammable.

Jun 19, 2011 | DR Scholl's Drsp3752 Paraffin Bath

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The on/off swith fell off. How do I remove the cover (gray frame) to reattach the switch? Thanks.

You remove the stand and all the screws on the back, then use thin flat blade screw driver to separate the case starting at the bottom edge and work you way around, the case is held together by plastic finger hooks, they go together real easy but hard to separate.
Failed TV and Monitors: http://s807.photobucket.com/albums/yy352/budm/
Basic troubleshooting guide here:
Learn about bad caps: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_plague
Parts: www.shopjimmy.com
Capacitors kit: http://lcdalternatives.auctivacommerce.com/Default.aspx he can make you a set of caps.
Or www.digikey.com just make sure to use caps with low ESR, 105c, high ripple current, long life rating such as PANASONIC FM or FC series.
Please leave rating if it helps.

Feb 01, 2011 | HP Pavilion F70 17" Flat Panel LCD Monitor

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do you have to put toilet cauking under base of toilet

No, you don't have to, but it makes for a nicer job. The wax ring must provide the complete seal to the sewer and must not leak at all. The use of caulking under the outer edge provides for a neat seal so that water or waste that gets on the floor does not collect under the edge of the toilet where it meets the floor. The caulking can also provide a bit of stability if the floor is uneven and the flange is a bit high, in which case the toilet might rock a little - which could compromise the seal of the wax ring. If a plumber installs a toilet, they will put the caulking down right away because they are confident in their installation of the wax ring and they need to move on. If the floor is a soft material (anything except stone or ceramic tile), then the home meowner might want to wait a couple of days before applying caulking to be certain that they don't conceal a leaking wax ring. If your toiled does rock a little, give the caulking a day to dry before using it again. On the other hand, if you do have a hard surface floor, it's a good idea to apply the caulk to the bottom of the toilet before you put the bowl down to give a bit of cushion where the porcelain bowl meets the hard floor.

Aug 23, 2010 | Kohler - Toilet - One-piece - Santa Rosa -...

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I've had my treadmill for a good while now(about 6 years) and have used it A LOT. However, now it just stops on me after about 35 minutes or so. The controls continue to run, but not the belt. Have I just worn it out or what?

If the treadmill slows down or cuts off when warm it is probably a worn or dry walk belt.Lift the edge of the walk belt and feel the underside of it about 1 inch from the edge,now compare that to the underside of it in towards the middle where your feet are stepping on it,if that area feels alot more frayed or fuzzy the walk belt is worn.Now rub your hand on the platform surface where the walk belt rides,you should feel a wax film on the platform,if not you can purchase treadmill wax from the manufacturer,retailer or on-line.Apply the wax under the belt in towards the center 2/3 of the belt area,that should be done whenever you don't feel that wax film when you check it.

Aug 17, 2009 | Proform Exercise & Fitness

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