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Determine if you are having problems with your monitor or video card in your computer

Many people have problems determining if their monitor is bad or their video card is bad. One good way to test this is by swapping out your monitor with a friend, co-worker, or family member with a known good monitor. You can do this with either your computer tower or your monitor. Follow the two steps below:
1. Take your computer tower and plug it up to a known good monitor. If the computer boots up with no problems and you are able to see everything on the known good monitor, then your monitor is bad.
2. Take a known good monitor and plug in to your computer system. If the computer boots up and you are still having problems and getting a black screen or some message saying "no signal" then your are having problems with your video card.

Some common symptoms of a monitor going bad are as follows:
1. A humming or buzzing noise coming from your monitor.
2. Picture fades in and out.
3. Colors appear in various places on your monitor screen that normally would not be there. Most common colors presented are red, green, or a mixture of the two.
4. Picture presenting either light or dark and will not change no matter how much you change the color or tint setting.
5. Lines appearing on the monitor screen. These will look like the lines on a bad television.
6. Monitor takes longer than normal to present picture. This time can vary depending on how old your monitor is and how far into the malfunction phase it is.

Since your monitor works off the same principles as your television set, most the time it will present with the same symptoms as a television going bad. I hope this helps in your troubleshooting process to determine if your video card or your monitor is the one causing the problems. These symptoms apply to the regular monitor only and not necessarily an LCD monitor.

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1 Answer

how can i fix a screen that is partially white and black with colored lines going across. U can see some of the desktop but very little.

My only suggestion is to determine if the issue is the Monitor or the Video Card. The easiest way to test this is to take the monitor over to another working computer and attach it there if the monitor works great on the good machine and does not do the same thing then you will need to replace the video card on your computer if it does the same thing the monitor is in question.
This cannot be repaired by you unless you are a tech, only by a qualified repair shop if you have a warranty send it in and get it repaired. But first determine which is bad. Hopefully it is the video card. Also test the video by placing a working monitor to the computer in question. If the monitor "The Working One" turns on a the display is good. Then you will know it is the Monitor going bad. I do know that this is something none of us want to read or think about it is what it is a machine. Sometimes they break down. And eventually they break down period. Even new this can happen. Thanks for using FixYa! please post a comment if your issue was resolved or repost for further answers. John

Feb 21, 2011 | HP W19b LCD Monitor

1 Answer

Monitor will not display desktop, however, it does display have multi-colored vertical lines throughout.

You have eliminated the CPU/Video card as a problem so you should try changing the video cable.
There is a good chance that the cable is bad if the multi-colored lines you are describing is the "test pattern". So swap out the cable and see if that fixes it. If that doesn't fix the problem and the monitor won't work with another CPU, it looks like you are going to need a new monitor.

Jan 17, 2011 | Acer X221WSD Monitor

2 Answers

When I turn on my computer the monitor light turns green then turns yellow. And won't come on.

I just had this same problem recently. As a computer tech I prefer fixing other peoples computers and NOT mine. Your case may be similar to mine. If you have a good monitor you will be hoping that it isnt similar to mine. Ok the short of it is either your monitor is bad or your video card is bad. First lets make sure we have covered the DOH items. These include making sure the video cable is plugged in all the way on both ends. Also make sure the video card has stayed seated in its slot on the motherboard. If Video card is integrated then this wont even be a possibility. Now take a known good monitor and swap it in. If you are like me you appreciate as big a monitor as you can get and hopefully you still have an old small one hanging around. If you dont have you you may need to borrow one from a friend or work. If the known good monitor works then your monitor has gone bad. It happens all the time. I have a stack of dead LCD monitors. some can be fixed and some cant. You can also take your monitor to work to test it with known good computers. Keep in mind that if the monitors are different sizes you will need to make sure the computer is shut off before plugging the monitor in. The system reads info from the monitor to make sure the resolution can be handled during boot. Your symptoms generally mean the video card is not working. The monitor light goes orange because it is not getting a signal. That signal can be interrupted in the monitor as well though. Testing will tell you which it is.

Aug 11, 2010 | Norcent Technologies Computers & Internet

3 Answers

I turn on my pc all fine screen says no signal help please

Verify that the VGA cable is fully seated and connected. If you can test the computer on another monitor or test another computer on that monitor. Are you getting any video display on the monitor? Does it display the start-up screen then goes away when windows starts? If so start the computer and press F5. A menu will come up and select to start computer in VGA mode. This should bring up windows so you can change the screen resoloution to something the monitor can handle. If the computer does not display anything and the monitor is testing good then the on-board video or video card might be faulty. You could change the video card if it has one or add one to the system if it has on-board video. You could also try re-setting the BIOS jumper to clear the cmos or pull out the watch battery for 20 seconds. Another thing to try is to disconnect all hardware...cd-rom, hard drive, floppy drive, and memory dimms and see if it boots up with display. If that works the you will need to re-install each piece of hardware one at a time and re-boot until the problem happens again. Once it does that is your problem device. You could also try swapping out the power supply and see if that is the cause of the problem.

Sep 26, 2009 | HP Computers & Internet

1 Answer

no display at post

There are a few things that can cause no display on the monitor.
That single beep means POST = Power On Self Test. Post has tested everything on you're board to be good.
The cable between video card & monitor may be bad or not connected correctly (Swap out the cable as last resort).
2. You're monitor is defective, try swapping it with known working monitor.
3. You're video card is not functioning.
Lastly, when you reset the system cmos/bios everything went back to default. This means you're bios is now using the onboard PCI video graphics. Remove you're radeon 9600 video card. Try booting the system. You should see display again. The only way to test you're radeon would be to boot to the bios & set bios to boot using the AGP radeon. You need to change Init Display First to AGP & not PCI. If you loose video than you know you're AGP card is bad. Reset the cmos/bios before adding another AGP card or you will not get display. This setting is on pg 3-5. Integrated Peripherals. If you need you're manual you can download it from this link: http://www.abit.com.tw/page/en/motherboard/motherboard_detail.php?pMODEL_NAME=NF7-S2G&fMTYPE=Socket+A

Good Luck!

Jun 06, 2008 | Power Color RADEON 9600 (128 MB) Graphic...

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