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having some sort of a fan issue going on...

my guess is you dont know the radiator fan rules.
its different on each of 3 engines
I have the 3.7L in same car, same year, but is WK yours is XK
the larger passenger compartment with bigger engine.
i have the FSM (SM) factory service manual.
so will post the words out of it , its free to read, posted 300+ time here. and no more posts, im going dark....lol
chapter 7 covers both engine.
the 5.7 uses hydraulic fan (not electric motors but uses hydraluic motors, off ps pump)
so is the PS, assist ok and no noises from it.?
first the quotes in cht.7
5.7L ENGINE The 5.7L hydraulic cooling fan is integral
to the fan shroud and is located between the radiator
and the engine.
The power steering pump supplies the hydraulic fluid
and pressure to rotate the cooling fan blade, while the
electrical part of the fan is controlled by the FCM.
The hydraulic fan drive (motor) consists of the three
major following components:
² Steering flow control valve
² Fan control valve
² Two stage G-rotor hydraulic drive
The hydraulic fan and drive is not serviceable. Therefore
any failure of the fan blade, hydraulic fan drive or
fan shroud requires replacement of the fan module
because the fan blade and hydraulic fan drive are
matched and balanced as a system and servicing
either separately would disrupt this balance.
end quote now the rules
The hydraulic radiator cooling fan is controlled by the FCM. A PWM (Pulse With Modulated) signal from the JTEC
controls the fan speed. There are four inputs to the FCM that determine what speed percentage of fan is required
by the vehicle. These inputs are:
² Engine Coolant Temperature
² Transmission Oil Temperature
² A/C System Pressure
By monitoring these three parameters, the FCM can determine if cooling airflow is required. If airflow is required, the
FCM will slowly ramp up (speed up) the fan speed until the parameter(s) are under control. Once the temperature
WK ENGINE 7 - 35
or pressure is reduced to within operating parameters the fan will ramp up, ramp down, or hold its speed to maintain
the temperature / pressure requirements.
NOTE: Even if the FCM is not requesting fan on operation the fan blade will usually spin between 100 and
500 RPM when the vehicle is at idle. This is due to a controlled minimum oil flow requirement through the
fan drive motor.

so is it still broke, or just a learning curve
its not simple at all.
in fact all 2005 up GC are complex fan controls
every one,
using tables to decide need, and speed.
on all modern jeeps.

Apr 10, 2016 | 2010 Jeep Commander 5.7

1 Answer

X box cheat codes ( mortal combat deception)

Ashrah's First Fatality Down, Down, Up, Up, Y (close) Ashrah's Second Fatality Forward, Down, Forward, Down, Y (sweep) Baraka's First Fatality Forward, Up, Down, Y (close) Baraka's Second Fatality Forward, Down, Back, Forward, Y (sweep) Bo Rai Cho's First Fatality Down, Up, Forward, Forward, Y (sweep) Bo Rai Cho's Second Fatality Up, Back, Forward, A (sweep) Dairou's First Fatality Down, Up, Back, Back, X (sweep) Dairou's Second Fatality Down, Down, Back, A (close) Darrius's First Fatality Up, Down, Back, Forward, A (sweep) Darrius's Second Fatality Down, Forward, Forward, Up, X (close) Ermac's First Fatality Down, Back, Back, Down, A (sweep) Ermac's Second Fatality Back, Down, Back, Down, B (sweep) Havik's First Fatality Down, Forward, Forward, Up, B (close) Havik's Second Fatality Forward, Forward, Forward, Back, Y (sweep) Hotaru's First Fatality Forward, Up, Back, Down, X (sweep) Hotaru's Second Fatality Down, Forward, Back, Forward, Y (close) Jade's First Fatality Back, Forward, Up, Forward, X (sweep) Jade's Second Fatality Back, Forward, Forward, Forward, Y (close) Kabal's First Fatality Forward, Up, Up, Up, A (close) Kabal's Second Fatality Up, Up, Down, Down, Y (close) Kenshi's First Fatality Forward, Forward, Back, Back, Y (sweep) Kenshi's Second Fatality Up, Forward, Back, Forward, Y (sweep) Kira's First Fatality Back, Forward, Forward, Back, B (far) Kira's Second Fatality Up, Forward, Down, Back, A (sweep) Kobra's First Fatality Down, Back, Forward, Down, B (close) Kobra's Second Fatality Forward, Back, Forward, Forward, Y (close) Li Mei's First Ftality Forward, Forward, Forward, Forward, X (sweep) Li Mei's Second Fatality Up, Back, Forward, Forward, B (sweep) Liu Kang's First Fatality Back, Back, Back, Forward, Y (sweep) Liu Kang's Second Fatality Forward, Forward, Up, Up, A (sweep) Mileena's First Fatality Forward, Forward, Down, Down, X (sweep) Mileena's Second Fatality Up, Up, Forward, Forward, A (far) Nightwolf's First Fatality Back, Forward, Back, Forward, X (far) Nightwolf's Second Fatality Down, Forward, Down, Up, Y (sweep) Noob Saibot & Smoke's First Fatality Back, Forward, Back, Forward, B (must be noob) (sweep) Noob Saibot & Smoke's Second Fatality Up, Down, Down, Forward, Y (must be smoke) (sweep) Raiden's First Fatality Back, Down, Forward, Down, X (sweep) Raiden's Second Fatality Up, Down, Forward, Forward, X (far) Scorpion's First Fatality Forward, Down, Forward, Forward, X (sweep) Scorpion's Second Fatality Forward, Back, Forward, Back, X (close) Shujinko's First Fatality Up, Down, Down, Forward, A (close) Shujinko's Second Fatality Back, Up, Forward, Forward, X (close) Sindel's First Fatality Back, Forward, Forward, Back, X (sweep) Sindel's Second Fatality Up, Up, Back, Forward, A (sweep) Sub-Zero's First Fatality Forward, Back,. Down, Forward, Y (close) Sub-Zero's Second Fatality Back, Down, Forward, Down, X (sweep) Tanya's First Fatality Forward, Down, Down, Down, X (close) Tanya's Second Fatality Up, Back, Forward, Up, A (close) Contributed By: flump.

Hari Kiris

After an opponent has beaten you and the anouncer yells "Finish Him!" it is time to input a Hari Kiri. Hari Kiris require no set distance unlike fatalities. To perform one simply put in the code while your character is dazed after losing a battle.
Effect Code Ashrah's Hari Kiri Up, Down, Up, Up, Y Baraka's Hari Kiri Down, Back, Up, Back, B Bo Rai Cho's Hari Kiri Back, Back, Forward, Forward, Y Dairou's Hari Kiri Back, Back, Back, Down, X Darrius's Hari Kiri Back, Forward, Forward, Y Ermac's Hari Kiri Down, Up, Up, Down, A Havik's Hari Kiri Forward, Up, Up, Up, Y Hotaru's Hari Kiri Up, Back, Back, Back, Y Jade's Hari Kiri Forward, Forward, Forward, Back, Y Kabal's Hari Kiri Forward, Up, Up, Down, Y Kenshi's Hari Kiri Down, Back, Back, Forward, B Kira's Hari Kiri Forward, Back, Up, Back, A Kobra's Hari Kiri Up, Up, Back, Back, Y Li Mei's Hari Kiri Up, Down, Up, Down, A Liu Kang's Hari Kiri Down, Down, Down, Up, A Mileena's Hari Kiri Back, Down, Forward, Back, X Nightwolf's Hari Kiri Up, Up, Up, Up, A Noob Saibot & Smoke's Hari Kiri Down, Up, Up, Down, B Raiden's Hari Kiri Forward, Up, Up, Back, X Scorpion's Hari Kiri Down, Down, Up, Back, X Shujinko's Hari Kiri Down, Back, Down, Back, A Sindel's Hari Kiri Forward, Up, Up, Down, B Sub-Zero's Hari Kiri Down, Up, Down, Up, Y Tanya's Hari Kiri Down, Down, Forward, Up, A

Jul 30, 2014 | Video Game Consoles & Games

1 Answer

condenser fan does not come up to full speed.

These Ptac units are advance system that are designed with variable speed motors that modulate in order to save energy, This is normal operation, because starting a motor at a lower speed rather than the conventional high speed will save energy, which translates to saving you money. As the load increases (heat) on the condenser coil, the fan will ramp up accordingly.

Aug 02, 2013 | LG LS-K2430HL Heat Cool Mini Split Air...

1 Answer

Bryant furance cat.# 333BAV048080, with A/C cooling selected, blower motor during high speed operation stopped running, but the outside A/C unit was still running.Check that the motor is free wheeeling. Perform self-test mode, induced motor, lighter heating element comes on, but when the blower fan is to perform its low to high speed test, nothing happed with the blower fan. Checked the 115 power supply to the motor,thats O.K. But I have no info on what the volts from the external blower circuit board to the motor is or how to check if the blower motor is th problem.

Hello, sincebthe motor will not run in heating and cooling the first thing to do is check the capacitor, set your meter to ohms and disscharge the capacitor with a screwdriver, if the capacitor is good the meters numbers should ramp up and down, if not the capacitor is bad. To check the motor turn off power to the unit and take you meter and measure from the common wire to each other wire coming from the motor, you should have resistance,if not the motor is bad and must be repalaced. To check the board place one meter lead on the cool/high speed motor tap and the other lead to ground, if therebis no power on a call for cooling the board is bad.

Jul 11, 2011 | Heating & Cooling

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