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How to Troubleshoot a Clothes Dryer with No Heat

Instructions Things You'll Need:

  • Volt meter Continuity meter/tester Ohm meter (gas dryers)
    For Gas or Electric Dryers
  1. 1 Check the setting on the dryer. It's a simple thing, but sometimes people forget that they turned down the dryer for a delicate load.
  2. 2 Check the fuse box. Electric dryers require 240 vaults to run, which means they have a dual breaker switch. If one of the breakers clicks off, the dryer has enough power to run but not enough to produce heat. You may need to replace the fuse to prevent this from happening again.
  3. 3 Check the outlet with a volt meter. As said earlier, electric dryers require 240 vaults to run. If there is not enough power to the outlet, but the fuses are fine, then there is a problem with the wires in your house. You will need to call an electrician.
  4. 4 Check the thermal fuse. Depending on the type of dryer, this fuse will be located either in the front of back of your dryer. It is usually an inch long and mounted in white plastic. Test the fuse using a continuity meter. If the fuse has been blown, replace it.
  5. 5 For electric dryers, locate the heating element on your dryer and test it for continuity using a continuity meter. If it is not working, you will need to replace it.
  6. Gas Dryers Only
  7. 1 Check the igniter using an ohm meter. Disconnect the clear plastic connector (called a molex) that attaches the igniter to the burner circuit. Place the probes of the ohm meter on the contacts. It should be below 100 ohms of resistance. If it is above 100 ohms, replace the igniter.
  8. 2 Using an ohm meter, test the continuity between the two contacts on the flame sensor. If there is no continuity, replace the flame sensor.
  9. 3 If none of the above works and you notice that your dryer starts out hot but finishes cold and/or you hear a chattering sound when running the dryer, then your problem is likely with the coils. There is no test for the coils. Your only option is to replace them to determine if this is the cause.

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the mixer seems to be dead. It will not turn on

Interesting!-- YOur request if filed under Vacuum cleaners!

Anyway-- what can we do to help?

Can you make some continuity check with a Volt-Ohm-Meter, or with a continuity tester?-- I'll walk you thru the process-- depending on what you want-

Let me know-- OK?

Mack B.

Aug 08, 2011 | Vacuums

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Monitor problem.

um.. im just gona say this it seems obvious but on mine one of the leads connecting the sub to the rest of the cabinet fell off and all i had to do was reconnect it and it was fine.

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kitchenaid superba dryer won't heat Where is the heater fuse located?

Q - My electric dryer runs but will not heat, what could stop my dryer from heating?
A - Things that could stop a electric dryer from heating:
- house fuse or breaker ( needs two of them ), heating element, burnt wire, thermostat(s), thermal fuse ( not all models ), motor heat switch, timer, selector switch, burnt power cord/plug.
A ohm meter test for these parts is here.
Q - My gas dryer will not heat, what could stop my dryer from heating?
A - Things that could stop a gas dryer from heating:
- glow bar igniter, thermal fuse ( not all models ), coils on the gas valve, gas valve, thermostats,motor heat switch, timer, selector switch, sensor.
A page for checking gas dryers is here.
Meter testing and usage tips.
1. Power supply-check power supply at terminal block where cord enters the dryer. Should read 240V. If you read 240V here, tested with a volt meter, unplug dryer and test components with ohm meter.
2. Thermostats-Cycle and safety thermostats-read them with an ohm meter. Should show continuity . How common thermostats work.
3.Timer-The timer has a set of contacts that pass voltage to the heaters. If you can not determine by wiring picture what they are, check across the two terminals with the largest wires on them. The heater wires are almost twice as large as the others. You should read continuity with timer in heat mode.
4. Thermal fuses-In recent years the makers of dryers are using thermal fuses to let you know something is wrong with your dryer. They are generally non resetting and have to be replaced. The thermal fuses are located on the heater element housing and should read continuity if read with an ohm meter. Most blown thermal fuses are the result of vent/air flow problems or a grounded heating element.
5. Selector Switches-Read the wiring picture and determine which switch is closed. You should read continuity across closed switches.
6. Safety Switch on Motor-There is a safety switch on motor to insure that heaters can not come on unless motor is running. It is normally open when the motor is idle/not running, and closes when motor runs. In order to check with an ohm meter, remove the two large wires on motor switch and make them electrically safe. Tape them. Plug the dryer in and start motor. Check continuity across the terminals on the motor switch you removed the heavy wires from. If it is ok you should read continuity. Remember that the smaller wires in a dryer carry the 120V and the large wires carry 240V. There is no voltage on these two terminals with wires removed. It is ok to test with ohm meter.
7. Heat elements-Test heater element with an ohm meter. You will read continuityacross a good element ( 8-12 ohms is an average element ).
But darn it, I don't have a Ohm Meter....
To check the thermal fuse  - You can bypass the thermal fuse (just connect the 2 wires together) for testing purposes only.To check the thermal cut-out  - You can bypass the thermal cut-out (just connect the 2 wires together) for testing purposes only.
To check the thermostats for continuity -  - You can bypass the thermostat (just connect the 2 wires together) for testing purposes only.
To check the Element: Try removing element and physically looking at the element wire for a break in the wire.

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How to take apart information for Maytag dryers
How to take apart information for Frigidaire and White Westinghouse
How to take apart information for Admiral, Norge, Magic Chef and Crosley

Mar 30, 2009 | KitchenAid Dryers

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Kenmore Dryer only lights gas sporaticly

replace the igniter. The ignitor is the most comon problem with gas appliances checking continuity does not tell you if it is bad or not it has to draw a certain amount of amps to open the gas safty valve and the is no safe way to check this on most gas dryers

Jan 19, 2009 | Kenmore Dryers

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A Question

You can test the humidistat fairly easily, using a volt-ohm meter. Just set the meter to RX1 scale and attach its leads to the humidistat's terminals. Rotate the humidistat's knob as far as it will turn in both directions. If the volt-ohm meter registers zero ohms through only part of the humidistat dial's range, the humidistat is working. If it registers zero through the entire range, it's broken and must be replaced. Dehumidifier Overflow Cutoff Switch Test- Using a volt-ohm meter, you can tell if the overflow switch works or not. Clip the leads to the terminals on the switch. Depress the bar or trip lever on the switch. If the meter's needle doesn't show continuity and no continuity as the switch is clicked back and forth, the switch is probably faulty and will need replacement.

Jan 18, 2006 | Fedders A7DH65B2A Dehumidifier

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