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Know the Disadvantages of Each Two Way Radio Battery?

Li-ion Lithium ion batteries amount conspicuously added than added two way radio batteries, and at the aforementioned time they are beneath abiding and added chemically volatile. Also, Li-ion batteries crave their own chargers (NiCd and NiMH batteries can generally use the aforementioned charger) and at abounding ability can irreversibly lose amid 5-20% of their accumulator accommodation annually.

NiCd The capital disadvantage of a nickel cadmium array is its susceptibility to "memory effect," acceptation that the array gradually loses its accommodation for abounding recharging if it is again recharged afore its accommodation has been absolutely drained. Because of this, nickel-based batteries (both NiCd and NiMH) are almost aerial maintenance. Also, the cadmium in NiCd batteries is toxic.

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low battery on a tk3202 two way radio

Hi Patrick,

Are you using rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries?

If so, buy Li-ion Batteries, Ni-cads have a memory and will recharge from last charge only, rather than fully charge.

Lithium Ion Li-ion batteries don't have memory issues, and therefore will recharge fully.

These are available as rechargeable types so, look for the rechargeable types.

I hope this has been helpful.

Best regards,

Jan 23, 2013 | Kenwood Tk-2202.tk-3202,tk-3207 Software...

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my acer aspire 5253 will not boot has black screen and says disc read error press ctrl alt and delete to start


Tips to protect your laptop battery:
1) Always use your laptop on a harder surface.
Laptops are carriageable and it's simple to set your laptop on your Dell 7w5x09c laptop array or on your bed or use it at your lesiure. That's one of the allowances of accepting a carriageable computer. Flexibility. But if you wish to extend your battery's activity you accept to watch out for overheating your laptop.Heat is one of the better obstacles to battery's activity longevity. Your laptop computer fan cannot broadcast the air appropriately if your laptop is sitting on bendable surface.
2.) Do not accumulate your array installed if use your laptop on AC for an continued aeon of time.
While your laptop is assuredly application a acute charger to allegation even a connected crawl allegation over months can abate your battery's life. For best results, alone allegation your Dell 7w5x09c laptop array if you allegation to allegation it, don't leave the laptop array acquainted in all the time.More chiefly than the crawl charger affect is the 'storage' of a Li-Ion array at animated temperatures. The optimum accumulator temperature for a Li-Ion array is at 0 deg. C. The optimum accumulator allegation akin is about 40%. Unfortunately we tend to abundance absolutely answerable and at the temperatures begin in a active laptop you'll acquisition a cogent abridgement in array for your laptop achievement afterwards alone 12-18 months.
3.) Use a abounding allegation aeon afore recharging
Li-Ion and NiMH array (which a lot of Dell laptop array are), do not accept a anamnesis which you ability acquisition in NiCad batteries. However, anniversary allure has a bound amount of allegation cycles, so use a abounding allegation aeon afore re-charging to aerate your laptop array usage. Because this may be actual difficult to manage, you'll allegation to accede the cost-benefit arrangement for befitting clue of how far absolved the array is afore you allegation it again.
4.) Be accurate area you abundance your laptop
This goes aback to the calefaction issue. Don't leave your array in the car area it can get actual hot. Batteries abhorrence calefaction and your array will go on bang permenantly if you betrayal it to too abundant heat. Remember that all laptops are not created equal. You may accept gotten 4 hours from your endure laptop while on laptop battery, but your new laptop ability cull added abstract to run that gaming superior processor, or the ability acquisitive programs you're active now. Read your owner's chiral to acquisition out what you should apprehend from your laptop array and be abiding to analyze apples to apples if purchasing a backup . Not all laptop batteries are fabricated to the aforementioned specs. We acclaim affairs a array that has at atomic as abundant accommodation as your aboriginal array (that's the mAh rating), and preferrably the aforementioned allure as well.If you artlessly aren't abiding what to get, analysis with a professional.
More information to consult:


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can a lithium be charged with a nicad charger

You are probably skeptical that maybe the directions telling you not to do that are just intended to get you to buy more stuff. We've all been there. However, Li-ion batteries are very different from nicads. Used incorrectly they can be downright dangerous. So, no, don't try using the nicad charger for the Li-Ion batteries.

Apr 12, 2010 | Ryobi Two 18V Lithium-Ion Batteries +...

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Fully charge the Mobilepro battery

No. Lithium Ion batteries prefer a partial rather than a full discharge. Repeated full discharging robs the battery of its capacity (useful life), the Lithium Ion battery prefers shallow over repetitive deep discharge cycles. Besides cycling, the performance of the Li-ion is also affected by aging. Capacity loss through aging is independent of use however the capacity is affected by both aging and usage. Battery wear-down on lithium-based batteries is caused by two activities: actual usage or cycling and aging. The wear-down affects by usage and aging apply to all batteries but this is more pronounced on lithium-based systems. The Li-ion batteries prefer a shallow discharge. Partial discharges produce less wear than a full discharge and the capacity loss per cycle is reduced. Simple Guidelines to extend useful life of the battery Charge the Li-ion often, except before a long storage. Avoid repeated deep discharges. Keep the Li-ion battery cool. Prevent storage in a hot car. Never freeze a battery.

Sep 14, 2005 | NEC MobilePro 900 Handheld

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