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Battery Basic Knowledge,Battery Voltage,Capacity

With the popularity of notebook computers, laptop battery was increasingly high, but you understand the notebook battery voltage, capacity, batteries What is the relationship between it?
Here let us introduce you one by one.
In the electrical, common voltage, battery capacity and other concepts to measure the properties and performance of the individual. General single dry cell batteries (including alkaline batteries) are rated at 1.5V, nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries to 1.2V, while the lithium-ion battery is a 3.6V (some manufacturers of lithium-ion battery rated voltage calibration 3.7V) , the equivalent of three nickel-cadmium or nickel metal hydride batteries in series from the voltage, some common non-rechargeable lithium battery voltage is 3V.
As a single battery voltage and capacity are very limited, generally need to form the battery pack with a few batteries to meet the needs of different devices, the actual power. In digital cameras, the most common battery combination is in series, that is, to the battery positive and negative end to end, such as the four 1.2V, 1300mAh battery in series to form a voltage is 4.8V, capacity 1300mAh battery pack; In the notebook computer, the battery is commonly used hybrid approach, that is, there are parallel series.
Capacity refers to the size of the battery storage capacity. Battery capacity of the unit is the "mAh", Chinese name is mA (high-capacity battery to measure such as lead batteries, in order to convenience, general use "Ah" to represent the Chinese name is Ah, 1Ah = 1000mAh). Figure 4 in the GP super battery's rated capacity is 1300mAh, if 0.1C (C is battery capacity), or 130mA of current to the battery discharge, then the battery can last 10 hours (1300mAh/130mA = 10h); if discharge current of 1300mA, the only time that supply about 1 hour (the actual work time due to the battery's actual capacity of the individual differences and there are some differences.) This is the ideal state analysis, digital equipment, the actual work was not always possible when the current is constant at a value (in digital cameras, for example, because of the work of the current LCD display, flash and other components which occurs on or off the larger change), so the battery can power a device is about the value of the time only, and this value is only through practical experience to estimate.
How to calculate that the number of batteries it?
Calculate the number of batteries, depending on what your battery is batteries, generally have lithium with hydrogen power, marked with the LI-LON is lithium, lithium batteries for every energy-saving 3.6V, or 3.7V as the standard,
HI-HM is hydrogen power, hydrogen power is 1.2V as standard. Ordinary hydrogen power, then the subject directly to the battery voltage divided by 1.2, that is, the number of batteries inside
If the lithium battery, it would be in addition 3.6 or 3.7, which it wants to be divisible, such as 10.8V, it is to string together three of the core energy-saving, that at least three, and then look at the capacity, if the 4400's, that is Two energy-saving core parallel, each 2,200-capacity, which had six power-saving core, if 6600, that is, 9, and also the capacity of each section 2200, if 4000, that is six, indicating that low-capacity batteries inside that the capacity of each section in 2000
Peugeot general such battery, 10.8V, Capacity: 3600,3800,4000,4400,4600,4800,5200, these are the six sections, and greater capacity, indicating that the greater the capacity of each of the core energy-saving, but the batteries the same number, again: 10.8V, Capacity: 6000,6400,6600, these are nine sections, Some of 14.4V, the capacity of 4000,4400, which are eight, and this pushed down, your battery is the number of the batteries.
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Is the AC adapter the original that came with the laptop or is it a replacement?
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