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How to change the LCD screen on a laptop.

You dropped your laptop or hit it and broke the display. You need a new one and aren't sure how to get the unit apart. Keep reading and you should be able to complete the job with minor tools and little to no experience.

There are many sites which sell laptop screens, some cheaper than others. I only use one's which I trust because there are alot of scammers out there. Here are the major sites: http://www.impactcomputers.com , http://www.priorityelectronics.com , http://www.sparepartswarehouse.com , http://www.laptoprepairparts.com , http://www.exelcomputerinc.com . I have purchased parts from all these companies with no issues.

Before you start you should purchase some necessary tools. A good set of precision screwdrivers are best for this job. One's which have hardened tips so you do not round out any screws. These can be obtained at http://www.mcmelectronics.com . I would also get a plastic pry tool, from the same site, which is also useful for opening up Ipods.

First you should remove any screws around the perimeter. Each unit is different but there will be at least two screws hidden under plastic dots which look like rubber feet or flat plastic dots which matches the color of the bezel.

Once all screws have been removed the bezel can be separated with a flat screw driver or better a plastic pry tool, which you purchased, made for this. The two pieces just snap together. It requires some force to separate the units. I have found that the closer you get the tool to the snap the more effective and easier the job becomes.

Be careful while doing this not to twist on the bezel more than necessary, or force it excessively, or you can break it and will need a new one. If this happens you can get a replacement at http://www.impactcomputers.com or any of the sites mentioned previously.

Once the bezel is off there will be phillips head screws around the perimeter of the frame holding the screen to the frame. Remove all the screws making notes on which holes to put them back into. I use a sharpie and mark the holes with a dot.

Now you need to remove the signal wire. It will be a ribbon cable or a metal/plastic connector depending on the unit in question. If it is a ribbon cable you will need to release the connector first.

Generally the cover over the cable prys up to release the cable. In some cases you just pull it out (older units). If the connector on the board is completely white you would pull the cable out. If the connector is black or brown you would lift the top up. Newer units also have offsets in the sides of the connector cable to help lock then in the connector requiring the cable to also be lifted straight up to remove it.

If the connector is metal grasp the two sides where there are locking handles and squeeze. This will release the connector and allow you to remove it. To insert the new one you just need to push it in until you hear the side locks snap.

You may have to deal with the inverter board, but probably just get it out of the way because it will be going in with the new LCD panel. It may or may not be scewed into place. Some units do not have the board in the top. It is located inside the main part of the computer and would not be a problem.

Once the panel is removed you will be ready to install the new one. Be careful when handling it to not scratch it or squeeze it as this will permanently damage it. If it came with plastic covering it (protective sheet) leave it in place until the panel is installed to protect it from damage.

Reverse the procedure to install the new panel. Locate the panel in the rear bezel and frame and install the screws removed and marked earlier. Insert all cables into the correct sockets and reinstall the inverter board if it was removed.

When you are ready to put the bezel back together make sure everything is seated properly and line up the two halves. Using adequate pressure squeeze the two halves until they snap together and when the unit quits snapping install the screws. Go around the perimeter several times to make sure all the tabs are snapped together.

At this point you should be ready to give your new display a test. If all went well you should be back in buisness. Enjoy your new computer display.

Thanks for using FixYa and for the great rating.


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Dropped my laptop, an Acer Aspire 7720-6569, from like two feet high. Now when i turn on the laptop the screen does not show images correctly.I get like top half the screen displaying correctly and like bottom half with lines or grayish bars.Please see the links below for pics of screen images.I took the laptop apart myself thinking that it may have been the LCD cable that broke, but it seems to be perfect so i rule that out. I have been told that it's not the backlight bulb because the screen is bright. Can someone please tell me what does this. Can it be the inverter or is it the full screen? Any help would be greatly appreciated. http://img576.imageshack.us/i/20110223201813744.jpg/ http://img541.imageshack.us/i/20110223201837252.jpg/ http://img130.imageshack.us/i/20110223200456887.jpg/

There's a chance the cable at the display end is partly unseated. You said you took the laptop apart and checked the cable, but the cable has a plug at the other end as well. You'll need to disassemble the display to get at the back side of the display panel. Then you can make sure the cable is seated in its connector. You need to remove the screws holding the front bezel to the back lid, which may be hidden under rubber bumpers or decorative covers. Use a thin flat object like a putty knife to separate the bezel from the back. There are snap tabs holding it in place once you have the screws out. With the bezel off you'll see the screws holding the LCD panel in place. Take those out and you can see the other end of the data cable on the back side.

If the cable is properly seated at the display panel end, you'll need a new display. If the cable isn't at fault, the fall damaged some of the internal connections between the display's driving electronics and the pixels themselves. If this happens there's no way to get inside to fix them, so the only cure is a new display.

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Good luck and thanks for using Fixya!

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dude im real good at this stuff and if u dropped it once ur lucky it still worked but if it dont work now ur definitely going to need a new one...

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