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No Steam, No Water? Quick Fix

All of a sudden I had no steam and no water.

I could hear the pump chugging and trying hard, but nothing came out of the nozzle.

First, check to see if the nozzle is blocked. If it's not, try turning on the tap (faucet) and PUSH IT IN towards the machine.

If you now get steam and water, there is a quick fix.

Switch off the mains, unplug the coffee machine and take all normal precautions not to electrocute yourself.

There is a small cam on the (Part 9161205 - Faucet rod stem) which pulls the tap IN as it is opened and OUT as it is closed.

1] Remove the coffee container - there are two phillips screws only, and it lifts off.

2] Remove the top casing. There are two phillips screws either side at the front top, hidden by the door, one star head screw under the water tank, and one normal phillips screw under the water tank in a deep channel.

3] Take a look at the small cam on (Part 9161205 - Faucet rod stem) and see if it moves in and out as you turn the water/steam tap on and off. If it doesn't the plastic has sheared off. If it does move in and out - this is not the fix for you!

4] If it does NOT move in and out as you turn the water/steam tap on and off, find a small self-tapping screw and screw through the angled cam hole into the faucet rod stem. Pop the top casing and the coffee container back on and your machine is now fixed!

Now for a delicious cappuccino!

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1 Answer

ventilate!....shows in window and machine will not ventilate when knob is opened. it has regularly been de-scaled but we do live in a hard-water area.

Generally you can clear the ventilate error by pressing the button for Hot Water and then opening the steam knob. You should hear the pump run and water should start to flow from the steam wand. If it doesn't, try removing the frother nozzle so just the chrome pipe is showing.

To remove the frother nozzle you slide the outer sleeve off, and then grip the nozzle with one hand while twisting the cap to loosen it. Then it should slide off the metal steam pipe. Or you can check that the tip of the nozzle isn't clogged.

If you have the frother removed and the steam pipe is definitely open and not clogged and you still hear the pump running but no water is coming out, the next step is to prime the pump.

If you still have the squeeze bulb pump that came with the machine, you can use that - or if you don't have it, a turkey baster will work. You want to take the water tank off and set it aside, then pump water into the valve in the center where the tank had been sitting. You choose "Hot Water" and open the steam valve so the pump starts and then pump water into that valve with the Turkey Baster. You should hear the pump catch and start to move the water - when this happens immediately close the steam valve so the pump stops - then replace the water tank (filled with water please) and open the steam valve again and let water run out of the steam wand for several seconds.

That should clear the ventilate message.

Oct 21, 2010 | Gaggia Titanium Espresso Machine

1 Answer

Gaggia Titanium. Fault suggests ventilation required. Followed manual instructions, nothing happens. Tried rinsing, nothing happens. Tried hot water nothing happens? Have taken out and cleaned all pbvious parts nothing happens. Tried a sequence of pressing buttons nothing happens, have left it over night, nothing, switched on and off, nothing? Can you tell me what to do now? Thanks John

Do you hear the pump working but no water flows?

You should select hot water (the third button from the right) and the display should say "hot water" at the same time it is saying VENTILATE --- open the steam valve all the way and the pump should start and you should see water from the steam wand.

If you don't hear the pump at all, then that is a different problem.

If you do hear the pump but still don't get any water with the steam valve open, then you need to prime the pump by using a turkey baster or the accordian pump that came with the Titanium to pump water into the valve where water from the tank goes. Remove the tank and use the turkey baster to pump water into that valve while the pump is running and the steam valve is open all the way with HOT WATER selected. the second water starts to come out the steam valve you want to stop the pump (turn the power off or turn the steam knob shut) and put the water tank back on and make sure there is plenty of water in the tank - then start the pump again by opening the steam valve all the way and let it pump water out the steam wand for a few minutes.

Oct 05, 2010 | Gaggia Titanium Espresso Machine

1 Answer

'Chugging' noise when trying to get flow of water from steam tube

You must press the hot water/steam button to make sure it is set on hot water. The chugging noise is the pump slowly putting water through the steam boiler for steaming. When you open the steam knob make sure it is all the way open, you will hear the microswitch click when you reach full open(test it out with the machine off). Red light also means heating and low on water, since you are using all the steam faster than it can make it hence the red light.

Jun 26, 2009 | Gaggia Syncrony Logic 74884 Espresso...

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