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I have heard a lot of reports lately about people camera's being hacked, but the information being reported is incorrect!!!! no hacker can just magically turn on your camera ,, it doesnt work like that. This letter serves to inform you on how its done, the methods involved , what can be done to stop it, how to detect it and how to catch that person.

Laptops and Web Camera's. (Wired and Inbuilt)

This is the safest type to have for personal use. A Hacker cant just turn it on ,, it doesnt work like that. In order for this to happen the hacker must have the victims computer "Zombiefied" , in other words hijacked. This simply means that there must be a program in the computer which allows the hacker backdoor access. This type of software is called a TROJAN. There are different ways for this to transmit this software to the victim, 1.) A Dropper in an infected email attachment e.g. "HARD ENCRYPTED IN A PHOTO (merging) , 2.) Hidden in a piece of software e.g, freeware or sharware 3.) As a TROJAN in Pirated Software, 4.) Via A flashdrive 5.) In an Active X Control or Plugin for Websites and Web Browsers, 6.) Email BOMB e.g auto redirect to an infected url containing the dropper.
Now the Virus (Trojan) isnt transmitted directly to the system, what happens is that firstly a dropper is installed, this dropper is small , can be installed at the blink of an eye, and deletes it self so quickly coders of antivirus identities will see hell to find it. Now the dropper then can take its precious time, disable your security measures (anti virus, firewall etc) and download and install the Trojan then delete itself. Now this means that once the hacker gets your IP address he can use that to access the Trojan on the specified port which he/she can then execute remote arbitrary code , like get access to the display drivers of the webcam, open your drives, shut down the system etc. basically anything he or she designed it to do.

How To Catch the hacker or tell if your infected.
Now if your computer is being hijacked there must be a connection to it! Basically data must flow from your pc to your hackers and the commands from your hackers pc to yours. So basically all you need to do is find out who your computer is connected to.

For Windows.
1.) click start
2.) In the run box type cmd and hit enter
3.) type netstat -n in the command prompt that appears and hit enter

now you will see 4 columns Proto , Local Address , Foreign Address , State

ok crash course,
Proto is the type of protocol
Local Address is your Ip address on the network, is a loop back, next to it is the open port of your system
Foreign Address is the Ip your connected to
State is bacically the state of the connection.

ok so you see a lot of foreign IP's with an established connection, start from the top.
1.) open a browser window and go to a whois webserver e.g http://domains.whois.com/domain.php?action=whois
2.) do a whois search on the IP, e.g in the http://domains.whois.com/domain.php?action=whois type the foreign ip in the box and hit enter .. e.g

this shows me this

OrgName: Yahoo!
Address: 701 First Ave
City: Sunnyvale
StateProv: CA
PostalCode: 94089
Country: US
ok so thats yahoo's Ip thats safe..

do this too all the Ips you have. once you find one that appears to be your hacker simply do a reverse DNS on thaty IP to get your hackers location or report it to the authorities (NO I AINT WALKING YOU THROUGH A REVERSE DNS).. So what if your hacker is using a proxy ?? chances are no, for one thing the connecting bandwidth needed will be to slow on a proxy server so he's using his own IP..

Wireless Web Cams, IP CAMERAS, AND Wireless Networks,

1.) All of these operate with an inbuilt server that allows the person access once he has the appropriate IP address. Hell a quick port scan on that Ip and i will have all your open ports, then simply log in to that Ip on that port , If prompted for a username and password try the default, if that dont work try sql, or js injection or other exploits and walla I have access. no need for a trojan.

2.) Wireless routers can be exploited by basically capturing wireless packets sent, from this i will have your ssid and and encryption type. Simply use Cain and Abel or other brtue enforcer or a jacker which will get me your encryption key, to make the process faster use the captured packets to limit the characters to generate the key. now I can connect to your router and if you have a home network I can join it or search all the computers to get to all your shared documents and files etc..

Ok what to do??
1.) firstly in your router settings use a really strong (character , number and sysmbol) password
2.) use a WPSK2 or stronger encryption system and use a really stron key (13 + characters, numbers and symbols) this will make cracking the key harder
3.) turn off transmist SSID ,, basically I cant crack what i dont know about
4.) limit your antenna transmit power so its only connectible within your house, I cant hack what I cant connect too can I ??

Now some point of information..

1.) your IP address Dynamic. meaning it will change everytime your router resets, do this at least once every week

2.) All antivirus / spyware / malware programs can only remove what it knows about regular updates are necessary. In order for it to function.

3.) Virus, malware, trojans, spyware, worms etc, are all different things , most antivirus will remove viruses , some spyware etc. use multiple software.. e.g AVG Free Anti Virus, Super Anti Spyware , Malware bytes. dont use more than 1 dedicated antivirus.

4.) Be safe!

Depends on the response this gets I will write a few more letters like this or if anyone is interested I'll be happy to get into more details about how these things work. Please send this around to as much people as you can and be safe .. regards Dark_Lord_TnT Ps. If you need any help feel free to ask..

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