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Rainbow E series cannister wet/dry vacuum

When using a rainbow vacuum it is important not to overfill the water basin with water as it can splash up to high and cause problems at the seperator. The seperator is the metal piece that is located at the bottom of the unit when you take the water basin off it is up inside the cannister. This piece is one of the most important pieces in this machine as it is designed to bring in the air and dirt with out letting the dirt get past it as well as keeping the water out of it as well. Keeping the water level below the plastic marker in the middle of the water basin will help to keep this from happening. When you are done cleaning with your rainbow it is crucial that you remove the seperator by un doing the hand tightened nut at the bottom of it. Hold thr seperator in one hand and turn the bolt to the right. This is the opposite way to undo normal;nuts or bolts but because the separator spins at a high rate of speed it is what is called "reverse threaded".Once you get the nut off the seperator should just come right off easily by pulling it straight down. When you get it off you must take a toothbrush(provided when ou purchased) and you must scrub this clean in order to keep from any dirt or dust getting up into the motor.Scrub the seperator as well as the area that it covers up while installed.this needs to be done each and every time you finish with the machine as you do not want to leave it because it will become rusted right on and it can break the shaft if you have to turn it to hard and if the shaft breaks it can get very costly.Rainbow does not come with a manufactures warranty only a distributors warranty and if you can not find the dist. that sold you the unit you have no one to honor the warranty. This information is stated right in the users manual.my point is if anything goes wrong with it it is most likely going to come out of your pocket. Though the manufacturer is still available the distributor go in and out of business all the time so be aware.
You must also dump all the water every time you finish using your rainbow as it will cause condensation to get up in to the seperator and rust things together. do not store it with the basin that hols the water attached. I hope this will keep your rainbow's running longer and better for years to come.

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1 Answer

D3B. Could overfilling the basin cause motor failure?

If water overflow leaked into the motor, it could have failed

Nov 03, 2015 | Rainbow Vacuums

2 Answers

Rainbow Vacuum, about 5 yrs old (bought new, no issues prior) - my 6yr old tipped it on it's side while water was in basin. Now when I turn the power on, it makes a very loud sound in the motor and you can feel the vibration on the floor. The suction still works and basin still catches dirt - the noise is just so loud and I'm not sure if I should continue use or how to fix -?

Although a wet/dry vacuum, it cannot tolerate water in the motor. Water will cause the motor to short out, which will cause the motor to act/sound like yours does now, if it continues working at all.
To prevent additional problems, the vacuum needs to be taken to an authorized Rexair dealer for cleaning and repair. Expect at the very least to pay for a new motor and installation.
Problems like this are why I don't care for any wet/dry vacuums, especially spendy ones.
Oh, you should definitely discontinue use, and don't attempt repairs on your own. Special tools are needed, and if bolts and screw are rusted, breakage may result.

Feb 27, 2011 | Rainbow E series Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum

1 Answer

The cannister begins to shake during usage

Either you have too much water in it, or your water separator is missing teeth. The water separator is the thing that spins in the center of the motor where your water basin attaches to it. It looks like a cone shaped fan looking thing. It should be cleaned after every use.

Use a your Rainbow separator cleaning brush, or a tooth brush, if you do not have the Rainbow one. They are just like tooth brushes.

You can get manuals either here,
http://www.rainbowsystem.com/ or here,

Never store your Rainbow canister on your water basin.

You fill the water basin to the top of the knub thing that is inside of it.

If it is a standard water basin, it holds two quarts, of water. If it is the larger one, it holds 4 quarts of water.

If your vacuum begins shaking or swaying during usage, that meens that you need to poor out the dirty water, and start over with fresh water, because the water level will rise as it gets dirtiet.

If you have any more questions, let me know.

I am a Rainbow vacuum expert.

Thank you,

May 26, 2010 | Rainbow 75th Anniversary Canister Vacuum

1 Answer

rainbow e series

If you have the Rainbow e series, then this manual will explain exactly how to remove the separator from the wash basin and the basin from the caddy. (Please refer to page 6)
http://www.rainbowsystem.com/pdf/manuals/rainbow_eseries/eseries.pdf A special tool is stored on the underside of the power unit next to the separator , which you can use to loosen the brass nut holding the separator.
The manual also provides instructions on how to remove the basin and clean it.

In my opinion, it is most likely a blockage in the tubes that must be causing this problem. This seems to be a common issue with this cleaner. There is also a small metal ring between the separator and basin that may be dislodged and causing this problem. Please the manual for an idea of what I am talking about.

If that does not help, then its best to contact the customer support.call, (248) 643-7222,
Monday through Friday,
between 9:00am and 5:00pm (EST)
and ask for Customer Service.

If you find that this answer helped you in any way, please "Accept" my solution in the premium you posted at

I would be most grateful for your show of appreciation. Thanks in advance and good luck!

May 27, 2008 | Rainbow E series Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum

1 Answer

Rainbow Aquamate 2

Rainbow Aqua mate 2 (by 3 users)
Posted by nicks mom on May 24, 2008
I cannot get water to come out of the water basin in order to shampoo. It is all connected correctlyXThis Problem has been added to the Share Your Expertise Page under "My Work Queue".
2 Other Users Have the Same Problem Comment by deucedown, posted on May 26, 2008 Same problem here, I have only used the shampooer twice and water will not come out of the basin. I need to shampoo my carpets today and this is very discouraging. Somebody please help. I hooked it up and followed the directions. Comment by Angela31, posted on May 26, 2008 We are having the same problem. Everything is connected and no water is coming out. We have only used our Aqua mate 3 other times. Please help. Hello,
I would advise you to ALWAYS to FIRST UNPLUG YOUR VACUUM before beginning any service procedure. Rainbow E Series Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum / Aqua Mate. It has been a long time since I have operated a Rainbow Aqua Mate so I suggest that The best solution to operate the Rainbow Aqua Mate is to contact the Rainbow Tech Support line listed below or to contact your local vacuum cleaner dealer and have them send out a Rainbow Aqua Mate owner’s manual so that you can operate the unit successfully. By listening to the 3 questions listed above the actual water basin I believe is the recovery water tank to be emptied when full and I believe that there is a separately bottle or tank that the solution goes in order to dispense the water.
If you have further questions please feel free to contact your local vacuum cleaner dealer. . So if you need further assistance, please feel free to contact your local vacuum cleaner dealer in your area or in the yellow pages, or contact the factory phone number or website to further assist you with your questions.
The Rainbow / RexAir Factory phone number is listed below:
http://rainbowvacuum.com Customer Service
1-248-643-7222 Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST

Thanks, Don the Vac Man
Go Ahead. Use Us.

May 24, 2008 | Rainbow E series Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum

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