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Ever park your car in a dark secluded spot....when you parked it there it was sunny and bright, but now it is dark and sort of scary....OK here are some tips....be aware of any large trucks such as a van etc parked side by side to your vehicle it has been on record that attackers will sit in the truck awaiting a womean to return to her car...while she fumbles for her keys the assailant jumps out and drags her into the side door of his van over powering her, then drives off with either her or her belongings, here is how to avoid this, set off your remote control panic button on your alarm prior to coming to your car this will cause the horn to start blowing and the vehicles lights to start flashing drawing the attention to you and your car alerting any possible persons in the area to look over to see what all that is about... doing so should cause the alleged perpetrator to quickly leave the scene and foil his plans leaving you safe and sound.
Also if Mace is allowed to be sold and carruied in your State by all means carry a small spray cannister in your pocket, if someone does jump on you, spray them in the face and eyes, this will give you enough time to break free and run to safety.
You may even carry a whistle....sounds silly but a loud whistle blown into the ears of an assailant will startle them long enough to get you free of them and to run to safety.
Of course try to find a safety training course in your area on the proper training and carry for such devices and also if you can carry a concealed legal handgun on your person, take a course in hand gun safety as well and register for the proper licenses for either mace and/or a pistol permit.
Try to park in a well lit and busy traffic area, to help you remain safe, never walk down an alley alone without some sort of legal and licensed personal protection.
Pay attention to your surropundings and to who is in the area you are walking in, keep a good visual watch around and behind you at all times.
Once in your vehicle immediately lock the doors and keep the windows up, don't fall for the guy who knocks on the window and wants you to open the window so you can give him directions... instead take off if you safely can, if you feel like someone is following you drive to the nearest police station or beat cop and tell him of the situation.
Try to get trained in a form of self defense class such as Karate etc., it all helps.
Hope this helps you better prepare for the unsuspecting.

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Check the fuses against a dark piece of paper. I have had some look OK but looking closer against a dark background showed a crack. I had a Toyota that thought it didn't have any gas and would run intermittently. Checked all sorts of things and it was a 15 cent fuse.

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If you will wait until it is dark, it is easier to diagnose.
After dark, turn on the right turn signal, then look carefully at the brightness of the front and the brightness of the rear turn signal. Now, turn on the left, and again observe the brightness of each. One of the bulbs should be out, or not as bright as the other side. That is the bulb you will need to replace.

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learning to use light metering correctly can have its challenge.
the manual will guide you on how to set up to read light from the subject. spot metering a dark area will cause general overexposure, or a washed out look. spot metering a bright area will cause a dark image. if you are on spot meter and shoot two people standing together against a bright lit background, your meter will see between them if they are centered, and read all that bright background, setting the camera to a less sensitive combination of aperture / shutter speed, resulting in a dark image. use field averaging meter setting and be sure you are metering the subject and not the background. try shooting a wall that is fairly clear of other colors and uniform it light hitting it, you should have a correctly exposed image. since it works in other modes (at least 1, anyway) then it is unlikely you have an exposure compensation issue. that is the only other non defect issue that would cause your problem.
once you confirm that you have these settings correct and still get a dark image, its time to have it serviced.
good luck

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