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The Basics Part 1

Ok we all know that crowd source can be a fantastic tool and if used correctly can also be a great benefit for anyone involved.

Crowd Sourced? What is that?

Essentially it is sharing. Get a crowd of thirty people together and the odds are one of them will have at least some experience, knowledge or expertise with just about any problem any other person in the group has. Now think world wide. That experience might be limited; then again it could be extensive.

There are some extremely talented, highly trained technical people contributing to Crowd Sourcing sites, there are also 'Normal people'. As each of us encounter life's little speed bumps, we theoretically learn something from how we deal with it, fix it, get around it, found a short cut, ignored it, cut the blue wire, you name it.

Problems that have been solved one person are currently being faced by another.

Crowd Sourcing is a global clearing house for the sharing of these 'Life Experiences' with those who could benefit.

That, Virginia, is Crowd-Sourcing !!

How does it work?

You have a broken product, but you aren't one to just toss it and buy a new one if it can be fixed. You may just have lost the instructions or be unsure of a feature.

Who ya gonna call… Ghostbusters…. Wait no that’s not right, unless the toaster really is dead...

First off you do your own thing and turn the house upside down looking for those pesky destructions or examine your product to see if you think you can fix it. OK so that was a FAIL but you are determined to see what can be done. Then you have an idea....


Lets go to the manufacturers web site and dang it didn’t you know they don’t have any help for my problem or they went bust or they even want waaay too much money !!

OK there has to be others out there with this problem, a forum or chat room or…

Sure it has many great pockets of information and you just need to find the right one. You start with a search. Toaster Broken. WHOAA 1,000,000,000,000,000 bits of information and you don’t even know which one to try first.

So you realize you need to narrow it down so you add your MODEL… Ah that’s a little better, that took a few zeros off the list, but it is still crowded with information overload.

Now let’s add just a little about the problem “FIX MY thingamajigs xxl version 1.0”

Cool that’s way better and hey look a few places that specialize in fixing em.

Hmmm they want more than I paid, so they are all out.

But what about these places “Let our experts / advisors help you !”

That sounds to be worth a shot. Right this site wants money but it doesn’t look all that expensive so let’s give it a whirl I already tried a few FREE ones and am still not sure

The place you are probably about to visit is known as a “crowd sourced” web site. The theory behind crowd sourcing is that every person has something of value to someone. Those individuals can share life experiences alongside those with a lifetime of qualified experience. Sharing what was learned when facing a similar problem.

The Basics Part 2

But what issues can your crowd source experts deal with, and what problems can arise from this.

There are lots of self help web sites on the internet and for a moment I want to concentrate on three of them.

"http://www.”web site 1.com"
"http://www.”web site 2.com"
"http://www ”web site 3.com/"

These are all PRIME examples of crowd sourced websites These are the same type of site for our purpose and offer expert for hire to solve anything from a leaking tap to the brakes on your car. Let’s now look at the obvious basic differences between these sites

Let’s now look at the obvious basic differences between these sites

Ok so now let’s move on to the individual points and break them down a little more to give them meaning

Are experts vetted?

On WEBSITE 1 you have to APPLY to be an expert and must pass an ‘entrance test’. That does not guarantee you are accepted it just weeds out the wannabes. There is also a limit on how many experts are allowed in each area of expertise to ensure that experts don’t wander into areas they have no knowledge off. You then have to submit copies of your qualifications if you are accepted. And you have still not been given the means of earning money.

WEBSITE2 has a system where you answer any questions you see and if you answer enough you step up a graduated ladder to the top rank of GURU. However anyone can attain that rank with no prior knowledge of an area and you can even tick off as many areas as you want. Once a few answers are accepted you can then apply to earn money. Whilst there is a little quality control in place it is minimal. Once you are granted permission to become a “premium expert” you are allowed to answer anything you wish regardless of your knowledge

At WEBSITE3 there are minimal restrictions in place apart from the obvious abuse policy that all the sites have. There is NO money involved and some of the experts just have fun at the asker’s expense but there are still a good number of experts who know the topics


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