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Top-Load vs Front-Load Washers - Things to Consider

The traditional top-loader is more comfortable to load and cheaper to buy. High efficiency washers in top-load or front-load models are much more expensive but are water and energy savers, with front-load models having the best energy ratings. Front-load washers have a better spin which leaves less water in the load causing less drying time. High-efficiency models require low-sudsing HE detergent due to low water levels and they require a little more care. They also have more cycles and convenience features than traditional top-loaders. Warranty periods generally are a year regardless of washer style.

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i want whirlphool whasing machine with dryer please give the gideline of it and its price my e - mail ID is sabiha_1993@hotmail.com.

Washers are more advanced and stylish than ever before. When you're buying a washer, look for features that make washing easier and more efficient, less costly, and kinder to fabrics. Thanks to advances in technology, it's all possible - and our washer buying guide shows you how.

Washer Types
Feature options, capacity, energy use and style are all factors to consider when deciding between a front- or top-loading washer.
oth top-loading and front-loading washing machines will do a good job of cleaning your clothes. The most significant differences between these types of washers are capacity, energy efficiency, water use, feature options, and style.

Top-loading machines

Traditional top-loading washing machines are available in a wide assortment of models, price ranges and styles. The most basic top-loading washers perform very well and are generally a good value for a no-frills, clean wash. Other top-loaders offer more cycle and temperature selections, spin speeds, and fabric care extras as they increase in price. Overall, top-loading washers are generally less expensive to purchase than front-loading machines, but are slightly more costly to run because they use more water and electricity.

Most top-loaders fill the tub with enough water to cover the clothing, then agitate them to get the clothing clean. Some manufacturers now offer high-efficiency top-loading washers using a number of different technologies. One such technology is the Whirlpool® Calypso® wash plate. Instead of agitating fabrics to get them clean, the wash plate moves them through a shower of concentrated detergent and water. The action is gentler on fabrics; it's designed to provide better cleaning with far less stress to garment fibers. And with the agitator out of the way, the washer has more room to clean bulky items such as comforters and rugs.

Standard capacity for a top-loading washing machine is 12 to 16 pounds per load. The Calypso wash plate model can hold up to 18 pounds of laundry (think the equivalent of 16 pairs of jeans).

Here is a link to some Whirlpool washers for you to look over.

Dec 04, 2010 | Whirlpool Duet 7.0 Cu. Ft. Super Capacity...

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Should suds be visible in top load washers during the wash cycle?

Not if your using the correct amount of HE detergent You have to start with the understanding that the tumble action of high-efficiency washers (i.e., front loaders) produce more suds than the agitator action in top loaders. Now most of people think, "Oooo, sudsy, that's good!" No, not good. Suds do nothing to clean your clothes and are actually an undesirable by-product of the detergent's chemical interaction with the water. The main job of detergents is to remove soils and stains. They do this by breaking down the surface tension of water, in effect, making water "wetter." The water is what actually does the cleaning by slipping in between the ca-ca and the fabric, separating them and suspending the ca-ca in solution.
Detergents are designed to freshen, remove odors, and brighten fabrics as they clean. Another key detergent function is to hold ca-ca, and any dyes from colored fabrics, suspended in the wash water so they aren't re-deposited back onto the cleaned clothes. Traditional detergents are designed to do this in high water volumes used by conventional, top-loading water hog washers.
If you think about it, using HE detergent in your front loader is really common sense. Because of the low-water wash and rinse cycles in HE washers, HE detergents must work differently from traditional laundry detergents in order to be effective.
Excess suds can cause the washer's pump to overheat causing premature failure of the pump. These excess suds also cause residue to build up inside the drum and hoses. After a while, your washer will start giving off a moldy funk and infecting your clothes with its faint, musky stink. Hope this Helps Good Luck

Oct 14, 2010 | Whirlpool Duet GHW9150P Front Load Washer

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I don't really have a problem, except that my water bill is eating me alive. Approximately how much water does a full load in my 26912 with one rinse use? And how much water are newer models using on average. Thank you.

Most standard top loading washers have a 35 gallon tub capacity. If you go with a High Efficiency (HE) model washer, which can include the Oasis and Cabrio TOP LOADERS, and the Duet, Elite and Epic FRONT LOADERS, they use about 5 to 7 gallons. High Efficiency washers also do not have a continuous motor in action during agitation or tumble cycles, while most standard top loader have a drive motor that runs throughout the cycle. this can also cut down on the amount of electricity that is used. I hope this helps you.

Feb 17, 2010 | Washing Machines

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does nothing

Hi there. I don't know what "do nothing" means. I'm printing a review from epinions.com and perhaps this will help you.
Fisher and Paykel washer

Let me start by saying a little about myself. I have sold appliances for quite A while. Not only have I tried, but I also own many of the appliances I review. I also take service calls, so I hear which appliances have the most service problems. ( I usually own the ones that don't). That being said, I own A Fisher & Paykel washer and top load Dryer .

Fisher & Paykel, to many people seems like A new company. They have actually been in business for over 70 years, and are based in New Zealand. Unlike most companies they have opened and continue to open plants in America. They also have great customer service, where real people answer the phone ( no computer system with button pushing ).
Now to the stuff you would care about. Fisher & Paykel has three models of washing machines to choose from. They are WL26CW1 AquaSmart , IWL16 Intuitive Eco , GWL15 Ecosmart. I have the Ecosmart and this is the one I will be reviewing. All three machines are great and have few problems. In fact the AquaSmart has no agitator and can easily compare with any front loader on the market for capacity. I also sell or have sold Maytag, G.E, L.G, Frigidaire and Whirlpool, washers

Here are the questions I here the most

1. Is it energy efficient ? Yes, in fact its the most energy efficient top load washer in north America, and only uses 24% of the energy of a traditional washer. another way to put it a traditional washer uses around 45 - 60 gallons per load where this uses between 14 - 28 gallons depending on load size. Also it spins up to 1000 RPM so drying time is less. Takes about half as long as a front loader to wash and dry.

2. Are they more expensive ? Yes and no, if you compare it feature to feature against any top loader, no not by a long shot. If you compare it to the cheapest piece of junk in the store based only on price yes but then again so would almost everything else. Retails around $600

3. Do they have A good repair history ? Yes, at are store we have very few service calls and I would dare say they have the fewest service problem of any washer we sell. Also the washer will diagnose itself, and beeps in a sequence when something isn't right, then grab your owners manual and look it up. IE: 3 beeps hot water is not on. On top of that it should only take you a minute to remove the front and access it, because the only tool you need to work on it is a Philips screwdriver. Plus it come with a 2 year warranty ( that's twice as long as most )

4. Does it have a big tub ? Yes, and It's a stainless steel, 3.7 cubic foot capacity tub, and in my opinion holds at least 25 to 35% more clothes. The reason is Fisher & Paykel uses a brushless DC motor ( which means less parts around 66% less than a traditional washer no belts, pulleys, brakes, clutches, or transmission) which means you can fill it up and pack it in. Plus it's a self balancing wash tub ( no more walking )

5. Is it gentle ? Here's a shocker it is, unlike a traditional washer it does not beat your clothes with an agitator instead it washes with what's called Load sensing . The best way to describe it is like this, The same way if you where to put your hand in the wash tub and move the clothes back and forth, your brain would tell your hand how hard it needs to move the clothes. Well that's how it works. Plus it has a 3 speed motor 300RPM, 670 RPM, 1000 RPM

6. Is it hard to use ? No not at all, granted it looks like its going to be confusing but its not at all you have to do is hit power, pick your cycle,and hit start. The washer automatically picks the water temp, water level, and spin speed. You can over ride any of these options if you would like or set the favorite button ( side note: even though you can over ride the options, the washer will not let you pick anything that would wreck the cloths IE: cant do fast spin on the gentle cycle ). Something to remember use high efficiency detergent or no more than half of regular, and pour it directly down the agitator

Sounds to good to be true well there are some cons

1. Not as efficient as most front loaders

2. Not as large capacity as some front loaders

3. Does not have a timed bleach dispenser

4. Both washer and dryer's lid lock's when they start, and you have to press pause and wait a second before you can open it.

5. Washer and dryer lid are taller than normal "55 1/2 inches " so check cabinet dimensions to make sure lid can open.

6. Lid is made of plastic ( not a big deal but kind of looks cheap )

Remember before you run out and buy a Fisher & Paykel or any other washer do your homework. Buy your washer from a sales person who knows what there talking about. This is just my review, and my experience. This is not the only washer I like and there are plenty to choose from so good luck and make sure to look at front loaders or top loaders without agitators.


Aug 05, 2009 | Fisher Paykel EcoSmart GWL15

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Whirlpool Duet Sport? Front Load Washer WFW8300SW

hate my duet sport also! You cant presoak in this machine, very little water to wash with, very noisy, and everything stinks when it comes out of washer. Mine also smelled like mold but i figured out if you pull out the little tray that holds the detergent it is filled with stinky black mold. would never buy again

Jun 18, 2008 | Whirlpool WFW8300SW

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