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How to test battery-powered time

Battery Mark test principle is to use the built-in four engines to simulate the actual operating conditions to consume battery power. This four engines are the Graphics engine, Processorengine, Diskengine and Thinkengine. ".Graphics engine built-in Battery Mark by calling the procedure a sample LCBTP03003, such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc. to simulate the actual use to deal with graphics, web pages and documentation process.
Processorengine to CPU occupancy rate increased to 100% instantly and maintain a period of time to simulate the CPU high load power consumption of under working conditions.Disk engine through repeated read and write operations on the hard disk to simulate the actual use of the power consumption of these drives on VGP-BPS8 VGP-BPS9, when you can see the hard disk light flash in the mad.Thinkengine is a simulation of the actual situation of users in the process of thinking.
Test, Battery Mark will be in the 4 cycle engine, constantly switching between Pavilion dv2000 Battery Pavilion dv6000 Battery HSTNN-LB31, followed by testing a variety of operating environment, this four engines can be fully integrated with the specific circumstances of the test battery. Each had 2 to 3 minutes Battery Mark test data will be automatically saved to the user to set the directory below. Completely exhausted the battery, the computer automatically shut down the last time before the results will be saved as the final test results. 4, repair laptop computer batteries methods
(a) causes damage to the battery,
notebook computer battery life is longer, often dissatisfied with battery charge, and even show the battery has been damaged, concrete expression of the resistance is bigger, at charging voltage is increasing relatively quickly at both ends. So easy to charge control circuit has been judged already been filled powerbook G4 ac charger powerbook g4 power charger, the capacity also falls. Since relatively large battery internal resistance, discharge voltage drop big, fast, so the system is easy to mistakenly believe that voltage is not enough electricity shortage. The discovery of relatively short battery life, should take appropriate measures.
(B) The battery refresh program to restore the battery discharge time
Big-brand notebooks have a battery refresh program, we can use it to repair the battery. For example: a IBMThinkpad390/262650-based notebook computers, are fitted with nickel-metal hydride batteries (Ni-Mh) batteries, due to normal charge and discharge properly, leading to the Pavilion dv2000 Battery and Pavilion dv6000 Battery discharge time is shorter, leaving less than 5 minutes, if the bring notebook computers to work, then it is very inconvenient, what methods can restore the battery discharge time then?
In response to these circumstances, we can use the IBM has launched a battery refresh program to refresh the battery put it back in discharge time, specifically as ibook g4 charger APple A1021 charger.
(1) the use of AC power to the notebook computer, first to ftp://fip. pc. ibm. com / pub / pccbbs / mobiles / isbr01ww. exe download software provided by IBM notebook computer batteries TP390/390e/390x refresh program. Wsvk
Ray (2), restart your computer, press F8 key to enter boot menu and select safe DOS mode.
Ray Pride (3) into the directory where the file you just downloaded to Compaq laptop battery, the implementation of the battery refresh program isbr0lww, exe, reading a warning message, by asking you to insert a floppy disk, and then press the Enter key to the implementation of the self-extracting operation.
Ray Pride (4) boot floppy disk with this computer, the screen appears StartingPC-DOS. . . Tips.
Ray (5) Follow the prompts to unplug the AC power to Apple, the program will automatically pairs of Ni-Mh battery discharge, discharge is completed, the system will automatically shut down.
(6) due to the battery temperature is higher at this time should not start immediately Sony VGP-BPS9, so that the battery cool for a while, the plug in AC power.
(7) to guide the computer with the floppy disk, this Autoexec. bat file will run automatically refresh program, and asks the user whether to proceed. Select yes, press the Enter key.
(8) At this point into HP, refresh program began to refresh the battery, the process quickly, when the return to DOS prompt A:> when that refresh has been completed.
(9) Turn off the computer, and recharge the battery until the green indicator light up.
Ray Pride (10) The above procedure repeated three times to get the best results.
Also, many battery pack lithium battery failure is the failure of a power-saving result of the core, this phenomenon can not be avoided. Because each section of the battery core properties can not be fully consistent with some of the quality of somewhat less long after the beginning of aging and the undermining of the whole (series after) the discharge curve to Acer BTP-58A1 Acer LCBTP03003. Interest and ability readers can try to open the battery pack, in the multimeter's help, you can quickly find the damaged batteries (abnormal voltage). If conditions permit, according to the corresponding parameters of the replacement batteries can be qualified product.

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sarter will not turn engine over

Two things cause this...a bad starter or weak battery...not sufficient Amps will not allow enough power to the starter to spin it fast enough to start the engine....a bad starter simply cannot use the power supplied it to turn the engine properly. Have some one do a load test on the battery..tests the battery simulating starting the engine. If ok it is the starter if not replace the battery..good luck.

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my battery backup read 6.2V, but when plug into the simon system it drops to 3.2v, and system alarm message battery is low. Why is that?

battery is old and failing under load

testing battery with no load is not true example of battery condition

try powering small light bulb to simulate a load and test battery then for true reading

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how can I test a riding mower regulator? (puts out 23 amps @ 3800 rpms. My dmm only goes up to 10 amps.(system won't charge battery while in operation. Can it be tested off the mower? Mower is a Craftsman mocel 917.271100. Engine is a Kohler cv16s,type number PS-43520

Simplest test is to leave it on the engine, battery hooked up normally. Run the engine at normal full speed (not just idling) and use your voltmeter to measure the voltage across the battery with your DMM. If you measure 13.5 to 14 volts, your rectifier/regulator is probably OK.
It can't easily be tested off the mower. You'd need a source of AC at 24 volts to simulate the motor's stator winding, and a load that draws about 23 amps at 12 volts.
Don't forget a bad battery can cause failure to charge - it's not always the regulator.

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Door module

no, different.

Principles of Operation
Note: Upon installation of a new driver door module (DDM), the module must be reconfigured. Refer to Section 418-01 . The DDM is connected on the standard corporate protocol (SCP) communication network. The DDM controls many functions including power windows, power door locks and remote keyless entry. The DDM also communicates with the driver seat module (DSM) to control the power mirror and seat memory functions.
Principles of Operation
The driver seat module (DSM) is connected on the standard corporate protocol (SCP) communication network. The DSM controls the driver power seat and communicates with the driver door module (DDM) to control the driver seat memory and both outside memory mirror functions.
Principles of Operation
The lighting control module (LCM) is a microprocessor based module that controls several vehicle subsystems. The LCM responds to electrical input signals from various switches, sensors, and external modules. The LCM is located under the LH side of the instrument panel. Subsystem functions of the LCM include headlamps with autolamps, turn signal lamps/hazard flasher lamps, cornering lamps, parking lamps, daytime running lamps (DRL), courtesy lamps, demand lamps, battery saver and control backlighting. The LCM interfaces with the driver door module (DDM) through the standard corporate protocol (SCP) communication network for the illuminated entry feature.
Principles of Operation
The air suspension module is linked to its own data link connector (DLC). The air suspension module controls the air suspension and the variable assist power steering VAPS. For additional air suspension system information, refer to Section 204-05 .
The air suspension module is used to monitor and control the VAPS system. The VAPS system controls the level of power assistance available to the driver based on vehicle speed and rate of change in steering position. For additional VAPS system information, refer to Section 211-00 .
DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION Module Controlled Functions
DIAGNOSIS AND TESTING Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart Air Suspension Module Principles of Operation
Inspection and Verification
Symptom Chart
Pinpoint Tests
Driver Door Module (DDM) Principles of Operation
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