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How to turn someones elses junk into your gold..... I drove down the block one day with a friend of mine it just so happened it was a junk pickup day, everyone had put out things such as bycles, old wheel barrows, and to my liking...."old junk lawn mowers". I told my friend , "hey I should take that critter home with me and make some side money of it", of course he laughed at me and told me I was nuts so that set the stage for a two + year side business. I brought it home bought cheap cans of paint, black, green, and red, and a can of carburator cleaner along with a five gallon can full of fresh regular gasoline, again he said why are you wasting your time and money on this trash that somebody else tossed because it was garbage? I said to him, I will show you what my intentions are here in a minute, so home to my garage we went mower, gas, paint, carb. cleaner and a basic wrench set. Pulled the mower out of the back of my jeep and hosed it down real dirty, found it was a self propelled Sears Craftsman 22" rear bagger with a brand new mulching blade screwed on the shaft. I pulled the fuel tank and safely disposed of the fuel and ckleaned the carb. fuel bowl, refilled the tank primed the carb, painted the handles black and deck red. Pulled the chord, ran beautiful, advertised it on one of the popular websites and sold it for $85.00 all in two days. Should have seen my friends face....LOL he was shocked and after that I have been doing this sort of side work for two and a half years making money left and right, even earned and saved enough to take the wife and I on a small 5 day cruise. Gives me something to do when I am not doing FixYa.

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1 Answer

1991 isuzu pickup hood opening problems

I have had a few vehicles do that over the years, check the cable for any kinks, if you find one thats bad enough you may need to replace the hood release cable. If no knks are found just lube it up with WD-40, do the entire hood release system, that always worked on mine & one time one of my dumb friends turned a hood alignement stop (on both front corners) & put pressure on my hood so it wouldent pop up unless someone pushed down on it while I pulled the release handle.

Nov 23, 2012 | 1991 Isuzu Pickup

1 Answer

my account facebook has been blocking

this normally happens if you spam your facebook or someone elses.. and if you are sitting there adding friends all day even for like 2 mins its considered spam....

Nov 30, 2011 | Facebook Social Network

1 Answer

I have a 1990 chevy s10 blazer. I am in the process of cleaning out the engine so i bought some degreaser. Sprayed the degreaser on the engine as told to by the directions and rinsed it all down with water. After this, I turned the key over and it just clicked and did nothing. tried 3 more times and the same thing happened, Tried again and it started right up and drove it home. Then, I get up in the morning to find out it wont start. Me and a friend spend hours trying things. Checked the battery, checked the carbeurator and even put some gas in it. Kept turning the key and it just rumbled and didnt start. and yes, We checked the feul pump and it is fine. We kept turning the key until we saw smoke come out of the underside of the engine, then we turned it some more. It started up and then blew like half a gallon of gas out of the exhaust pipe. We let it idle for about 10 minutes and then figured we would test drive it around the block. Put it in reverse and moved 4 feet and it died. The next day, i got into the truck to try to start it and it started up like normal and i drove it all around town. Then, I turned it off and tried to turn it back on 10 minutes later and it would'nt. Im so lost on what to do. Me and my friend think its a starter problem and might buy a new starter. But im not quite sure what to do. Please help ASAP

my uncle had an older chevy pickup once that had a simaller problem. with his it would start and drive fine but once it was warmed up and shut off it would not start again untill it cooled down again. his problem turned out to be a loose wire on the bottom of the block that coneccted to the starter i beleive so check that before buying a new starter because from the sound of it you may have the same issue caused by the degreaser

Aug 18, 2010 | 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

1 Answer

1997 acura trys to start but wont turn over...

Sounds like a electronic spark module. You need to check if this happens again if it has spark at the end of the plug wires. At least if we know it has spark when this happens we can look at something else. If you take one wire off if this happens again take a paper clip or screw or anything metal and insert it into the wire boot. Lay it on the block of the engine and have someone turn the engine over while you watch for spark. If there is spark then we can move onto something else.

Sep 14, 2009 | 1997 Acura TL Series

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