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Lawn Mower Wants to Pull My Arm out of Socket When Pull Starting

Have you ever had one of those days??? You know the tyoe the ones that nothing ever seems to be going right for you??
You run out for milk for the coffee you been longing for and just made and no milk!!
You get in the car and no gas!!
You no the drill!!
Well after all that is done and resolved you go out to your shed and decide to cut the lawn as it is getting a bit repulsive looking only because of the many other chores that we have to take on as an upstanding and responsible homeowner.
So you pull out the mower, fill it with REGULAR gas, check the oil and determine it neds a top off, notice the air filter is real dirty so you run to Sears and purchase a new one for your Sears Craftsman 22" self propelled Briggs and Stratton that has been in the family for 10 years and replace it, then you prime the fuel button at least 5 times because what they recommend and what it takes to start the old glimmer are two different things, and WALLA....you are ready for the PULL START CEREMONY!!!
Ok here goes everything is right on target,
OIL ...check
LAWN BLADE SHARP...check....
But when you do so you almost rip your rotator cuffs out of your sloulder joints...so what do you do....YOU PULL AGAIN...this time your fingers almost come off at the knuckle joints being they were wrapped around the pull handle extra firm gripped, folks if this ever happens to you dont try to start it any further as you will only damage yourself... heres what you need to do to fix this :
The mower aparently steruck something the last time out damaging the woodruff key,shear pin whatever folks want to call it, it is a 50 cent item at any good hardware store, and can be replaced by simply removing the top shield and pull chord assembly off the mower either being held on by 3 bolts or 3 rivets(of which you drill the centers to remove) next take off the 3/4" nut holding the stator in placve and carefully look at the shaft sticking up...see the pin???if its still there and battered or not remove it take it to the hardware and match it up and also buy a pop rivet gun and proper rivets for re installing the pull chord assembly, after you slip the pin into the shafts notch reassemble the mower and now you should be good to go.
If the mower shakes violently then you must have either a bent blade which needs to be replaced ...or a "bent shaft" which requires the mower to be tossed...some folks straighten the shafts but once that heat treated iron gets bent it looses a good share of its temper and can come apart should you hit something once again in the lawn.
Hope this helps you all to enjoy having a safe summer cutting your lawn!!
Happy Mowering!!!

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It depends on the milk you use. I have this problem with certain brands of milk but with others, it froths very fluffy. I actually went as far as checking with a dairy and I was told it has something to do with the cow's performance on a particular day (slightly strange!) and the proportion of water mixed with full milk to make the semi-skimmed. For some bizarre reason, the supermarket own-brands milk work much better than the branded ones. I doubt there's anything wrong with your frother, just try a few different brands of milk until you find the right one!

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Milk is a very delicate product. If you store it on an upper shelf it will not stay as cold as storing it on a lower shelf. The temperature you quoted for the refrigerator is satisfactory. Making sure the condenser under the back behind a removable panel will help the system run more efficiently and save on your electric bill also. Also behind the veggie drawers on the left bottom of the refrigerator compartment is a vent which returns the air from the refrigerator to the freezer to be cooled. Check and make sure there is nothing obstructing the air flow at that point.

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I have noticed that fridge seems to be running alot lately I did all routine maint. cleaning coils etc. and it still seems to be running alot. model number is afd2535dew top fridge french door. Is there an inherant problem with this fridge? fridge is only 2 and half years old. Already replaced defrost part last year!!!??? Thanks for any input.

not really sure as far a swhatconstitutes ruining along time, you are doing the right thing by keeping it clean for sure, refrigs now run for as long as they need if it never stopped running youd see hte effects of that in 2 ways, either all your food would be FROZEN solid( cause it never shuts off), or your food would be spoiling quicker hat n usual, in which case your refrig is trying to run all the time to maintain temps! the noise that you hear running might just be the evap fan motor running( circulater fan, sure its gonna run to circulate, but the compressor wont be running all the time.. check and go by your dairy products, ice cream too hard or too soft, and in refrig check the milk and butter.youll never know how cold you leftover is but youll know right away if the milk it too warm

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Had the same problem, but called Nespresso. Their tech suggested the following: 1) always leave off the base - will stay on even if button not pressed 2) invert the Aerocinno for 24-48 hours to "reset" the thermostat in the device. I began leaving the base plugged in, but immediately after using and cleaning (don't get ANY water in the bottom of the machine!), I invert the Aeroccino and leave it that way. My machine began making great froth with any tyoe of milk, and continues to do so a month later -

Sounded crazy to me initially, but it works.....Never returned the device, and no need to do so now - Good luck!

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