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Error on HP solution centre " No HP devices detected.' displays on the computer. "

( Note :- When ever this message comes it means that the software is not installed properly or in other words you will be able to print but not scan.

To scan the Mapping between the printer and the computer needs to be very efficient so that if you try to scan from the printer it works fine. )

HP Solution centre Works With the following files running.
a:- HPQTRA08.exe
b:- HPQSTE08.exe
These files are mainly for scanning from solution centre on the computer.

*************************Troubleshooting steps********************************3
Initially, Since it could be a mapping issue as well check the connections.

Follow these steps to check the USB connections and product status.

1:- With the product turned on, unplug the power cord and USB cable from the back of the product. Wait 30 seconds.
2:- Plug the power cord back into the product.
3:- Press the Power button to turn the product on.
4:- Connect the USB cable back into the product, and then make sure that the USB cable is securely connected to the computer.
5:- Restart the computer
6:- Try opening HP Solution Center again: On the Windows taskbar,

click Start , point to All Programs , point to HP , and then click HP Solution Center .
If stil does not work then try next

[ Make sure that the HP Digital Imaging Monitor (DIM) is running ]

Step 1:- Look for the DIM icon in the notification area in the lower-right corner of the computer.
( If the DIM icon is present , discontinue the steps in this procedure )

Step 2:- If the DIM icon is not present, press the Ctrl , Alt , and Delete keys at the same time.
The Task Manager window opens.

Step 3:- Click the Processes tab, and then select the check box next to Show processes from all users .

Step 4:- Check whether HPQTRA08 and HPQSTE08 are running. If the services are running ,
discontinue the steps in this procedure

Step 5:- If the services are not running,

There Are two Ways:-

Number 1:- Do this :-

a:- Click on start--> My computer--> C drive -->program files-->HP-->bin

( Or right click on HP solution Centre
on the Desktop and choose properties-->Click on the button Find target (XP) or Open location (vista).
This will take you directly to the bin folder. )

b:- In Bin Folder Find out HPQTRA08.exe and double click on it.
It will bring the DIM icon in the notification area in the lower-right corner of the computer.
The DIM icon should be initialised. When it is initialised it has a green check mark in the centre else it does not
notify it with the green check mark.

Number 2:- Do this :-

click Start on the Windows taskbar, and then click Run .

Step 6:- In the Open box, type msconfig , and then click OK . The System Configuration Utility window opens

Step 7:- Click the Startup tab

Step 8:- Under the Startup Item column, look for hpqtra08 (hpqtra08.exe) and hpqste08 (hpqste08.exe).
If these services are not in the list, the driver did not install correctly.

Step 9:- Select the check boxes next to hpqtra08 and hpqste08 , if they are not already selected, and
then click OK .

Step 10:- When prompted, click Yes to restart the computer
Step 11:- When the computer restarts, look for the hpqtra08 and hpqste08 services again
Step 12:- Try opening HP Solution Center again.

If still does not work.

Make sure all the services required for Solution centre to work should be running,

Click on start-->go to run-->type Service.msc click ok --> now Find out
HPQTRA08,hpqste08,pml driver and net driver services should be running.
Make sure that Pml Driver HPZ12 is running
Follow these steps to make sure Pml Driver HPZ12 is running.

a:- Click Start , Control Panel , Administrative Tools , and then click the Services icon.
b:- In the Services window, look for Pml Driver HPZ12 under the Name column, and then check whether
the status is Started . If the status is Started , discontinue the steps in this procedure
c:- If the status is not listed as Started , double-click Pml Driver HPZ12 .
The Pml Driver HPZ12 Properties window opens.
d:- Under Service Status , click Start , and then click OK .
e:- Restart the computer.

If still does not work uninstall the software completely. Call 1-800-474-6836
HP tech support.

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1 Answer


Hello and Welcome to FixYa!

Sir, if you have installed Color Cartridge but if you are getting the message about not finding the color cartridge then its means Color Cartridge in not installed properly.
Please follow the following steps to install the cartridge again.

1. First of all Confirm that the printer is powered on.

2. Open the card slot cover and then the front cover. The cartridge holder moves to the replacement position.

3. Remove the cartridges.

Note: Handle the cartridges carefully to avoid staining clothes and surrounding work area.
4. Insert the cartridge into the cartridge holder.
Note: Push up the cartridge until it clicks into place.
6. Close the front cover. Wait until the preparatory operation is complete; it takes about one to two minutes.

Now check the printer again. If you still get this error message then it means the Cartridge you installed is not exactly proper, or if you think that u got this cartridge from the reliable source and it is proper and exactly fine cartridge then the problem is in the Print Head. You need to check it again.

I hope you have a clear picture in your mind.

Don't hesitate to let me know if you have some confusion.

Sir, Your Rating for this solution as Maximum Stars and words of appreciation will be esteemed.

Thank you for taking my service.

Concerned: Muhammad Uzair

Nov 02, 2011 | Canon PIXMA iP90 Mobile Printer

1 Answer

scanning a word document Deskjet F4180

Scanning a document is the same as scanning a picture, it must be done from within the document app. In this case I'm assuming you are using Microsoft Word.

Scan a picture and insert it in a document@import url(/Office.css); To do this procedure, your device (a scanner or a digital camera) must be connected to your computer and be TWAIN-compatible. You should also make sure that you have installed the device software that supports TWAIN.
Some devices come with more than one software program. If you are not sure what software is TWAIN-compatible, check the device documentation or contact the manufacturer of the device.
  1. Set up the picture in the scanning device.

  2. On the Insert menu in Microsoft Word, point to Picture, and then click From Scanner or Camera.

  3. If you have more than one device connected to your computer, select the one you want to use under Device.

  4. Do one of the following: If you want to use a lower resolution or you intend for your document to be viewed on the screen, click Web Quality.
  5. If you want to use a higher resolution or you intend for your document to be printed, click Print Quality.

  6. Do one of the following: If you're using a scanner and you want to use predefined settings to scan your picture, click Insert.
    If you're using a scanner and you want to change image settings, or if you're using a camera, click Custom Insert. Then follow the instructions that come with the device you're using.
  7. When the image appears in the document, make any changes you want.

  8. You can use the tools on the Picture toolbar to make changes such as cropping the picture, and adjusting its brightness, contrast, and color.
Note The Insert button might be unavailable when using some scanners because the scanner software doesn't support an automatic scanning. Use the Custom Insert button instead.

Sub HelpPopup(sFile,sID) L_SecurityT1_ErrorMessage="Help can't show you this procedure because the security setting in your browser is set too high" L_SecurityT2_ErrorMessage="or the ActiveX control Ouactrl.ocx didn't install correctly." L_SecurityE1_ErrorMessage="- Select a lower security setting in your browser" L_SecurityE2_ErrorMessage="- If you receive this message after selecting a lower security setting, please see your system" L_SecurityE3_ErrorMessage=" administrator for help troubleshooting the installation of the ActiveX control Ouactrl.ocx" L_SecurityE4_ErrorMessage=" located in the folder you installed Microsoft Office to." sSecurityMSG=L_SecurityT1_ErrorMessage & chr(13) & L_SecurityT2_ErrorMessage & chr(13) & chr(13) & L_SecurityE1_ErrorMessage & chr(13) & L_SecurityE2_ErrorMessage & chr(13) & L_SecurityE3_ErrorMessage & chr(13) & L_SecurityE4_ErrorMessage L_App_DialogTitle="Microsoft Office Help" On Error Resume Next r=oua.HelpPopup(sFile,sID) If Err0 Then Msgbox sSecurityMSG,48,L_App_DialogTitle End Sub

Dec 20, 2008 | HP DeskJet 3930 InkJet Printer

1 Answer

it wont print

you see what it imply is that it a software problem so what you will do is find the printer driver that come with your printer and install it. if it new you buy it software most come with it but if you have done it befor. it means you have not install the driver properly. i will like if you can uninstall the driver then reinstall is back. those devicese take deferent way of installing their drivers some what you do is befor connecting the cable to you pc install the driver on the pc first while other you will connect the device to your pc then the installation wizerd will promt and ask if you will do the intalation manually or authomatically you will just follow the questionair.

Nov 17, 2008 | Lexmark X75 All-In-One InkJet Printer

1 Answer

hp officejet 6110xi all in one

I did a search of your product's help pages on HP.com but didn't come up with an exact match for your error message relevant to an Apple Mac OS X. Before offering suggestions, let me make sure I understand the problem.

You have a Word document open on your Mac and you want to insert an image into the document that's on the scanner.

I'm actually not clear as to whether you successfully scanned an image in the first place. If you did scan the image, where did you store it to? Have you tried scanning the image and saving it to your computer? If you can do this successfully, try inserting the image into your Word document from the location on your computer.

If you tried to scan an image and got the error message, then there is a communication problem between your Mac and the printer. Since you can print, the cable connection must be good. If the error message is suggesting that you reinstall the drivers, you can find the instructions for how to do this at the following web page at HP.com:

Installing and Uninstalling Printer Software on your Mac

You may or may not have your original software disc that came with the printer. If you don't or if you need an updated print driver, you can download that software from the following web page, assuming you are running Mac OS X:

Mac OS X Printer Software and Driver Downloads

Occasionally, you can solve errors by installing print drivers that are more recent than those you originally installed when you first got your printer. That's the benefit of downloading the latest drivers from HP.

On the off change you are using Mac OS 9, here's the relevant software download page (the version of the Mac operating system matters):

Mac OS 9 Printer Software and Driver Downloads

If all you want to do is to insert an image into a Word document, you shouldn't need Adobe Photoshop or any other expensive software application. You aren't trying to do any fancy editing of the graphic, just insert a pre-existing image into a document.

I hope some of the above suggestions help. Post back your results and good luck.

Oct 15, 2008 | HP OfficeJet 6110 All-In-One InkJet...

1 Answer

I have a cannon mp830 wont print

Solution: Insert one of each color ink tank MP830

New Page 1 More Than One of the Same Ink Tank is Installed When installing or replacing an ink tank, only one of the following ink tanks should be installed. If the ink tank is not installed correctly, an error message will display. mp500_inktankorder.gif
  1. Confirm that the printer is powered on and press the Open button. (The paper output tray will open.)


  2. Lift the scanning unit (printer cover) completely. (The print head will move to the replacement position.)


    Note: When the scanning unit (printer cover) is opened more than ten minutes, the print head moves to the right side. If this occurs, close the scanning unit (printer cover), and open it again.

  3. Open the inner cover.

  4. Press on the tab to release the ink tank, then remove it from its slot. If you are replacing multiple ink tanks, make sure to replace one by one.


  5. Insert the ink tanks into the print head. Note: Press the mark "PUSH" on the ink tank firmly until you hear a click.


  6. Ensure that all the ink tanks are installed properly and the ink tank lamps light red.


    <7> The ink tanks are installed properly.

    <8> The ink tanks are not installed properly.

    Note: Ink Tank LampYou can check the status of each ink tank according to the way its lamp flashes.
    • - On: The printer is ready to print.
    • - Slow flashing (at about three second interval): Ink is low. Prepare a new ink tank.
    • - Fast flashing (at about one second interval): Ink tank is empty, or the printer is not ready due to an error.
    • - Off: An error has occurred and the printer is not ready to print.

  7. Close the inner cover and the scanning unit (printer cover). Note:

    • When closing the scanning unit (printer cover), be careful not to jam your finger.
    • When starting printing next time, the print head cleaning launches automatically.

Jan 18, 2008 | Canon IMAGERUNNER 6570 Copier

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