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How to repair damaged hair

Lock In to Ways to Repair Damaged HairAnyone who has dry, damaged hair knows just how hard it can be to find effective and affordable products to fix the problem. With the popularity of hair colors, perms, extensions, and other harsh chemical treatments, as well as the current hair styles that call for using flat irons or hot rollers to perfect a certain look, having damaged hair is a problem that plagues so many women and yet there are still no perfect solutions. Avoiding damaging hair care practices, like having chemical treatments or using hot rollers, curling irons, and blow dryers in the first place is the best way to keep your hair healthy, but once the damage is done there are still products that can help you repair and restore your hair. Whether you need a deep conditioner, an oil treatment, a defrizzer, or a hair mask, help is on the way.

Start repairing your damaged hair right away!

How to Grow Out Your Damaged HairIf your hair has been truly wrecked, sometimes the best thing to do is have professional advice and then cut off as much damaged hair and split ends as possible so you can start fresh. You know when to cut off your hair: it's when you'd rather be bald than look the way you do now! A super-short haircut can be appealing if you go to someone who will shape the cut to your face. Understanding face shape is the difference between a ten dollar, ten minute hair cut and an admittedly more expensive, hopefully much nicer one.

Remedies for Dry, Damaged HairHome remedies for "hair gone wrong" include restoration of moisture to hair not too severely damaged and making way for regrowth. In the case of hair ruined by hot rollers or straightening, you may have a few inches of relatively undamaged hair on the scalp. Get a medium-severe haircut to get rid of the frizzled hair tips, or leave the damage right where it is and concentrate on protecting the good hair. Leave off the chemicals, avoid the blow dryer and other heated hair appliances, and use gentle shampoo as infrequently as you dare. Shampoo strips oils from your hair, making it more brittle, so if you don't really need to shampoo, cut it down to once a week or so. And forget vitamins in shampoo: they don't work. You can try taking vitamins internally to keep your hair strong as a side effect of your increased health, but there aren't any vitamins that help when applied externally.

Home Deep Conditioning: Over the Counter & Natural ProductsBuy deep conditioner hot oil products at the drugstore, or go the homemade route for less money. Hot oil treatments (actually, the oil is warm, not hot), work by starting with dampened hair, softening the cuticle and locking in the water by sealing the outside of the hair with a coating of oil. You can make your hair drier by using hot oil if you then go and wash it all out with a harsh shampoo. When you give yourself a moisturizing hair treatment, leave it on overnight and then wash it with a gentle shampoo the next day.

Deep conditioning home remedies and recipes for fried hair include mayonnaise, avocado and egg, but some of us prefer to eat our salads, not wear them. You can get the job done using any cooking oil (but peanut oil will make you smell peanutty!) Coconut suntan oil is a favorite, and it smells terrific, too. Rinse your hair with warm water, apply the oil from the palm of your hand, working it into your hair. Now comes the warm part: wrap your head in a towel or a plastic hair bag that comes with hair color kits, or in some cling wrap, and sit around in it as long as you can. Cover your pillow with a safety-pinned towel and sleep on it overnight. Next day, use a moisturizing or baby shampoo to wash out the greasiness.

If your hair has been ruined from color treatments, consider switching to a repairing henna, which has been used for centuries to keep hair shiny and bright. Unlike permanent colors, henna has no ammonia to strip your hair; the henna sits on the outside of the hair shaft, so it can't do any damage. But test it first; some people are allergic to this all-natural herb!

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how can repair a wet mobile cell?

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone: Water damaged phone: How fix:

Hello.. the procedure:

Electricity and water do not mix. If continue to use water short circuits chips inside making your phone's motherboard burn out = phone as a paperweight

1. Do not try to use your phone. Power it off. Immediately, if able to: remove the battery back door and take out the battery.

If you turned the phone on after getting wet, you probably shorted something out.. If you never turned it off and kept using it thinking it is fine.. but time passes and the phone continues to act up.. you are probably killing your phone as the water continues to damage the motherboard. Once you turn off the phone, consider the phone dead, because trying to turn it back on with spark energy to the motherboard frying it in the process. (I've seen that happen several times)

(if for example, you have a s6 family/note 5 whereas the phone where the battery does not come out without breaking the glue seal to take it out, leave it in. just power off the device.)

2. dry it off with a towel, shake out any loose water droplets inside the phone

3. use a hair dryer on low setting to try to dry out the phone... no hair dryer? set your phone out in the sun, but don't bake it.. (what you are trying to do dry up any water that might be inside)

4. get a empty container that's bigger/taller than your phone by at least 1/2 inch on either side, fill it with rice and submerge your battery-less and battery backdoor-less phone for 24-72 hours.

(the rice will dry out your phone. this takes time. water is usually trapped underneath the chips on the motherboard where you would not be able to get to dry off unless you un-solder the chips)

5. If you phone doesn't turn on after that.. it means that the water has either fried the chips on your phone and/or corrosion from water that is undried in the phone has effectively made it useless. You can't send it back to Samsung to fix, because it is your fault. Water damaged phones will cost anywhere up to $300 to fix. Consider all data on the phone lost. Time to buy a new phone.

If the phone turns on but something doesn't work, it means you shorted that part of the phone out.. Don't bother sending it to Samsung to fix because it was your fault. Take it to your local cell phone repair shop to fix. Ask them for a quote or at least get a diagnostic inspection to see what might be fixable. Explain it was water damaged upfront. Assess the damage costs to decide if you want to repair it or not

If the screen is black and you get a constant flashing red light that won't stop.. that indicates to service technician that your device is water damaged. Don't try to trick servicing shops about fault, there are water indicators in your phone that tells them it was your fault. Best to man up and tell the truth before you waste your time and money.


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How to repair damaged email folders in Outlook?

Try this:
Outlook Repair Set. Outlook repair solution is designed for repairing damaged email folders in Outlook and fixing email errors, caused by disk issues, file system problems and other errors.

For more information: https://www.outlookrepairkit.com/

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I blow dry my hair at least once a day. I am a bit obsessive about it, but I am starting to see that it looks dry and a bit burnt out. What can I do to fix this? I cannot give up blow-drying my hair.

Whenever you are having a day off work or not going out, try and give your hair a vacation by letting it dry naturally.

But for the rest of the time, you should use a heat-activated hair repair product which is applied to the bottom two thirds of your hair when it's wet. Then you blow dry your hair (use a rounded soft brush to decrease hair damage) and then brush through. Your hair should look smoother and silkier than normal.

Feb 14, 2013 | Health & Beauty

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What are the best hair care products for dry hair?

Dry hair? I have dry hair too, and what really works for me is Head and Shoulders shampoo, but I'm also using John Frieda Collection: Root Awakening shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. Use that or some other type of dry hair care product (shampoo/conditioner) at least twice a week and use any other shampoo you want regularly (just make sure that it doesn't have alcohol in it because that could damage your hair even more.) If you really want to take care of it, every once and a while (like once a week--or every day whatever floats your boat) take a fish oil pill. hope that helps!

Nov 23, 2010 | Health & Beauty

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