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Lawn Mower Doesn't Start after Being Garaged


You find the weather getting nice and warm and see the new blades of green grass poking out from the ground after a hard long and cold winter.
Just then it strikes you, the lawn mower must come out of what we call, "moth balls", because very soon you will be needing it to cut the grass.So off you go to the garage or shed and pull out the mower that was put away at the end of last summer.
To your dismay after checking and filling the gas tank with regular gas and checking it's oil level, you prime the carburator and make the first attempt to pull that chord to start it.
No luck, so you pull it at least twenty more times priming the primer ball with your finger etc, it still wont start whether it be a self propelled Toro or Sears Craftsmen, it does not want to start, what do you do?
Well at first you think perhaps i'll take it to the lawn mower repair shop, but then you think, man the last time I brought my mower over to them it cost me more to fix it then it did to buy a new one.
I have been there and done all that folks and that is why i am writing this helpful tip for you in hopes to keep the money in your pocket rather then in someone elses.
First step you need to do is buy a can of starting fluid at any auto parts store, be certain you have on hand fresh 87 octane fuel at least three gallons for your lawn cutting experience throughout the summer months, a pair of pliers and a straight bladed and a phillips head(cross) screw driver approx 6" long and a can of carburator cleaner.
next tip, you remove the lawn mowers air filter most just twist and turn off(the ones that are shaped like a round mesh 2" diameter dowel), or the type that require a screw to be turned off to remove the flat shaped filter cover either one, once off spray a bit of starter fluid in the carb. opening and try to start it.
If itb starts run the mower and use it until all the fuel level drops then add more.
the mower should be good to use.
If the starting fluid doesn't start the mower, 99.9% of the time you have old stale fuel, reach under the carburator and locate the 3/8" black fuel line and unclip it letting the gas drain from the system into a flat pan, most times you need to remove the air filter cover to help gain access to the fuel line, next very carefully abserve the very bottom of the carburator, notice a round metalic bowl attached to its base by a nut approx. 3/8" or 7/16" hex size? Mark the outside edge of the bowl because the next step is you are going to remove that bolt holding the bowl and drain out the fuel and possible dirt that is lodged in it, carefully spray a stream of carb. cleaner into any of the tiny openings in the carb doing it gently as not to disturb any operation parts such as the float and the needle and seat that can come apart if you are not careful holding it. Be aware to have protective eye wear, also being careful not to disturb the rubber "o ring" gasket that seals the bowl at the top.
Put everything back together and refill the tank with fresh fuel, opay attentetion to the bowl marking you put on it before you removed it, should face out and centered, so you dont install it on the wrong position.
Fuel line tigh and clamped,air filter housing on after a little spray starting fluid, primer the ball at least five pushes, pull the cord, Walla, it runs like new!!
Happy Lawn Mowing!!

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