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Refrigerator not Cooling ?

1. Make sure condenser is clean.

2. If you have a "static" condenser (black coil on back) make sure it has enough room around it for air to circulate. Not against the wall and if under cabinet should have about six inches clearance.

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Chef Base is cool but not cold enough and way to adjust this..

  • Check the thermostat control. Even if you've not touched it, something may have knocked it and adjusted the setting. The thermostat may also need to be adjusted depending on the temperature of its surroundings and the coldness of the weather.
  • Make sure any food stored in the fridge or freezer is not blocking any air vents. This can stop air circulating properly.
  • If the fridge is too close to the wall, the condenser coils will not function properly.
  • Defrost the fridge and freezer thoroughly and clean the inside surfaces with warm water. Check any air vents to ensure they are not blocked.
  • Clean the condenser coils at the back of the fridge using a vacuum cleaner, making sure all dust and any dirt are removed. Clean any stubborn dirt away with warm soapy water, being careful not to scrape the coils. Turn your fridge off and unplug it before doing this.
  • Make sure the fridge's fans are not clogged and are able to function properly. Again, you need to turn your fridge off and uplug it before attempting this.
  • Check the door is closing properly. Make sure nothing is obstructing it or pushing it slightly open. Ensure the seals around the edge are working well.

Jun 03, 2015 | Refrigerators

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frig will cool but not stay cold

Check the condensing coil under the back side of the refrigerator. If the condensing coil gets dirty, the refrigerant does not condense at the proper temperature and carries unshed heat with it back to the evaporator. This excess heat reduces the ability of the refrigerant to cool because it did not lose the correct amount in the condenser. The condensing coil and it associated fan is located behind the cardboard cover on back side of the refrigerator.
The condensing coil should be cleaned at least yearly. People with pets such as shedding cats and dogs may have to clean it more often.
On your temperature control, a setting of 5 for both freezer and fresh foods section is the normal value.
Another thing to check is the air flow blockage in the freezer for the evaporator and product stored there. If the fan inside of the evaporator can not circulate air then improper cooling will occur. Make sure there is space between shelves and between product so air can circulate.

Hope this helps

Dec 08, 2014 | Refrigerators

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Freezer not Freezing and Refrigerator not cold enough

Good Afternoon Brian - Being that you have a top mount, the vent in the freezer is what circulates air down to the Fresh Food section, making it cool. Also keep in mind that if the garage is above 110 degrees, your refrigerator will have difficulties performing optimally due to un-circulating air. You can purchase the garage kit by going to the manufacturer website and clicking on "Filters and Accessories". Alternatively, you may be able to purchase this kit from the dealer where you purchased your appliance. Here are a few simple troubleshooting tips that may help you resolve this issue:

1. First check clearances around your refrigerator. There must be adequate space around a refrigerator with a static condenser so that air can circulate properly. Proper clearances include 1" at the back and 3" on top of the refrigerator.

2. Examine your doors. If the doors have been opened too often or for too long, this may have allowed warm air to enter the refrigerator. Make sure to shut the door completely and be sure not to keep the door open for too long. Even leaving a door slightly open can allow too much warm air intake. Make sure refrigerator is level and keep food and containers from blocking the door closing.

3. Check the door seal. You do this by placing a dollar bill between the body of the refrigerator or freezer and close the door. The dollar bill should stay in place and pull out with a small amount of resistance. If the dollar bill falls out when placed between the gasket and cabinet, double check to see if the door is being blocked by anything that may be stopping it from closing. If nothing is stopping the door from closing then replace the gasket. (Most appliance owners can easily do this without any tools or sealant.)

4. Check to see if the condenser is dirty. A dirty condenser cannot release heat efficiently into the surrounding air. Cleaning the condenser may be necessary, more if you have animals in the house. If you have condenser coils, they should be wiped occasionally with a damp cloth to remove accumulated dust. The condenser coils should be wiped occasionally with a damp cloth to remove accumulated dust.

5. Check for any obstructions to the vent to ensure proper air flow. If the vent is blocked, the air in the refrigerator will not get cool.

6. Double check the freezer control. If the freezer control is set too warm, set freezer control to a colder setting and allow 24 hours for temperature to stabilize.

If these assessment measures prove to be ineffective, I would strongly suggest contacting an authorized service technician who would be better able to assist you in the diagnosis and repair of your unit. You can often locate an experienced technician in your area by going to the manufacturer website.

Jul 15, 2013 | Frigidaire FRT17B3A Top Freezer...

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The freezer is running and is set to the coldest setting but still is not cold enough to freeze our food. Ice has melted and food in the freezer is beginning to thaw.

The condenser coils dissipate heat. If dust and debris accumulate around the coils, your refrigerator may not be able to cool properly, it may run continuously or it may stop completely as a result of an overheated compressor.

1. Make sure condenser is clean.

2. If you have a "rear mounted" condenser (black coil on back) make sure it has enough room around it for air to circulate. Not against the wall and if under cabinet should have about six inches clearance.

Rear-Mounted CoilsYou should clean rear-mounted coils once a year. Unplug the refrigerator before cleaning. Refrigerators are heavy, never tip one forward or backward. Never attempt to move a refrigerator without an assistant.

Vacuum or brush the coils. If coils have a filmy build-up, use warm soapy water to clean them. Take care not to spill or drip water onto the components of the refrigerator.
Floor Level CoilsYou should clean floor level coils at least twice a year. Unplug the refrigerator before cleaning. Vacuum or brush the coils.
Remove the grill from the front of the refrigerator and use a vacuum with a wand attachment to remove any dust and debris. The grill should snap off and on. Pull firmly toward you and possibly upward to remove the grill. If it does not come off with a modest effort, check for screws or retaining clips that may hold it in place.

Jul 10, 2011 | Amana ARB220RCW Bottom Freezer...

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It is 10, pulled it out for cleaning and noticed a couple days later that it is not as cold as it should be, ice cream is very soft.

There is a fan that should be blowing air over the condenser coil at the back of the fridge. You might want to check and make sure that nothing was bumped or somehow blocked the motion of the fan.

It is behind a panel at the bottom, but sometimes the panel is made of cardboard and could have bent inward. Also, there needs to be some room for the air to circulate (not a whole lot of room is necessary, but some.)

As long as you are back there checking the fan (of course making sure that you unplug the unit before you start fiddling around in there) it would be a good time to clean as much dust as you can off the condenser coil (the thing that looks like a radiator grille- it is where the heat leaves the fridge) which will help it cool the inside off more quickly. Before you put the panel back on, plug the unit in and see if the fan comes on... you might need to have someone turn the thermostat to the fridge down as cold as possible so that the compressor and fan turn on right away. Both should come on together.

Dec 04, 2009 | Amana Refrigerators

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