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Electric Hot Water Heater Temperature Adjustment

If your electric hot water heater is not getting your water hot enough or your water is too hot then you can make the adjustment easily yourself. There are a few things that you may need to know to do this. I will go over where the thermostat(s) are located and also how to make the changes.

The first thing to remember is to make sure that the power is turned off to the hot water heater before you attempt to open any of the covers and make any adjustments.

The next thing is to locate the covers which are over the thermostats and the elements. There are two on most hot water heaters, one for the top and one for the bottom. One or two screws hold these covers in place. They will look like this when you look at the front of the hot water heater.

When you have the cover removed you will see that the top thermostat, reset safety control and the element look like this.

The bottom thermostat and element look like this.

If you need to reset the hot water heater you push the red button on the top thermostat in hard till it clicks. To change the temperature setting on the thermostat you need to take a screw driver and turn the dial to the desired temperature either higher or lower as you prefer.

The elements can also be checked by using and ohm meter and checking for resistance across the two terminals of the element. If you get no resistance or a high resistance the element is no good. A normal reading with most meters will be somewhere in the 8-25 ohm range. This even gives a bit of buffer for different meters and the possibility of them being a bit out of calibration.

For most people a simple adjustment of the temperature settings will be sufficient to give you the results you want. Remember that you may need to adjust the thermostat for both elements to get the desired result. Also remember that you can get a longer time before you run out of hot water if the water is hoter and you mix more cold into it. The downside of that is the chances for scalding are greatly increased with hotter water. If you have small children or elderly adults, think carefully about what very hot water can do to them.

For higher efficiency you also want to keep the water temperatures as low as possible to reduce the residual heat loss of the stored hot water.





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1 Answer

what is the proper temperature setting for a hot water heater

The answer different if you have: concerns about diseases, a dishwasher, young children or elderly that can be easily burned, electric vs. gas heat, type of plumbing (e.g. PEX or Copper).

In 1988, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommended that water heater manufacturers preset the maximum temperature at 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent burns. Since several states have mandated this maximum temperature.

Feb 08, 2014 | Amtrol ST-12-C THERM-X-TROL ASME Expansion...

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Unit stiebel Tempra 24Hot water is running through house but cold water pipe is getting hot. Hot water pipe is not getting hot. When cold water connection is removed and water is turned on hot water is coming through the cold water section of the water heater.

follow this steps and fix it. God bless you

If there is no hot water, first push the reset button on the high-temperature cutoff; test the thermostat and replace if faulty (see below). Test the heating elements and replace if faulty (see below).
If there is not enough hot water, adjust the thermostat settings. As needed, reset, test and replace thermostats and heating elements if faulty.
If the water is too hot, adjust the thermostat settings and reset. Test and replace the thermostat or high-limit cutoff (see below).
An electric water heater is a 240-volt appliance that can deliver a fatal shock. Always turn off power to the heater at the electrical panel 585dc480-4881-44a8-afda-7267c0f3de26.jpgbefore beginning work, and verify that power has been shut off. Make sure others in the house know not to restore electricity prematurely. If you have any doubt as to whether electricity has been turned off, seek professional assistance.

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1 Answer

I have an electric Hot water heater with two elements. A few months ago we replaced the pop off valve and a year ago we replaced the thermostat.Since yesterday, we have not hot water. So my husband replaced both of the elements and hit the reset button. When he turned it on it had hot water. I went to get in the shower and no hot water. My husband went downstairs this morning and the thermostat got hot enough it melted a little bit of the fiber glass and popping the breaker. Please help, have 4 children that have to get baths before tomorrow!

Replace the melted part.

If tank is popping breaker, then the melted part has a short circuit.
When replacing thermostats, I usually replace both of them

There are 5 basic parts to electric water heater.
Electricity to water heater.
Upper thermostat
Upper element
Lower thermostat
Lower element
It sounds like electricity is good.
Elements are probably good if just replaced, but one of them could have a short.
Thermostat is melted, so replace it and see if it restores hot water.
If not, then take 40 minutes and do complete troubleshoot as shown in link above.

Add a comment for more free help.
Also take advantage of fixya phone service.
For a price, expert speaks with you over phone while you work on timer or any do-it-yourself project.
Fixya is always less expensive than a service call.

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I have an Atwood model GC6AA-10E and the water is not hot enough on either gas or electric. Is there any temp adjustment on this unit?

Your 2 separate thermostats are pre-set so adjustment isn't possible although you can purchase a hotter thermostat. Normally the complaints I get are that propane is not hot enough, but electric is too hot, so I'm wondering if perhaps you haven't got a valve at by-pass in wrong position, or defective that may be allowing cold to mix with the hot. Make sure any valve in between hot (top line) and cold line (bottom) are all the way in off position. You want flow in to bottom open, and out the top open, and anything else in between, shut off. Have you actually tested a cup of hot water from tap to see what temperature it is? I just don't see both thermostats as being faulty at same time, but?

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1 Answer

Water not hot enough

Check out this tip about adjusting the water temperature on electric hot water heaters...

Electric Hot Water Heater Temperature Adjustment



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