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Mobile Phone Hardware Equipment and their use 1. ALLEN KEYS / SCREW DRIVER This is a measure tool used in opening and coupling of phones. 2. PICKER It is a 2 sided object when put together, you use them to pick up tinny components on the board, i.e. to pick some very small thing. 3. PIN It is a one sided object that is used to separate tinny led on the board 4. AVOW METER / DIGITAL AND ANALOGUE Meter are generally used to read components on the board, whether they are good or bad. DIGITAL METER This is a type of meter that display digitally with accurate value displayed, when used to read components whether they are good or bad. ANALOGUE METER This is the type of meter that displays analogously on the surface, when used to read component whether they are good or bad. 5. BOOSTER It is a mini box that can be used in boosting a dead battery from 0.0 volt to the voltage prescribed on the body of the battery and there are two types namely the foreign digital and local booster. FOREIGN BOOSTER / DIGITAL BOOSTER This is a major booster that will boost a battery and also power a dead phone. LOCAL BOOSTER It is a universal AC/DC adaptor, but it boost only dead batteries. 6. ENLARGEMENT LENS This lens is used in neutralizing some tinny chips and components on the board, it simply makes them look bigger in shape while viewing them. 7. CHEMICAL / THINNER AND SPIRIT This is the liquid used in washing the board before heating, aside washing, it also helps to evaporate water from the board and it is advised to use thinner or spirit for better dry. 8. FOREIGN AND LOCAL REWORK STATION It is generally known as a mini-box that enables a repairer to dry up wet components from the board, replace components and solder un-soldered components. FOREIGN REWORK STATION It's a mini box machine that has two outlets namely BLOWER - It drys up wet components on the board SOLDERING IRON - The second outlet that uses led to solder components on the board LOCAL REWORK STATION This mini woody structure has a 200 watts bulb inside that enable you dry up wet board and heat the board so as to solder un-soldered components. 9. PASTE This cream like liquid is applied on the cost of soldering which enables the component to solder well. 10. FLUX It's a cream like liquid when applied on the board on the cost of soldering, it separates tinny led from bridging together. 11. TINNY COPPERS It's a tinny coated wire used generally for lopping or external construction unit on the board 12. ERASER It is generally used to clean away dirt from the board before and after washing, especially the board interface. 13. RAZOR BLADE / SAND PAPER They are both used to file away roasts place in any handset so as to make them clean.. Thanks for reading.. Take care

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how to get screw out of chuck

It should be an allen head screw with machine threads. Place a NEW high quality allen wrench into the head of the screw....not a well worn or rounded off tool....OR a cheap Chinese made soft metal throw away allen wrench.

It should have right handed threads, so hold it securely in one hand then with a quick sharp rap with a hammer hit the allen wrench in a counterclockwise direction. The process may take 4, 5 or 6 tries to succeed.

A second option if you have the tools is to use a 3/8" drive butterfly air tool with the appropriate 3/8" drive long stem allen wrench. Again, hold the drill tightly in one hand and in the CCW direction, energize the butterfly air tool to drive the machine screw out.

I use both methods and haven't lost the battle yet...of course there's always the first....

Oct 04, 2015 | Bosch HD19-2 1/2" Hammer Drill Kit

1 Answer

how to rapair nokia 1600 no signal


No signal on mobile phone has many causes.

1) probably, loose contact on its antenna.
2) Hardware related.
3) Software related.

For problem 1. Open your phone using t6 screw driver. Check the antenna connection if it is still contact with the board of free from any debris.

For problem 2. Need cellphone technician to do it.

For problem 3. Try resetting it to factory settings. If still no signal, have it repair by technician.


only open your phone when there is no more warranty on it.

Don't forget to rate me. Thanks.


Jan 09, 2011 | Nokia 1600 Cellular Phone

1 Answer

Hi Right now Am using Nokia 6600 mobile , while open anything it is hangaing , I dont know what is that problem , Am not able to open the MENU button also ........

Format your phone:
*#7780# (*#rst0*) - This will soft reset your phone. It is different from *#7370# because all data, like contacts, calendar and notes, are not removed.
It will only reset the phone settings, such as profiles, themes and shortcuts.
The default lock code is 12345.(Read Method 3)

or try this(But it will fully format your phone)

Method 1:
Three Finger Reset for Nokia Phone
1. Switch off your Phone.
2. Hold down the following three keys, Green (call answer button) * (Star) Key, and Number '3' key.
3. While holding The Three buttons, press the power button for switch on the phone.
4. Wait for the message 'Formatting' to the screen On Your Mobile and release all keys when you see that message.

Method 2:
Hard Format of Nokia Mobile Phone
1. Switch off your Phone
2. Now Press following key-*#7370#
3. Enter Default lock code is 12345.
4. While holding All of the buttons, press the power button for switch on the phone.
5. Wait for the message 'Formatting' to the screen On Your Mobile and release all keys when you see that message.

Method 3:
Soft Reset of Nokia Mobile Phone
1. Switch off your Nokia phone
2. Now Press following key sequence *#7780#
3. Enter Default lock code is 12345.
4. While holding All of the buttons, press the power button for switch on the phone.
5. Wait for the message 'Formatting' to the screen On Your Mobile and release all keys when you see that message.

Please Note:
The formatting method will erase all of your Phone data.
Please take a backup before you Format.

Dec 06, 2010 | Nokia 6600

2 Answers


To be a successful mobile phone repairer, you have to learn how to repair mobile phone with softwares and hardware.
Hardware requires the use of equipments which include

Allen keys/ screw drivers
Digital/analog meters
Local and foreign booster
Enlargement lens
Chemicals (thinner and spirit)
Foreign and local rework station
Soldering iron and led
Tinny copper
Razor blade
Sand paper

Go and get this equipments, and i will teach you how to use them.....

Jan 08, 2010 | Cell Phones

1 Answer

Some one manually locked my phone

i) dont mess with ur phone further, take it to nearest mobile repair centre and they perform bios flashing called mobile flashing, where they flash ur mobile (they wipe out phone program and rewrite the prog)and it will cost very lowat stake of ur phone 

ii) if you want to do it at our own(at ur own risk), you will get mobile flashing tools or equipment, it also require a software to run the equipment, you will get all these at electronic store, try searching internet 

iii) mobile flashing is an hardware equipment or component, ur mobile is placed in this equipments and connected to your computer through COM port present at backside of your computer tower(not usb port)

iv) mobile flashing will take about 1 minute to restore you phone to factory settings

Thanking you

M. Sridhar

Jan 03, 2009 | Motorola Mobility W370 Cellular Phone

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