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I picked up a used RV fridge once and the seal around the door had weakened and stayed pulled out and away from the door metal.
There is generally a long strip of magnate inside the seal that helps the door to weld its self closed to prevent outside air from entering.

I was irritated with this because once they do not seal well then the fridge/freezer has a tendency to run more often, not to mention allow moister inside which of course causes freezer burn and ice build up and a higher temperature in the fridge and freezer.
So one day I was looking at it and one of those huge light bulbs appeared over my head.

I went and borrowed my ladies hair dryer and grabbed a pair of pliers.
By holding the seal in the damaged spot and pulling with some force, (But not too much force), and pointing the dryer on the high setting at the pulled out area it will heat the seal up and make it very soft. While holding it and the more it softens let off the pressure a little as to not allow the seal to tear on you. The plastic over the magnates get pretty soft.
After holding it out for a minute or so then move the dryer away but continue you hold the seal pulled out until it cools down. Release the seal once cool and test the door closed.
You may have to do this in several inches of the bad area and you may need to do it several times but with a little patience this will work.
It beats the hell out of having to fight with and replace the hole new seal.
Be sure to clean the seal on the magnate side and the metal it sticks to with some steel wool or a good stiff scouring pad to insure the best seal to take place.

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1 Answer

how do i replace the door seal

First of all you need to buy a new seal. Once you have done that remove the door from the refrigerator. Lay it flat (inside up) on a soft item (like a carpet, blanket etc) to prevent scratching the door.

Next - gently pull away the old seal. Start from where the damage is and remove all the way round. Then thoroughly clean the area being careful to remove all traces of the old seal glue. Alow the area to dry completely.

Modern seals come with a pull back tab that removes the outer paper from the seal. A little like double sided sticky tape. DO NOT REMOVE THE WHOLE PAPER COVER IN ONE. Pull away a small section (either top or bottom) and gently line it into place. Gently line it up and when you are satisfied that it is lined up use a small amount of force to keep it in place. Do the same around the three remaining sides and when completed use a soft cloth and rub gently around the seal to fix it firmly in place.

When done, reaffix the door exactly as removed. Once on close door and gently press all the way around to complete the seal. Hope this helps and happy sealing.

May 24, 2014 | Belling BE808 Compact Refrigerator

1 Answer

front seal came off

Sometimes when the load get tangled during the cycle and you try to pull all the load out in one go, you can dislodge the seal and retaining spring. Remove the wire around the door seal, repositioned the seal around the edge of front panel porthole. There is a folded metal edge around the metal frame and the grey rubber gasket lips over this, once in position, offer up the metal retaining band and use a pair of long nosed pliers to stretch the spring so you can get it to sit around the seal. Sorry this a little long winded but very difficult to articulate properly, so I hope you get the gist. Cheers

Mar 26, 2013 | Bosch Washing Machines

2 Answers

kenmore bottom mount fridge. The freezer seems to fine- at least the ice is still frozen. The fan is blowing cold air into the freezer. The upper part is just below room temperature and I cannot detect air movement into the area.

Look in the back of the freezer, there will probably be a metal panel with a plastic vent on top.

Look through the vents in the metal panel, and you should see the shiny metal fins of the evaporator. If the fins or the vents are plugged with frost, that is your problem. The freezer will stay cold because a small amount of cold air will be forced through the frost but that will not be enough to make it up to the refrigerator portion. You can defrost the unit by removing the metal panel and allowing the frost to melt. Careful use of a hairdryer can speed up this process. This will likely be a temporary fix. The root cause of excessive frost can be caused by a bad door seal or a defective defrost circuit.

First check that the door seal is good by closing the door on a dollar bill at several points around the door, both on the freezer and refidgerator door. If you can pull the bill out with no resistance, the door is not making a good seal. Inspect the seal and make sure there isn't anything stopping the door from closing such as food, or a shelf not pushed in all the way.

If the door seal is good, the defrost system is likely defective. The defrost system has three main parts, the defrost heater, thermostat, and timer. If either one of the parts fails, the freezer will plug up with frost every few weeks. If you can troubleshoot this by manually starting the defrost cycle. Let me know if you would like this procedure.

Jan 07, 2009 | Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer...

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