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Xbox 360 not working 2 red rings of light, or 2 rings of death.

What the 2 red rings of light are telling you is one of a couple of things could be at fault.
Now the first thing you should do is switch your xbox off at the mains and leave it unplugged for an hour to cool down, now the 2 lights mean one of 2 error problems the first is that the av lead is not fitted properly so removing and refitting this would solve that problem.
How ever the most likely cause your getting this warning is due to over heating so to solve this problem you need to do the following.

1. switch off at mains and leave off for at least an hour.
2. get a vac with the brush attatchment and give the air vents a good vac out to remove any dust and fluff that may be blocking the air vents( dont take your console apart to do this just do it from the outside)
3. before you switch it back on make sure you are not using the xbox whilst it is resting on carpet as this causes the air not to circulate properly causing the problem you have, the same goes for not putting it on top of anything giving of heat such as dvd player or sky/cable box it needs to be sitting on a flat surface that dont give off any heat.
4. make sure you xbox is getting vented air properly dont put your xbox in a confined space it needs to be on an open shelf to ensure properly cooling.
5. make sure you fit all the leads into the telly and the xbox correctly ensuring that the av lead is pushed in far enough.
6. after its been off for 1 hour refit it all and switch it back on and give it a try it should now be working.

How ever if you have got this far and its still not working then the damage could be all ready done and need sending off fore repair, what happens is that once it has over heated this causes the bond between the cooling vents and the circuit board to fail causing the processor chip to over heat the fail so it could need this replacing.
If it dont work then check you have any warranty left if you have then the chances are if you take it back to where you brought it from they will then replace it for you.

How ever if your warranty has ran out and you have no option but try and get it repaired then the first thing you should do is use google to find an xbox 360 repair guide their are loads of them on google and these will give you step by step instructions on the best way to remove the outer case of your xbox 360 once you have done this get a small paint brush and brush off all the dust and fluff you can see( only take your xbox apart at your own risk repair is never guaranteed and you could do further damage to it, please dont mess with anything inside your xbox as im not telling you to do this leave this to a pro all im telling you to do is take the case off and give your dusty xbox a good clean with a clean paint brush).
After you have removed the dust get a vac with brush and vac out all the dust dont get the vac to close to the circuit board as you can cause damage just have it close enough to pick up any dust.

Once you have done this put your case back on and then give it a try if it works then well done you have fixed your xbox, if it dont work then its going to cost you money to locate the fault and for parts and for someone to fix it for you, now depending on the cost would depend on wether its worth getting fixed or not, the problem is you can buy a good second hand one now for next to nothing so you need to work out the costs involved compared to buying a second hand or even a new one.
The problem with paying for repairs is that you could get it fixed and then something else goes wrong and this would then cost your more money, how ever buying second hand can also have its risks as you never know how long the one you buy is going to last so you need to think about this when making you choice.

Xbox 360 are great consoles and can last for ages as long as you look after them its worth doing the following on monthly basis.
1 vac out all the air vents around the console to remove any dust or fluff build up.
2. remove and refit all the leads mainly the av lead to ensure this is fitted correctly as this can give you the two red rings warning so bare this in mind.
3 looking after your console will ensure it lasts as long as possible, i have had mine for years and have never had any problems but i do maintain mine myself and give it a good clean every month and the same goes for my ps3, how ever doing this will never ensure it will always work as parts do fail over time and can fail at any time so looking after it just ensures you have done all you can to protect your xbox from any dust or fluff stopping it cooling down correctly

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1 Answer

red ligth back playstation

the red light is called the red ring of death i had it on my xbox its the same thing that happens to the ps3 well go on youtube and look for it there and theylle tell you how to fix the red ring of death on ps3

Sep 04, 2010 | Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) Console

1 Answer

flashing red light

you have what is called "The red ring of death", you can do a couple of things (in this order):
1) Turn off the xbox 360 console, let it rest for an hour or two. If the red light is still there, then do step 2.
2) Wrap a towel completely around the xbox and leave it on for one hour. This will overheat the xbox and somehow gets it to start working again, but only for a short time of maybe a day or two. But, if this doesn't work, then do Step 3.
3) Go to the Xbox website and talk to a customer service agent, tell them your problem. If you are still under warranty, then they will ship you a box to send your xbox to them, it will take a couple of weeks before a brand new xbox 360 is shipped to you.

But before you do step 3, try step 1 first, because temporary red lights happen quite often, so just let it rest for a little while for now.

Dec 29, 2009 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

2 Answers

why are the lights around the power button red

this is a fault xbox main website will tell you the fault by the way the ligths flash

Nov 24, 2009 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

2 Answers

red circle lights ?

its probably the 3rrod (3 red rings of death) and is a very common fault with the 360. if its still under warranty Micorosft will fix this free of charge for you. they may still repair it free even if its out of warranty, you need to ring them and tell them you got the dreaded 3rrod!.

if they wont replace it the only way to fix this would be replace the heatsink paste, replace the x-clamps holding your heatsinks to the mainboard and apply the team xecuter 3rrod repair kit.

if you need more help just ask


Jan 31, 2009 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

5 Answers

x box 360 red ring of death costless solution

You don't need any money mate. Microsoft recently extended their warranty to 3 years for the three red lights problem. all you have to do is get in touch with microsoft and tell them about the three red lights, and they should either repair your X Box or they will replace it with a new one.
Good luck mate
(Please rate if helpful)

Nov 28, 2007 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

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