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Fans Buzzing

If you here a buzzing sound from your pc's case clean the processor fan! remove the 4 screws in the holes on all 4 corners and unplug it from the motherboard and clean the dust off the heat sink and the bottom of the fans blades put the screws back make sure the fan doesnt wabble!!! and the screws are TIGHT! And then connect the fans power cord back to the motherboard and turn the computer on before putting the case back together and make sure the fan spins and that should solve the problem! and make windows faster by not using all your RAM! Thanks for reading this! :)

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how do i change the fan on a Dell Inspiron 1545-4211

johntaylo149 this is Dell Support > Inspiron 1545 > Service Manual,


In the list of the right click on > Thermal Fan

In order to access the Thermal Fan you have to remove the motherboard (System Board)


1) Remove ALL power to the laptop. Remove the AC adapter (Charger) and Battery

2) Use a multi-compartment container for the various screws you will remove.
Mark each compartment for the area the screw/s come out of.

There may be as many as 60 screws, and 12 different types.
Do Not mix them up.

{If no multi-compartment container is available, you can use a clean egg carton. Mark each egg holder }

3) I suggest making notes and drawings as you disassemble.
Use a camera or video cam if available. (Use good lighting)

It's nice to have a record to come back to in case you get interrupted, also a Service Manual can only take you so far.

4) Buy and WEAR an ESD wrist strap. I cannot stress this enough. (Electro Static Discharge)
Connect the alligator clip to a good ground source.
{For example I clip to the metal frame of an empty desktop computer case}

The average cost for an ESD wrist strap is around $3 to $6.

I also want to include this;

The Keyboard has a FFC attached to that connects to the FFC connector on the motherboard.

FFC = Flat Flex Cable

The FFC does not have a connector attached to it, the connector is attached to the motherboard.

This details how to remove and replace the Keyboard, and has details on opening the FFC connector,


One place I have found the Thermal Fan,


Use a can of compressed air for computers, and Q-tips to clean the inside area of the laptop out, before you remove the Thermal Fan.
(The Q-tips are just used to 'break the crust' of the heavy gunk.
Just stir the gunk around a little bit, so the air can remove it)

After you remove the Thermal Fan, clean the top of the Processor.
If you find a Thermal Pad, remove it, fling it in the trash.
They are JUNK, and can't be reused anyway.

Use Thermal Paste.
Average cost for a one Processor application is around $5 to $8.

Clean the top of the Processor's case with a plastic scraper device.
I use an old credit card. (DO NOT use metal)

Scrape the top of the Processor's case as clean as you can.
Follow with Q-tips dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol.
(Rubbing alcohol)

I advise using 91 percent Isopropyl Alcohol if available.
70 percent will do in a pinch.
(70 percent alcohol, and 30 percent WATER)
Do NOT use 50/50.

May take quite a few Q-tips as it's usually a gooey mess.
The top of the Processor's case MUST be Thoroughly clean.
(Another point I want to stress)

Apply one large pea sized drop of Thermal Paste, to the middle of the top of the Processor's case.
Set the Thermal Fan into position.

Tighten the Thermal Fan's mounting screws Evenly.
Go from one corner to the other corner, and then criss-cross.

Snug one screw down just until it touches, then go across the corner to the other one, and so on.
Do NOT overtighten.

If you need guidance please post in a Comment.


Dec 04, 2010 | Computers & Internet

2 Answers

MPC 375 cpu fan is running on High. I swapped another fan assembly in and it still is running high speed. I swapped another power supply in because the computer wasn't booting. Now it boots but fan is still running too loud.

The MPC Clientpro 375?
It has an Intel Pentium 4 model 640 inside.
(3.2GHz, 2MB L2 cache, 800MHz Front Side Bus)


When operating at maximum, they can draw up to 84 Watts.
These puppies run HOT!

Need to make sure the thermal paste hasn't dried up.
If MPC used a thermal pad, take it off, and use it for a Frisbee. It's junk!

Computer unplugged from power, computer case open, TOUCH the metal frame of the computer case.
(Or wear an ESD wrist s-trap)

Processors are the most susceptible to Static shock, among all of the hardware components inside.

Remove the heatsink, and fan.
Carefully clean the top of the processor case.
I use an old plastic credit card to scrape the thermal paste off. Then I follow up with Q-tips dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol.

(Note - Q-tips. Sometimes it's a gooey mess, and takes Several Q-tips.
Isopropyl Alcohol = Rubbing alcohol.
Try to get the 91 percent alcohol, 9 percent water version, or higher if available.
[91% alcohol]

Isopropyl alcohol is Extremely Flammable.
Burns clean, so it's hard to see when it IS burning.
Keep away from open flames, and sparks.

After I clean the top of the processor case, I sometimes follow up with a hairdryer set to low, and move it back, and forth over the processor about 1 foot away.
[Makes a lot of sense after I just stated the Caution above, huh?] {Sarcasm}

Since the rubbing alcohol does contain a small amount of water, I like to insure it is indeed dry, before I apply thermal paste, and the heatsink/fan combo.

The bottom of the heatsink is cleaned in the same fashion. Apply a small Pea sized drop of thermal paste, to the center of the processor case.
Install the cleaned heatsink/fan.

Try to look across the motherboard at a side view, if possible, to see that the heatsink is seated flat on the processor.

When tightening the screws down for the heatsink, alternate when tightening.
Tighten one turn on a screw, go to the Opposite corner, and do the same.
Keep alternating as you tighten.

Granted there are springs around the screws, so that even pressure will be applied, but you can put too much pressure in the wrong place.

The heatsink will not truly set flat, if the screws are not tightened correctly.
Your processor will run hot, causing fast fan Rpm's.

Jan 07, 2010 | Computers & Internet

1 Answer

gateway tablet TB120 It ahs a noisy fan thats disruptive in class. I need directions to access fan so maybe it can be lubbed/.

i dont know if you can do tha by yourself but it might only be a cable that pass through where the fan blows through that affect it and cause that noise and in other case the processor fan might be having some damage in which cause that noise ok.
Have a screwdriver that can screw out the screws then turn the laptop upside down at the buttom screw out the holes carrying a keyboard symbol and from there you will screw out the four screw corner holding the case from there you will lift up the casing as if to pull up then turn over the system and remove the keyboard softly then there is a plain cable holding the keyboard then remove the keyboard clip gently and open the casing after that you will find the processor fan from there trace whatever may cause it to make the noise if you cant then you willl replace the processor fan ok.that is it then follow the procedure you use in opening to couple back the system ok.
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Nov 27, 2008 | Computers & Internet

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