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My Whirlpool duet GHW9150P washer does not fill with hot water


Start checking the inlet hose at the back, ensure that the hose is not kinked, and that water is flowing with sufficient pressure.

After checking the inlet , test the inlet valve itself.
To test the inlet valve you can read Ohms on the valve solenoid contacts to ensureit has continuity, and check if the valve is getting energized byreading volts at the valve terminals. If the valve is getting powerduring cycle but it does not open, then the valve is still failing.
Sinceyou have a dual inlet , you can also test the valve by swapping hot andcold inlet contact. In your case I do not think that the problem is thevalve.

Since the problem is only on hot inlet, the cause is most likely a faulty thermistor (SENSOR-NTC).The thermistor is connected in line with the hot inlet on the circuitfrom CCU. When thermistor is faulty, the inlet does not open.

The sensor is part nr.24 on diagram below. Click on the picture below to enlarge.

The pressure switch (SWITCH-WL (Water Level/Pressure Switch))is the part that determines when to stop the inlet valve to preventoverfilling. If the pressure switch is defective, then the valve willnot open.

The pressure switch is the most common cause for coldinlet not opening,along with inlet valve/hose problems. In your case itwould be rather unlikely, but still possible, as hot water gets filledafter cold water. A defective pressure switch may detect overfillingbefore time and stop filling before getting to hot fill phase of thecycle.

The switch can be tested jumping its contacts andcycling. Mind all the safety measures, and stop the cycle manually toprevent overfilling while the switch is jumped..

The part is indicated with number 23 on diagram below, click on the picture below to enlarge:

Thedoor switch can also be tested by jumping it, in your case the problemis not the door switch, or the cold inlet will not fill.

If allthe rest is fine, then read Volts to inlet valve to test CCU (timerboard) and wiring. If there is no voltage to control board whilecycling, then the electronic control board is likely faulty. Check ifwiring harness has continuity before replacing the control board.
Thetimer board is always the last part to be tested and eventuallyreplaced. A bad pressure switch, or an open NTC switch can prevent thevalve from getting energized even if the CCU is fine.The CCU getsreplaced when everything else is OK.

Test and eventually replace the thermistor, that is probably the fault.

Testand repair must be done by a trained person. If you DIY, remember thatthere is AC voltage running on the appliance. Call the phone number listed on the user manual if you need to contact a qualified technician.


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1 Answer

My dish washer has started to flash Err 7 on the screen and will not work. I ahve cleaned everyhting out, put drainO down the drain, turned it off for 1 week then back on again, checked that the hoses

F7--7 Flashes--Flow meter failure. Flow meter defect. Water inlet valve defect or water inlet hose blocked

make sure water is getting to your machine, its possible that the hose is kinked and not feeding water sufficiently to the machine.

alternatively, Unplug the appliance.
Take it out of it's position.
Take the left side panel off.

In the large plastic tank on the left side of the machine is the flow meter.
It's a small pcb with a 2 wire plug on it.

Pull the plug off and push it on again.
Do this several times to clean up the connection.

Ensure the connection is dry and tight.

Try the machine again.

If it still doesn't work, you'll need to obtain and fit a new flow meter to try and cure the problem.

Apr 03, 2013 | Dishwashers

1 Answer

i pressed cancel & it still wont work! its flashing "H" & "F"

Press Cancel twice. Then check your water inlet. Are the valves open? Unplug the washer. Then close the valves and disconnect the water hoses. Check the filters in the hoses (if present) and at the washer inlets for objects clogging the filter. Make sure that the hoses aren't kinked when you reconnect them to the washer and the incoming water valves. Make sure that you have sufficient water flow coming into the washer. The pressure must be above 20 PSI . Replace the hoses. (If you use certain anti-flood hoses, they will seal and block water flow when they notice a pressure issue that could be from a water leak.)

Plug the washer back in, reselect your wash cycle and then press Hold to start. If the FH error persists, then you probably have a problem with the inlet valve or the pressure switch for the valve. Call for service if the washer is under warranty or you aren't sure that you can replace the valve. (See the parts list labeled Top and cabinet parts.)

The manual and parts list for the Duet GHW9150P washers are available from Whirlpool here: https://www.whirlpool.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/OCManualsLiteratureSearchResultView?catalogId=10561&langId=-1&storeId=10211&krypto=5QgxQhneFlibuKNJvC4qU4ramPrjJ75r2vuMTp0sZ%2F5gVjei80pPz5Qc1hYJgPeg&ddkey=http:OCManualsLiteratureSearchResultView . There are several models so look for yours.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

Aug 25, 2011 | Whirlpool Duet GHW9150P Front Load Washer

1 Answer

HE3t has an FH error code checked the following and are OK. pressure switch, flow meter, and inlet valves water flows in without restriction. What else could it be? Craig


Thank you for contacting fixya.com.

FH error code means low water inflow. In this error washer is not filling when the fill valve opens.
To clear the error please follow the bellow instructions:-
Press the "Stop" button twice with your finger. This cancels the cycle and stops the washer. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.Turn the water shut off valves clockwise to stop the water flow to the washer through the supply hoses. Pull the washer away from the wall enough that you can access the hose connections at the back of the washer.

Set a bucket under the area of the hose connections. Unscrew the hose connections from the back of the washer. If necessary, use a pair of slip joint pliers to help start the connections turning until you can turn them by hand. Set the ends of the hoses inside the bucket.Inspect the screens on the inlet ports on the back of the washer where the hoses connect. Sediment and other debris can block these screens, causing fill problems. Clean the screen with an old toothbrush.

Thread the hoses back onto the washer. Look for kinks in the hoses. Kinks cut off water supply to the washer which causes the FH error code. Once you connect the hoses, turn the water supply valves counter-clockwise to supply water to the washer. Move the bucket away from the washer and push the washer back into its working position.Plug the power cord back into the outlet and start the wash cycle again. If the FH error code comes up again, call a service repairman. If the hoses have no kinks and the inlet screens are clean, there is a problem with either the pressure switch or the flow meter.

Please get back to us if you have further query else please accept the suggestion.

Jun 02, 2011 | Kenmore 3.8 cu. ft. HE3t Front Load Washer

2 Answers

what does error 5 mean on the bush wm-1260tve washing machine?


Error 5 means that there is a water inlet problem.

Move the appliance, ensure that the water hose is not kinked or blocked, and check filter in water hose if installed.

Check connected faucet and water pressure.

If the inlet hose and pressure is OK, then the inlet valve and water pressure switch must be tested as one of the two parts is likely giving the error.



Sep 20, 2010 | Washing Machines

1 Answer


If there is no water at all , check the following:

Inlet hose.
Ensure that there is sufficient pressure, and that the hose is not kinked.

Water level device.
Usually a float switch. Ensure that the switch is working and that sensor is not stuck.

Inlet valve.
Test if inlet valve solenoid has continuity and if the valve is opening and closing.

Door latch.
Test door lock switch.

Electronic control
If all the above is OK, then it is usually a faulty control.
Test also the wiring harness.

Dec 01, 2009 | Dishwashers

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