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The washing machine is leaking all the time?

The possibilities for this problem are mentioned as follows:-- Check the water filling hoses which lets the water inside the washing machine while filling. There are two fill hoses.one for cold water filling or one for hot water filling.if this hoses are worn out or cracked the washer will leak.so both the hoses needs to be checked and replaced. But if the hoses are checked OK then other possibility is the tub seals on the tub.The seal can be seen between the transmission assembly and outer tub assembly of the washing machine. If the tub seal is got loose or worn out it needs to be checked and replaced. But if the tub seals are proper and not worn out then other possibility to check out is the drain pump.Check if the pump is got cracked ,loose or worn out.in case or cracked or worn out it needs replacement but if its loose you can just refit it properly to stop the leaking.But if the pump is not leaking and it looks properly fit then other possibility to check is the outer tub assembly.its made up of plastic and this plastic gets cracked after certain period of time.or if any pointed object/material if remain in the clothes while washing .then due to that pointed object there becomes a hole in the plastic outer tub assembly .This all the possibilities.that has to be checked. This will help.Thanks.

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Error code nf

It would really help to know the make and model of your machine as codes mean very different things depending on what manufacturer's machine they're showing on. However, I'm giong to take a blind guess that this is a Samsung? If I'm right then it means "No Flow" (Of water) you should check the following (Which I have stolen from the Samsung repair forum!)
1. Water is shut off at rear of washing machine. Check and make sure water is turned on.
2. Water inlet hoses are kinked or crimped. Check hose to ensure they are not kinked or crimped in any way. This will still let a small amount of water into the washer but not enough for the sensor to be satisfied.
3. Water fill valve screens are clogged with mineral or calcium deposits. Turn the water off and remove the hoses from the "Hot" and "Cold" side. Once the hoses are removed you will see a small screen tucked inside both fill valves. The screens simply pull out so they can be cleaned. Usually it is on the "COLD" side where you'll find the clogged screen.
4. Make sure the door is shut tightly. Yes, if the door is not shut all the way you may possibly get this error code on the display. Open and close door ensuring it closed correctly.
If the above hasn't fixed your error, then you may have a faulty fill valve. Rather than pasting further information from the same forum, I'll just give you a pointer to it :) http://www.appliancerepairlesson.com/2014/01/11/samsung-washer-error-code-nf-fixed/

Sep 20, 2015 | Washing Machines

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Brand new roper washing machine model # RTW4440VQ2 the cold water is very slow filling hot is fine

This model of washer has something called an Automatic Temperature Control. This means the washer puts water into the tub at specific tempreatures instead of just 100% cold, or 100% hot. Be sure and check that the hot and cold fill hoses are connected to the proper places on the back of the washer. It's possible that the ATC (mentioned above) is causing the washer to fill slowly on the cold setting.

May 20, 2010 | Washing Machines

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Washer overflowed while filling for wash cycle.

A quick test to split up your possible trouble makers:
Let the washing machine fill with water and when the washer is about 1/2 full of water unplug the washers power cord from the wall outlet. If the water keeps flowing into the washing machine with the power cord pulled the fill valve ( where the hot and cold hoses are attached to your washer ) has mechanically stuck open and will have to be replaced. If the water shuts off when you remove it's power cord from the wall outlet, try plugging the washer in and out a couple more times and if the water stops each time the fill valve indicates as being good = on to the next trouble makers.
The water level control is responsible for shutting off the power to the fill valve and redirects the power to the timer to start the washing machine running once the correct water level has occurred. The WLC itself could be bad. The WLC uses a hose that the water level pushes air into to tell the WLC what the water level is inside the washing machine...the hose could be pinched, fallen off of the tub spout, has a pin hole, clogged up with calcium or soap curd and the WLC cannot "sense" or "tell" what is happening inside the washer.

Nov 27, 2009 | GE Washing Machines

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Slow water delivery into machine

Check to see if there's good water volume coming through the hoses attached to the washing machine. If there is, check to see if the screens inside the water-inlet valve are clean. (The water-inlet valve is the device on the washing machine that the fill hoses are attached to.) If they're clean, you probably have a defective water-inlet valve. If so, you should completely replace the valve.

Q - My washer fills slowly with water, what can I do ?
A - Two things could be your problem...
1) - sometimes the screens in the fill valve or inside the ends of the fill hose get clogged up...use a tooth brush to clean them out. Don't forget to shut off the water first before removing the hoses to check for this.
2) - The fill valve itself may not be opening fully = time for a new fill valve.

Mar 14, 2009 | Fisher Washing Machines

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fault code fh on awm8143/1

Two questions: Is there water in the tub? Or...is the tub empty? If there is water in the tub you need to check the following: 1. Verify that you do not have a siphon problem. This is caused by placing the drain hose too far into the drain standpipe and/or sealing the top of the standpipe. This will cause water to constantly empty as the tub tries to fill. You need to have an air gap for proper drainage. 2. Check your pressure switch and pressure switch hose. 3. Make sure the drain pump is operating correctly. 4. Check operation of flow meter. This is what actually detects the water flow coming into the machine and causes the error to flash if the proper conditions on are not set. It will detect the AMOUNT of water entering the tub and it detect the pressure switch trip that shuts off the supply when the tub is filled. If there is no water in the tub you need to check the following: 1. Check your fill valve screens. Turn off the water and remove the hoses from the back of the washer. The fill valve screens are inside the hose connections on the back of the washer. It only takes a small amount of debris to restrict water. You can clean them out using cotton swabs. 2. Make sure your fill hoses are not kinked or clogged. Check the easy possibilities, first. I suspect you may have either a siphoning problem, or clogged fill valve screens. If you check everything and still have problems, I would replace your fill valve before suspecting a defective pressure switch or flow meter. Let me know if this helps.

Aug 17, 2007 | Whirlpool AWM8143 Front Load Washer

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