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Keep your xbox 360 working longer and keep the red rings of death away

Here are a few tips to keep your xbox 360 working longer and help avoid the "Red Rings Of Death. I will post some more later that require more work but in this Fix it Tip I will list easy ways that will not take much time away from you day.

1) Unplug your xbox 360 when you will not be using it.

Not only will you save money(it has been known to cost up to $7 to keep this plugged in even without using it every month depending on where you come from)by not allowing to to use use electricity but this will keep the red rings away. One major problem with the 360 is the power brick and consumption of electricity by the 360. The power bricks have had problems converting the power for the 360 and have heated up so bad there are cases or them melting or having burned carpet and furnature. By putting less strain on the power brick all the time it allows it time to cool down not not be constanly pulling power out and having heat building up inside it.

This also decreases the chance of brown out destroying the 360 or ESD destroying the 360 during a thunderstorm. Even a expensive surge protector or power coverter can let these items be damaged.

2) two times a month check your 360 near the fans as well as under to be sure it is clean.

This sounds really simple but this is something people never do. Your fans as well as any areas that vent air in/out to be sure they have a easy flow to keep it from overheating.

Back a few years ago we used to keep our conoles on the carpet. Back then it was not good to do so but it was nowhere near as bad as it is today. If you do not allow the 360 to vent air in/our you WILL get RROD or the e74. check the under the 360 as dust has a dendancy to collect there after some time of not being moved.

3) keep your controllers and remotes aways so you/others will not turn it on and not notice.

Let me tell you a story. My old roomates and me were leaving to Vegas(we lived in L.A. at the time)for a weekend of sin. we were gone for three days and after 3 hours of driving while hungover from all the fun we walked in to play some Ghost Recon on live. The first thing we noticed: the 360 was left on the entire time when one of us bumped the controller that was still laying on the couch. At the time I left it plugged in all the time.

When we turned it off and turned it back on the menu system cam on but when the game started after about four of five seconds the video froze, this could only be one thing.............Red Ring of Death. After one more failed attempt it displayed the Red Rings.We were bummed out but it was our own faults for not taking care of the things were paid so much for. Had I used the first rule it would have never happened.

4)Another simple way to keep your xbox 360 in good shape is to keep yourself from playing more than 3 hours straight. It allows your console time to cool down and also has the added benefit of letting your eyes take a break. You should power it down for at least a half hour but an hour or more would be best.

5) One last way is that when you are finished, take the disc out of the drive and put it away. I first head this a year back. After I got RROD the first time I talked to tech support at microsoft and this is one they told me. It allows some heat to escape off the motherboard as it sits under the dvd drive. If a disk sits in the drive there is less open air thus retaining the heat. I was a little skeptical but it has been fine.

Well, I hope these tips are enough for now. These should get you by for now and keep you on Live. I have been using these tricks for some time now and I have avoided getting the RROD for awhile now. I will post more tips in the near future that are more advanced and/or take more time.

Thanks for looking!

revised on 06/10/2010

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Red Ring of Death: Red Flashing XBOX 360 Lights Explained Common Xbox 360 Red Ring Errors The XBOX has a reported 54.2% failure rate which makes the XBOX 360 gaming consoles' worst "lemon" to date. If you find yourself with the red flashing lights error, --> lg.php?category_id=15&content_type=article&content_type_id=2663399&key_page=682482001924178892&site_id=1&bannerid=11791&campaignid=3153&zoneid=23&loc=1&referer=http%3a%2f%2fwww.associatedcontent.com%2farticle%2f2663399%2fred_ring_of_death_red_flashing_xbox.html%3fcontent_type%3darticle%26content_type_id%3d2663399&cb=8da55f49a0 follow this guide to try and pinpoint the problem with your XBOX 360.

1 Red Ring = Serious Hardware Failure
I f your XBOX 360 has a 1 red flashing light error, you're more than likely in big trouble. The 1 flashing red ring of light can be due to GPU or CPU failure, RAM overheating, a DVD drive error, or some serious problem with your Xbox 360's internal components. The most common 1 flashing red ring lights error is the E74 error. The E74 error is no easy fix for the Xbox 360 and usually has to be repaired by the manufacturer [though some have managed to repair it with the heat gun trick - but be careful]

2 Red Rings = Overheating
Mostly all red flashing lights on the Xbox 360 rings are due to overheating in some way or other, but the 2 red rings singles out overheating as the main issue. When doing the X-Clamp fix the 2 red rings are required to fix the Xbox 360 by overheating the CPU. If you get this Xbox 360 error without doing the X-Clamp fix, you probably just need to let your Xbox 360 cool down for a few hours. Make sure that all vents aren't blocked off and that your Xbox fans are working properly in order to repair this problem.

3 Red Rings = Basic Hardware Failure
The most common error on the Xbox 360 is the 3 red rings - also known as the Red Rings of Death (RRoD). This flashing lights problem is the main cause of Xbox 360's 54.2% failure rate. The 3 red flashing lights can be due to lots of different errors but is mainly due to the X-Clamps in your Xbox 360 and overheating. Fortunately, lots of people were able to fix this issue using the X-Clamp and heat gun fix. Follow this list of error codes to find out the real issue with the 3 red rings because there are quite a few of them.

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Xbox 360 won't work at all now

this sounds like your xbox is overheating. If you could try to run it in an area that has a lot of air that flows over the back. you could also plug in a usb fan on the back of the 360. note, if you continue to let the xbox overheat, this could lead to the rings of death which is three rings flashing. If that happens you have no hope. Hope this post helps.

Jan 11, 2009 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

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black chip on the side.one of 'em fell out.

All xbox 360 are given a warranty for the 3 rings of death. If you call microsoft and tell them that your xbox 360 continues to get the rings of death, they will mail you a box, take your console, repair it, install the latest hardware, test it, and mail it back to you for free.

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