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How to change a laptop LCD screen.

On most laptop computers it is relatively easy to replace the LCD screen. All you will need is a good set of jewelers screwdrivers, preferably with hardened tips, so as not to round out the screw heads and perhaps a pair of needle nose pliers. If you do not have these they can be purchased at any large department store or online at http://www.mcmelectronics.com . If you opt to purchase from MCM also get an Ipod separation tool. It is useful for separating Ipods or the bezels around laptop screens.

Before starting it is helpful to put down an old bath towel to protect the laptop from scratches as you slide it around on the bench. Now open the laptop computer as you would to use it.

Look at the area around the actual LCD screen and you will see what look like rubber feet or sometimes flat plastic covers which match the color of the bezel. Remove all these with a very thin screwdriver and keep them for reassembly. They are held in with a small amount of sticky glue.

Once the covers are removed you should see screw heads, usually phillips. Remove the screws you find underneath the covers using the appropriate size and type of screwdriver.

Once you have removed all the screws, you should be able to pry the front bezel off with a very thin screwdriver or preferably the Ipod tool. Be careful not to bend the cover too much or it will break. Try to get under the edges as far as you can and as close to the hold down snap as you can.

Once the bezel is removed you will find at least 4, and possibly more screws, in a metal frame holding the screen in. The screws could be flat as you are looking at the screen, or more than likely they will be 90 degrees to the screen and screwed into the sides of the screen. Remove all these and you should be able to remove the LCD screen.

Before removing any wires mark both ends of the connector (male and female) with the same number. You can use a labelmaker or a sharpie to mark all connectors before removing them. There should only be one large connector on the rear of the screen and perhaps the wire to the inverter board.

Remove the inverter board connector. Remove the LCD screen connector. It could have 25 or more pins with a metal clip on each side which must be depressed to remove the connector from the socket. If your connector does not look like the one I described you could have a ribbon cable which is inserted into the appropriate sized socket. You also could have a ribbon cable held under a plastic bar. The type of connection will be different with different units but I have found that looking closely at any connector will usually reveal how they come apart.

If you haven't purchased a new screen yet you can get one at a good price at http://www.impactcomputers.com . Make sure that you are getting the correct screen. Each model is specific and there are different levels of quality. You must get the correct one for your unit. All the sites selling screens have a number you can call, or email them, if you are not sure.

Once you have the correct new screen you need to be careful when handling it. Do not drop or bend the unit and if at all possible, leave the protective plastic cover on the LCD screen as long as possible. Do not poke or press on the screen as this could damage it.

Install the new screen hooking up all wires removed previously correctly. Reverse the disassembly instructions to put the screen back together. Before crimping the bezel back on double check that all the wires are attached. Using your fingers squeeze around the perimeter of the bezel until you do not hear any snapping. This will mean that all the hold downs are attached. Look around the edge for any gaps, there should not be any.

When done with the assembly, test your unit. It should now work as good as new.

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how much screen 4 lxus30 canon

Ebay.com is the best place to look for. If you buy the LCD itself it is usually expensive. For example, Try the following email. They replace the LCD: hu221221@gmail.com

But I would suggest you to buy a used camera (one sold for parts, with good LCd) through ebay.com and replace it yourself. You only need to buy a jewellers screwdriver set for $1 from Dollar store. Removing the case is easy (5-6 screws). Once the case is removed, LCD is immediately accessible.

You can buy any one of the cameras:
Canon IXUS 30 40 50 SD200 SD300 SD400

They all use the same LCD. So look in ebay.com for the above cameras. You may be able to get it for under $10-15. But before you do anything look at the following web sites to get an idea on how to do the job:

Jan 18, 2011 | Canon IXUS V2 Digital Camera

1 Answer

lcd screen is damaged (smeary and doesn't clean). Maybe caused by fingers of young children. Looks like simple two screw replacement.Is replacing this feasible? Is so where do I find replacement parts.

Buy a used camera (sold for parts, with good LCD) through ebay.com. If you try to buy the LCD by itself, usually it is expensive. A camera can be bought for under $15. Buy a jewellers screwdriver set for $1 from Dollar store.

Look at the following web sites to get an idea how to replace LCD.
Try your luck.

Jan 17, 2011 | Canon PowerShot A650 IS Digital Camera

1 Answer

need to install a dell vostro 1500 LCD inverter

Are you good with a screwdriver? Here's a step by step procedure for replacing the LCD screen on a Dell 1500.
Is fairly easy, but be extremely careful of the ribbon cables, they break very easily!
Good Luck!

Jun 25, 2009 | Dell Vostro 1500 Notebook

1 Answer

how do I remove the back lcd cover on my acer aspire 3610 laptop

Come in from the front.
The Top Cover has the LCD screen attached to it, and the hinges are attached to it. When you have the laptop closed, you are viewing the Top Cover.

AC adapter unplugged (Charger), battery removed.
Around the LCD screen is a Screen Bezel. This bezel is removed first. Look carefully around the bezel. Upon close inspection you'll see a series of rubber rounded tiny pads. These are Screw Covers. Take a small flat tip Jewelers screwdriver, and remove them, or pry them up to one side, so that you can get to the screw head.

The statement -> Pry, sounds bad. In essence these screw covers, are a half moon shape (Almost) of some rubbery material, and have a glue that holds them on. This glue 'resembles' a type of rubber cement. If you carefully ease the flat tip towards the edge of the half moon shape, where it contacts the flat bezel, push in, and pry up, you'll see they come off relatively easy.

Most of the time if you store the screw covers upside down, glue surface up, you can reuse them with no additional glue needed.
The only problem you'll have with them, is they stick to the screwdriver tip, and your fingertips! Hard to put them somewhere!

Be sure to remove all of them. Generally there are 6. Two per side.
(Top, Bottom, Left Side, Right Side)
Now remove the Philips head screws underneath them. (Have this shape +) (No.1 Philips screwdriver)

Now you have to pop the bezel up, and off. I would use two Jewelers screwdrivers for this. A small kit of Jewelers screwdrivers, can be purchased from a number of places, if you don't have any. An inexpensive set should do just fine, ($5?)

The bezel has a parting line, (Crevice/Gap), where it meets the Top Cover. Sometimes it's a little tough to see. Start with a small flat tip Jewelers screwdriver, and see if you can ease it partially in this parting line. It's a little tough to get the first one started. If it seems as though it won't slide in a little, (Depth of 1/8th inch, or half the width of a No.2 pencil), then move over, try again.

DON'T come in from the LCD screen side. You'll damage the LCD screen, AND the bezel. (Even if you're replacing the LCD screen, you'll break the bezel. Has to be taken off from the outside edge)

Part way in, on the outside edge of the bezel, are locking tabs. These are made of plastic, and formed when the bezel was made. They are part of the bezel. They are spaced around the inside edge of the bezel. They are spaced, Locking tab, space. Locking tab, space. Locking tab, space.

This is why I suggested to move over with the screwdriver. You may be trying to put the screwdriver in, where a locking tab is.

Once you get a start, and have the flat tip Jewelers screwdriver in the parting line, take a second flat tip Jewelers screwdriver, and try to ease it in the gap you've made. Put it towards the end of the gap, where it narrows down. If you cannot, ease the end of the screwdriver you have in now, down. This will pry up on the bezel.
You will see the bezel bend. It fairly thin plastic at this edge, but this is TOUGH plastic. Don't go crazy, but it will bend pretty far, before it would break. Use a fair amount of pressure, but use finesse.

See if the bezel will pop up a bit. You can also move down a bit with the other flat tip Jewelers screwdriver, and try to make another pry point. Working two screwdrivers in this fashion, puts less strain on that plastic bezel.

When you get the bezel up far enough, you'll hear a loud pop, or snap sound. You'll think you broke the plastic bezel. Nope! Just one of those lock tabs letting go of the Top Cover. Keep working around the edge. Watch the top edge. If you have a built in webcam there are small wires close to the webcam. Look in while you're popping the bezel cover up. Use a flashlight if necessary.

Once you have the bezel off, you're home free!
You can now see the screws that hold the LCD screen to the Top Cover. You can see how the hinges are attached. After you're done, the bezel just snaps back into place, then the screws are put in, and the screw covers.

Apr 24, 2009 | Acer TravelMate 2702WLMi Notebook

1 Answer

need instructions to replace the bezel on a gateway 7330gz

Just like any other laptop LCD screen, edtechservic. Remove the rubber caps that cover the Philips head screws, remove the screws, and work around the bezel to pop it loose, a little at a time.

Top cover up, you are looking at the LCD screen. Look at the top Left and Right corners of the screen bezel. Look in-between. Now look along the bottom of the screen bezel. See those small rubber caps? G-E-N-T-L-Y pry them loose with a 60 or 90 degree pick. (In your computer repair kit)
Use care, and finesse! You don't want to scratch the clients laptop!
Now loosen, and remove the screws underneath.

Use a Jewelers flat tip screwdriver, (No.2), and ease it in the parting line, that you will see between the bezel, and top cover. Don't go more than a 1/4 inch in! You could be up against the LCD screen metal frame, if you go too far in. (Which could break the LCD screen)

Won't ease in there? Move over an inch or so. You could be hitting the plastic part of the bezel, that snaps down into the Top Cover.
There are several of these plastic protrusions, that stick down from the bezel, and snap into place in the Top Cover. Every few inches or so.

After you start easing one of these plastic snaps out, (Plastic protrusion I spoke of above), move along the edge, pick another place, and start easing it up. Keep bringing the edge up a little at a time. (Bring the back of the flat tip jewelers screwdriver down)
When you have gone along, and raised a large portion of the bezel, you should hear a distinct Click, as one of the plastic snaps come out of the Top Cover.
If not, move back to the first plastic snap that started to come out, and place your flat tip Jewelers screwdriver next to it. Bring the back of the screwdriver down to pop that plastic snap up, and out.

Hearing it your first time might make you a little stomach sick. You'll think you broke something! If you go along, and raise the bezel up a little at a time, you'll be okay. The bezel is made of space age plastic, and is VERY tough! You can't get crazy with it though!

When you have gone almost all the way around the bezel, the last few inches may just pop up, and out.
This link shows you with photos, and information, for a Gateway MT6704 Notebook PC,


This guide is to completely replace the LCD screen. You can just use the information under the first five photos, for bezel replacement.

Nov 15, 2008 | Acer Aspire 3000 Notebook

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