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Pin point bearing noises

If you have what sounds like a bearing noise in your car and can't pin point it.Use a long screw driver and place metal end on solid area near noise and the plastic right at your ear this will amplify the noise without purchasing a expensive mechanics listening tool.

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Have a 2000 xr100r did top end and new carb first time ever found oil was filling up with fuel so changed oil and now the engine is rattling?

The fuel in your fuel thins the oil to a point it no longer does its job of protecting the internal components of the engine.
If you have run the engine for an extended period of time the fuel washes the oil away and will damage these parts.
Is the rattle top or bottom end?
Easy way to pin point the noise is to use a long flat blade screw driver have the bike running and put the end (screw end) against the bottom of the engine then push the handle against your ear it magnifies the noise
And will allow you to pin point the noise area you can move the screw driver all over the engine and listen this way.
Im guessing it may be a big end bearing which will mean an engine rebuild.

Mar 04, 2015 | Motorcycles

2 Answers

car was running fine. when I parked it it made a rat tat tat noise. thought it was oil. added oil and ran smoother but still making noise. coming from pulley area. We checked the pullies and they seemed to be running fine. boss said it could be the alternator bearing. is that an expensive fix and will the whole alternator have to be replaced? battery charges fine..

sounds like could be alternator bearings, and is cheaper to replace unit than try to repair, to try to check with the engine running ,place the tip of a LONG screw driver carefully on the alternater as near to the belt as you safely can and place the handle to your ear , this works like a stethascope and you will here metal grinding sound if bearings are wearing , you will know if the sound is right by comparing with another vehicle keep me posted if you wish , PLEASE BE VERY CARE FULL , DO NOT LET THE SCREWDRIVER SLIP INTO THE DRIVE BELT

Oct 07, 2014 | 2000 Ford Crown Victoria

1 Answer

my 1994 xr250 r has a slapping type noise from the engine. It had done the bottom end crank bearing so I did the motor up. new bearings, piston, rings, gasgets, seals. I fired it up for the first time a couple of days ago and cant figure out what is causing the noise. it sounds like it is coming from the bottom end. the noise goes with the revs. can you help? cheers

a good way to pin point the noise is to use something like a large screw driver (foot long )and by placing the handle right up against your ear and the metal part touching different locations on the outer casings the transfer of sound is like a doctors stethoscope try it

Sep 15, 2017 | Honda Xr 250 Motorcycles

2 Answers

a womp womp womp noise in the rear, tires are good, brakes look good, wheels are not warped, just had them balanced?

Go to a place that has a good smooth parking lot and a wooden private fence. Open all your windows and drive the car slowly as close as possible along the fence in order to pin point where the sound is coming from. The sound will echo back from the fence and will make it easier to pin point the area where the womp womp sound is coming from. Next thing you can do is lift the car up and place it on four jack stands in case you have a front wheel drive. If you have a front wheel drive and your car is on four jack stands, place you gear in nuetral and spin each rear tire separately to see which one is making the noise. Keep in mind that it might be a wheel bearing or if it a rear wheel drive and on four jack stands have someone drive it slowly while you listen for the noise. Some rear wheel drive differentials can make this noise if it is low on differial oil. Be very careful that the jack stands are on solid and making good contact with the car frame and flat on the pavement. Don't place yourself where the car can fall and hit you or run in to you. Good luck.

Dec 03, 2012 | 2002 Porsche Boxster

1 Answer

just had water pump replaced . whinning noise from

Have you checked all the fluids, power steering especially. The pump will whine if low on fluid. You can check the noise with a long screw driver acting as a stethescope. With the engine running place the metal tip on NON-moving parts only then get your ear next to the handle end. You will be able to hear if the sound is comming from the item you are touching. Move to the next accessory. Alternator bearings will become noisy before failure. Ask your mechanic to use this or a real mechanics stethescope to diagnose your problem. A mechanics stethescope can be purchased at Harbor Frieght for les than $5, it looks like the real ones DRs use with a long metal contact rod.

Oct 19, 2009 | 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

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