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Checking the Drain Pump on a Whirlpool Cabrio

This advice explains step-by-step how to inspect for obstructions in the drain pump of a Whirlpool Cabrio. This model washer actually has TWO pumps. One is the drain pump, one is a recirc pump. The easiest way to access the pumps on a Cabrio is to tip the washer back and work from the bottom. There is a rear panel access you can remove for added access, but it limits your ability to get to the mounting bolts. These washers are heavy, however, and removing any excess water will help minimize weight and the potential mess you are going to have to mop up when you remove the drain line(s) from the pump. The easiest way to do this is to use a wet/dry shop vac and pull a vacuum on the drain line. You may have to repeat this procedure several times as the Cabrio has an extra large capacity drum and tends to hold more residual water than most other washer models.

NOTE: Residual water in the wash tub, drain lines and pumps is NORMAL.

With the residual water removed, carfeully tip the washer back against the wall. Place a towel between the washer and wall to avoid marring of the washer or your wall.

NOTE: A second person is recommended to hold the washer in place so it doesn't not fall. When working alone, I have used blocks of wood (such as a 2x8 standing on edge) to block the washer up as a safety precaution.

As you are viewing the washer from the front, the drain pump will be on your RIGHT hand side. The recirc pump is on the left. Either pump comes out easily by following these steps:

1. Make sure the washer is UNPLUGGED before you begin.

2. Carefully disconnect the electrical connection.

3. Remove the mounting bolts that hold the pump in place.

4. Remove the inlet and drain hose(s) from the pump.

With the pump free, you can easily access the impeller area and retrieve anything that may be caught. Drill bits and screws are commnly found as they will pass through the small holes in the wash tub spin basket.

I would begin with the DRAIN pump, first. It tends to be the catch-all for everything. If the drain pump is clear, inspect the recirc pump as well.

To reinstall, follow the steps I have provided in reverse order. NOTE: Some people prefer to remove the the drain hose before unbolting the pump. Choose whatever method you prefer.

If the pump impeller is damaged, the pump will need to be replaced.

Replacement parts (if required) can be purchased at any of the following websites:


Prices vary between these sites, so shop and compare. The first three sites listed also offer helpful exploded view diagrams to help you locate and properly identify the parts you need.

I hope this information is helpful.

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washer 4000 series 4.5 cu ft

The newer model Maytag washers are manufactured by Whirlpool and have Whirlpool parts. If this is a Maytag Epic model washerlb_icon1.png, "F21" is a Long Drain error code. This is an indication that you have an obstruction somewhere in the drainage system. Most commonly, this means there is something lodged in the drain pump or inlet line running from the wash tub to the pump. There is a white screw off cap on the drain pump that you can remove to inspect the pump impeller and clean. The following link explains:


Included is a follow-on link that explains how to check the drain pump to clean. You may also have to remove the inlet hose that runs from the bottom of the wash tub to the inlet side of the drain pump. Debris and small articles of clothinglb_icon1.png such as sock or under garments can commonly clog in this area as well causing the drain cycle to fail.

Nov 16, 2013 | Maytag Washing Machines

1 Answer

Washer will not spin after draining.

the long drain code means that either the pump is bad or there is an obstruction to the water flow.  check the hose going to the washtub and also check for obstructions in the hoses at the pump itself.  if clear the pump is probably bad.

Aug 03, 2010 | Whirlpool Cabrio WTW6600SBT Top Load...

1 Answer

how do you un clog a whirlpoo cabrio washer

Clogs in a Cabrio commonly occur when the drain pump becomes obstructed. The following link explains step-by-step how to access the pump(s) and clean them out:


The Cabrio is unique in that it has two pumps and a fairly large tub capacity compared to most washers. If the wash tub has any standing water, make sure you drain it from the tub prior to removing any drain hoses. Otherwise, you will have a potentially large mess to clean up. Using a wet/dry shop vac to pull a vacuum on the drain line is an effective and easy way to drain the tub.

If you have any questions about any of the these procedures, please post back and let me know. I hope this helps you.

Jun 16, 2010 | Whirlpool Cabrio WTW6600SBT Top Load...

1 Answer

Where is the lint trap in Whirlpool Cabrio washer

There is no "filter" on the washer. There is, however, a drain pump that can accumulate debris and need to be cleaned out. In fact, if this is a Cabrio, there are two pumps. The following link explains how to access them and check them for obstructions:


If you have questions about this repair, please post back and let me know. I hope you find this information helpful.

NOTE: Make sure you check all drain hoses as well.

Apr 28, 2010 | Whirlpool Cabrio WTW6600SBT Top Load...

2 Answers

I have change stuck is washer making noise when washing. How do I get it out

If this is a Whirlpool Cabrio, it has two pumps. One is the drain pump and the other is a recirc pump. In most cases, loose change an other items end up in one of these pumps. The following link explains how to access and check the pump(s) on the washer for obstructions.


If you have something stuck in the wash tub, you will need to remove the washplate in the center of the wash tub. Follow these steps:

1. Lift the washer top panel by locating the retaining clips in the seam along the front (about two inches in from each side). Use a putty knife to push in while lifting on the top panel to release.

NOTE: Its a good idea to tape the lid shut to prevent it from flying open when you lift the washer top.

2. Remove the wash tub ring. This is the plastic ring around the perimeter of the top of the wash tub. There are a series of release tabs around the tub that you can pry with a screwdriver.

NOTE: The washplate will not come out with the tub ring in place.

3. With the tub ring removed, pop the center post cap off the washplate. Locate the center nut and remove. Hold the washplate with one hand as you loosen to keep it from turning.

4. Lift the washplate out of the tub.

With the wash plate removed, you should easily be able to access anything stuck in the spin basket.

If you have any questions, or if this is NOT a Cabrio, please post back and let me know. I hope this helps you.

Mar 18, 2010 | Whirlpool Cabrio WTW6600SBT Top Load...

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