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How to Repair Computer

Any abnormality in integrated components of a computer can prove reallyharmful for its performance. But some general computer issues can beaddressed at personal level too. There are effective computer repairtips and tricks, which can be implemented to resolve these problems.

Computer repair is an important topic to be discussed, because we aregetting dependents on it for every personal and professional task.There can be a variety of problems; some may be simple while others maybe complicated.

However, you can repair your system on your own by following some tips and tricks. Some of them are discussed in detail here:
Computer freezing

Computer may freeze on account of any hardware or software issue. Sohere you need to understand the exact reason behind it. Notice, if theissue initiated when you have connected any hardware peripherals likeprinter or scanner, then it might be due to some driver conflict. Ifissue has occurred after assembling a new hard drive then it might bedue to insufficient power or heat.

Follow the below troubleshooting pattern to repair computer, if such problems occur on your computer.

Inspect Your PC for Heat Related Issue
Open the cabinet of your computer and observe the temperature of themetal chassis. If it’s hot then certainly there is some thermalproblem. Gently monitor the front and rear fan, blow out if there isany dust. You can apply a clean cloth to dust out hidden particles.Your computer must be shut down, before your activity.

Inspect your Device Driver
Many a time while doing Windows Update, your system may collectunmatchable driver, which may result in computer freezing. You cancheck the status of driver from the device manager. Unplug your USBdevice, if connected. Power-on your computer and see; if it works thenfine; otherwise you can restore your computer to a back date. Systemrestore will resume the old configuration of driver.

You can do as follows: Starts>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore.

Inspect your Hard Disk
Your hard disk is a store house of information, so when it gets usedfor a long duration it might get clutters and patches, which can slowdown the performance of your computer. Hence, use your Windows utilityCHKDSK to scan and remove bad sectors on regular basis. It is the bestpreventive way of maintaining computer health.

Blue Screen of Death
Most difficult time comes when your computer denies loading any startup applications. In computer language, it is termed as "Blue-Screen ofDeath". There can be several causes behind this evil trauma. Let’sstart with computer repair job.

Hardware Issues
Any hardware conflicts can lead to this problem. Hence, if you havedone any hardware replacement make sure that it’s up to thespecification of your motherboard.

Rogue Programs
These days Internet is flooded with range of malicious programs such asspyware, adware and Trojan. They get penetration into your hardwareassembly, if there is any loop holes in your application software oroperating system. So repair of your computer needs scanning with acompatible anti-virus program.

Registry Errors
Windows Registry the controlling power of your computer. It holds theentire information regarding hardware and software settings andfunctionality. It may get corrupted with some tough malicious programswhich may result in blue screen error.

This problem could be fixed both manually and automatically. But if youdon’t have good command, then install any third party software whichcan eliminate and repair corrupted registry.

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I had the same issue with NVidia GForce GT 540 M, this graphic card can work in 2 modes: high performance grsphic processor and integrated video... so game was run using integrated video by default,
and when I changed graphic card settings to use high performance processor always, problem was fixed. So try to change graphic card settings.

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Mitsubishi VS-55609 top left screen has folded over

chk for any electricity or magnetic interferanc. change the location to the TV. switch of the tv fro 5 min and restart it again back.

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Important Notes

Computer softwares are the programs that would be integrated ino the computer by a process called installation. Available installation softwares include productivity, multimedia, creativitiy and gaming programs. Computers already have programs installed to perform also known as operating systems softwares. When a computer is turned on, the display systems making possible user experince is the defaul programs. Every additional features is capable of being intergreted in processes discribed. A required program whether in video editing is chosen after observing the already existing programs on the computer. The decsion to integrate an additional software is with consideration of an entire computer compartibilily check.

Computer situations requiring installation
1. The computer default programs are malfunct
a. outdated computer programs request integration improved features to function
b. a damage to the computer default programs requires repairs by installing.
2. The option to integrate a program to a computer device
a. several programs are capable of being integrated

Procedures of -installing softwares

component check requirements check
1. computer compartibility to software programs selections required to be installed
a. A computer capacity to hold additional softwares
b. a computer functionalities, productivity, video multimedia creation, computer gaming
c. the programs functions could determine if additonal component parts have to be acquired to complete the integration experiece

contact technical support

Dec 20, 2010 | Computers & Internet

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I have 2002 pontiac grand am 2.2 liter. Car shut off while driving. It cranks over fine. Won't start due to no spark. Changed ignition control module crankshaft sensor and Coil packs still no cigar? No spark??

wow, you changed the ignition control module, crank sensor, and coil packs and no spark?

Take to an auto electric shop where they can test the wiring to see if there are any breaks between the sensors or parts you already invested in.

Can your scanner communicate with the PCM?
Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Operation The OBD 2 Engine Management System (EMS) computer can be a single computer comprised of several solid-state components or a multi-microcomputer device. This computer controls the functions of the EMS and performs OBD 2 diagnostic routines. These two distinct portions of the OBD 2 EMS computer function, in conjunction, with each other. The computer architecture and software design allows the OBD 2 EMS computer to adapt its operating strategies to a variety of conditions to optimize the EMS. Federal guidelines require the EMS OBD 2 computer to continuously monitor the operating conditions of the EMS. It must also record and report any system or component failure that may cause tailpipe emissions to exceed typically 1-½ times the federal test procedure.
The OBD 2 EMS computer is specifically designed to perform powertrain system management and monitoring. Regardless of the manufacturers design and implementation of operating strategies, all computers are designed and built following the same basic considerations.
All computers contain one or more microprocessor. Microprocessors are constructed of a complex arrangement of digital circuits. One microprocessor may contain upwards of 250,000 logic circuits. These are housed in a silicon-based integrated circuit (IC) no bigger than an area of approximately ¼ inch square. The microprocessor cannot perform calculations and decisions without instructions that are programmed into the computer’s memories.
IC Micro Processor One single microprocessor, called the Central Processing Unit (CPU), is dedicated to maintaining control over the entire computer. The CPU performs all of the calculations and logical decisions. Operating instructions for the CPU are preprogrammed into other memory locations and are ‘read-only’ programs. These programs are permanent and generally cannot be altered by service personnel in the field.
A program, in general, is a set of instructions arranged in a specific order to accomplish a specific task. Each instruction in the program is assigned to a specific location, or address within the computer’s memory. Only the address of where the instruction is stored is retained in the CPU. When the CPU requires information to perform a calculation, it looks for the address of the required data and then copies the data from the memory location. This copy is retrieved and temporarily retained by the CPU for processing. Retrieving programs in this manner ensures that the information programmed in memory is retained and does not change.
The following symptoms can be caused by an open, short to ground, short to power or excessive resistance in the power and ground circuits, data line communication malfunctions and /or component failure.
Related Symptoms
  • No Crank
  • No Start condition
  • No communication with scan tools
  • No communications with other modules
  • MIL lamp illumination
  • Intermittent component functions
  • Poor fuel economy
  • High emissions
  • Drivability concerns (stalling, bucking, stumble etc.)
  • Charging system malfunctions

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you given me computer chip

A computer chip is a small electronic circuit, also known as an integrated circuit, which is one of the basic components of most kinds of electronic devices, especially computers. Computer chips are small and are made of semiconductors that is usually composed of silicon, on which several tiny components including transistors are embedded and used to transmit electronic data signals. They became popular in the latter half of the 20th century because of their small size, low cost, high performance and ease to produce.

Dec 23, 2008 | Dell A215 Computer Speakers

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