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Braun Pulsonic Shaver - Make Your Own Cleaning Solution !

You can make your own cleaning solution for your Braun shaver instead of buying new cartridges. The cleaning solution cartridge should list the ingredients on the label (for safety reasons). I have a Braun Pulsonic 790cc and have been making my own solution for a year. The cleaning cartridge content is shown as "170 ml", and lists the ingredients as: "Alcohol Denat." and "Fragrance." In other words,"denatured alcohol" and "fragrance". Denatured alcohol is the main ingredient and is simply natural alcohol, like rubbing alcohol, to which a toxic substance has been added to make it undrinkable (hence the term "denatured"). A 500 ml bottle of rubbing alcohol sells for about $3.50, which is almost enough for 3 cartridges of 170 ml... That's a fraction of the cost of a new cartridge and more eco-friendly too, since you are recycling the plastic cartridge !

Simply buy some rubbing alcohol at a drugstore and pour it into your cartridge until it is approximately 3/4 of the way full. Do not overfill or your quantity indicator light might show as "Empty". Rubbing alcohol is a clear liquid and is used to disinfect scrapes and cuts, so it has that distinct "doctor's office" smell. If you wish to replicate the original Braun solution, you can buy a vial of "lemon essential oil" which is what is used for the "fragrance". Lemon essential oil is an aromatherapy and naturopathy product that is used mainly for its scent. I got mine from a bulk food store, but you can also find it on the internet or in specialized boutiques. You can also buy "citronelle" essential oil but I don't know if it has the same scent as lemon essential oil. I also bought a small bottle of blue food coloring so that the finished solution is exactly the same as what is sold by Braun. The total cost of the alcohol, the food coloring and the lemon essential oil will be close to the cost of a single replacement cleaning cartridge, and you will have enough fragrance and coloring to make about two dozen more cartridges by simply buying more alcohol. For example: 500 ml Rubbing Alcohol (approx. $3.50), 15 ml Lemon Essential Oil (approx. $6.00) and 28 ml Blue Food Coloring (approx. $2.50). Total cost: approx. $12.

Here are the ingredients and quantities used:

• 500 ml bottle of Rubbing Alcohol
• 40 drops of Lemon Essential Oil (Optional)
• 6 drops of Blue Food Coloring (Optional)

Tip: I also made a bottle of orange scented cleaning solution using "sweet orange"essential oil and orange food coloring :) Alternatively, you can also use some of your favorite cologne as a fragrance and add any color of food coloring you wish, for example, green or red. I find the coloring makes it easier to see the level of the liquid in the cartridge.

Also, before refilling the cartridge the 2nd time it was empty, I thoroughly cleaned the inside. When the shaver is being cleaned, the solution in the cartridge will accumulate oils, grime and whiskers removed from the shaver, and you can see the debris at the bottom of the cartridge where it gets trapped by a sheet of very fine filter. The filter is made of nylon, so it is permanent, therefore, there's no reason that your cartridge cannot last as long, or even longer than your shaver !

Note: It's a good idea to keep the original cap of the cleaning cartridge for the purpose of cleaning, or if you want to travel with your cleaning station. Also,before using your new cartridge, I suggest making a permanent mark on its side to indicate the level when the cartridge is full. Use a sharp pointed object like a needle or knife point because even "permanent"marker will get washed away by alcohol.

To clean the cartridge, first partially fill with water, shake well and drain. Repeat the water rinsing operation 2 or 3 more times. You will notice that the inside of the cartridge will have an oily film and some debris still inside. To clean that oily residue and capture the debris, put 3 or 4 drops of liquid dish soap into the cartridge and fill halfway with water. Put on the cap and shake thoroughly for awhile, changing the position of the cartridge a few times to make sure the soap solution gets forced into all areas of the cartridge. Rinse out the cartridge with clean water and repeat the soap cleaning. I repeated the cleaning with soap solution 3 times before the cartridge was fully clean and I could no longer see any debris on the bottom of the cartridge.

Once the cartridge is cleaned to your satisfaction, rinse and shake with clean water 2 or 3 times to make sure there is no more soap in the cartridge, then shake out the contents thoroughly and allow to air dry overnight. Obviously if you have one or more empty cleaning cartridges, you can make yourself some spares to keep handy.

Lastly, refill with your home made cleaning solution to the "Full" mark you inscribed (or about 3/4 of full cartridge capacity) and you should be good for another 4 months :)

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2 Answers

how can I clean my braun washable series 3 (330) shaver. better. I can take it apart so far but just cant get under the blades

This model uses a 'shaving cassette'. The blades can not be removed from the foil assembly. Braun's instruction is to simply rense the shaving head under hot running tap water. Unfortunately, this does not work very well over time due to the poor design of these parts. Once they become clogged up it is usually necessary to replace the cartridge.
If replacement is needed you will find one at shaveroutlet.com. See link below


Jul 27, 2011 | Health & Beauty

1 Answer

The red cartridge light is blinking on my dock. What does this mean? A while ago, the dock fell over and all the cleaner liquid fell out, so maybe I just need a replacement for the cleaner liquid. If so, where can I find this?

Re the light:
When the «cartridge» light starts flashing, the remaining fluid in the cartridge is sufficient for approximately 5 more cleaning cycles. After these 5 cycles, the cleaning performance will be reduced and the cartridge has to be replaced.
When the «cartridge» light illuminates constantly, the cleaning function is locked and a new cartridge has to be installed.
Only then, the next cleaning cycle can be started.
To find a replacement, Refer to http://braun.com/ to find the website for your country.

Otherwise, refer to http://braun.com/us/consumer-service.html which will help you locate a local Service Center.

Mode number for the cartridge is CCR2

May 26, 2010 | Braun Syncro 7680 Electric Shaver

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Braun 7526 electric shaver

if you have Boots in India, get it there

Aug 23, 2008 | Braun Syncro 7680 Electric Shaver

3 Answers

cleaning solution .

I've heard of other people refilling the cleaning cartridge with other solutions rather than buying a new one. I understand the genuine article contains a lubricant as well as a solvent. You might have to manually lubricate the cutter head if you use a solution that does not include lubricant.

Dec 19, 2007 | Braun Syncro 7526 Electric Shaver

4 Answers

Clean Cycle Never Ends

i have the same issue but the charge/clean light on the razor itself wont come on or charge at all. Braun said to send it in for repair/exchange and to find out whats wrong with it.

Mar 04, 2007 | Braun Flex XP II 5790 Electric Shaver

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