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Tutorial HOW TO FLASH a Samsung SGH - J700

1) STEP1: Search Firmware (Some links where you can download them):
1.1) Firmware files are coded like this:
[Model] [Location] [Year] [Month] [Version]

----- [Location] -----
CP Finland
DB Vietnam
DC Thailand
DD India
DT Australia
DX Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore
JA South Africa
JC Tunisia, South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria
JP Arabic
JR Arabic
JV Tunisia, Syria, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Oman, Nigeria, Morocco, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Algeria
XA United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany, Austria
XB Sweden, Denmark, Norway
XC Portugal, Spain
XD Slovakia, Hungary, Czech, Croatia
XE Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan
XF Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria
XX United Kingdom, France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain
ZC Hong Kong, China
ZT Taiwan

----- [Year] -----
a: 2001,b: 2002,c: 2003,d: 2004,e: 2005,f: 2006,g: 2007,h: 2008,i: 2009

----- [Month] -----
a: January,b: February,c: March,d: April,e: May,f: June,g: July,h: August,i: September,j: October,k: November,l: December,

XA: United Kingdom, France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain
H: 2008
D: April
1: rev1
1.2) Download:

Note: You need 3 files!: [.tfs], [.cfg] and a [.bin or .cla] file.
2) STEP2: Make serial connection to phone:
2.1) Two ways to get a connection with your phone:
2.1.1) Buy a USB to SAMSUNG connector (Not the one you get with your phone. You must buy it). (Expensive)
I dident buy a cable but you can find aSamsung E210 / G600 / L760 USB Flash Cable here (this is compatible with the J700):
Note: dont buy a DATA SUITE CABLE but a UNLOCK / FLASH CABLE!!! (So on the webpage of fonefunshopscroll all the way down).
I did it like this because i had everything i needed anyway. Most peolpe probably wont but you can find the components i use in every electronic shop or online via websites like http://www.farnell.com/
What I did was making this scheme and used a USB to serial converter cable because I didn't had a COM port:
You need:
- MAX232 in a 16pin DIP package
- 4 x 10µF Capacitors
- A serial connector (female or male: depends on the cable you use to connect to your PC).
- An old USB cable you can strip to get a clean power of 5V.
- And serial cable of course (I used a USB to serial cable but if you have a COM port you can use simple old serial cable)

I have soldered the wires directly on to the pcb at the back of the phone connector. I used some old IDE cable for it. When soldering you will notice the connector pins are very small so only solder 1 sup copper wire of the bundle to the bcp. Pretty difficult but with a magnifying class it is possible.
Use tape to secure everything because. Try to put the little pcb back into the phone and connect the 2 plastic flat cables back onto it.
Note: I didn't use the USB cable for a stable 5V but and 7805 so the first picture shows a little bit more components than what is needed.
3) STEP3: Download FLASH Software and FLASH IT!
3.1) Download flash software
This is what we need:
oneNAND Downloader v1.4 for pnx5230
You can find it here:

3.2) FLASH IT!
Start oneNAND and do like I did on the photo:
  1. Turn off your cell phone.
  2. Then click START.
  3. When he shows you this message: **(POWER ON the PHONE!)** just push the power button shortly. (1sec is enough).
  4. oneNAND Downloader will now try to identify the oneNAND chip inside the cell phone.
  5. If all is well he would say something of 256MB ...
  6. Then press DOWNLOAD and wait for 2 hours and your phone will be flashed with the firmware.
  7. Finished!
Have fun!

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