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How to adjust a toilet

  • Your toilet tank may simply need a good "tune-up." Here are some adjustments you can make.

  • Refill valve. If your tank has a conventional ballcock refill valve, the water level is adjusted by bending the float arm. The level should be high enough for complete flushes, but the water should not be to the top of the overflow pipe. Your tank should have a colored or molded water level mark. It should never be set so low that the bowl does not refill with trap sealing water. The rule of thumb is to set the water level about 3/4" below the top of the overflow pipe.

  • If the float rubs on other parts, simply adjust the float arm sideways. If the float lacks buoyancy, unscrew then shake it to determine if it is waterlogged. A waterlogged float should be replaced. The float arm can also be replaced, if needed.

  • In tanks using modern plastic refill valves, the tank water level is adjusted in other ways. If your tank uses a hand nut, turn the nut clockwise to raise, or counterclockwise to lower, the water level. Or, your tank may have a sliding pinch clamp on an adjustment rod.

  • Flush valve. Replacements for a flush ball and its actuating mechanism are available, but it may be possible to stop a leak with minor adjustments. Check the following mechanisms before purchasing replacements.

  • See that the guide arm is centered directly over the seat. The guide arm should drop the flush ball directly into its seat. If the flush ball is not seating properly, make the adjustment shown.

  • The guide arm should allow the flush ball to rise enough for a complete flush. If not, raise the arm. Be careful that it isn't too high–then it will prevent the ball from closing completely.

  • Check that the upper lift wire pulls the flush ball high enough. To adjust it, simply bend the wire for a higher or lower lift.

  • The lifting hardware on a flapper-type flush valve should raise the rubber flapper to start a flush, but should not hold the flapper up off its seat. If this is occurring, the hardware is adjusted too short. Some types allow you to slide the flapper itself up or down on the refill tube to ensure that the flapper meets the valve seat squarely. The lifting hardware and flapper height adjustments are the first things to check when flapper problems arise.

  • Refill tube. If the bowl-refill tube is out of place, water is routed directly into the tank, rather than replenishing water in the bowl. When this is the case, you will likely hear splashing sounds during tank refill. The refill tube should aim directly into the overflow pipe but should not reach below water level. If the tube extends too low, it will siphon tank water silently away. Fix it by repositioning as shown.

  • Defective refill tubes on some valves can be replaced with new plastic ones. Simply place one end of the plastic tube over the serrated plastic lug on the body of the valve, and place the plastic holder in the top of the overflow pipe.
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    1 Answer

    how do I get the water to stop filling the tank on my toto ST794S toilet?

    there should be a screw adjustment on the ballcock or fill assembly...screw that down some to adjust...that regulates your tank water level....that screw goes in or out to adjust...one or other should do the trick...may have to do this a few times to get proper adjustment...good luck..

    Jul 07, 2014 | Toto St794s-12 Nexus Tank With G-max...

    1 Answer

    Very slow refill on tank. How to adjust?

    Hi carlson33 19...

    I would say your fill valve (ballcock) has trash in it or needs to be replaced because of age.

    If you replace it you can get the "ballcock" from just about any hardware supply,Home Depot,Lowes...etc.. and I would recommend the replacement of the "flapper valve" also at the same time.
    All the instructions for adjusting are on the package of the ballcock...
    This should solve your problem.
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    Apr 21, 2011 | Jacuzzi Bath Era BK37 959 White toilet...

    1 Answer

    Tank doesn't refill

    The float on the ballcock is either hung up,the round black thing that should slide up and down, or the valve is stuck. Either way, the most reliable fix is to replace it. Can get one at a hardware store usually for about $20-30 US.

    Sep 18, 2009 | Toto Carlyle 1-piece Elongated Bowl Toilet

    1 Answer

    Once my tank has filled (toto toilet) the fill valve does not completely shut off. It just sort of trickles' in spurts.

    The fill valve isn't adjusted correctly. Does it have a ballcock or a newer fill valve? If it's the ballcock, there's a screw in the middle of the fill valve that you can loosen to lower the ballcock. If it's newer, you'll see a float that surrounds the fill valve. It has a small metal clip toward the bottom that you need to pinch to raise or lower the float. It also has a large plastic screw with a phillips head at the top for fine tuning.

    Jul 03, 2009 | Jacuzzi Bath Era BK37 959 White toilet...

    1 Answer

    tank wont refill/how to fix

    JC most commonly the ball **** will hang up on the side of the tank. Take the lid off and ensure that it is in the down position. If it is not bend the rodso the ball move away from the side of the tank. If the toilet is running continously and the tank won't fill you will need to either replace the flapper valve which is in the bottom center of the tank or adjust the chain on the flapper and handle to allow the valve to open momentarily and close once the water level reaches it and drains out the hole.If all of the above did not resolve the issue you will need to replace the ballcock valve which is the piece the water supply attaches to underneath the tank on the handle side and protrudes through the tank and has the ballcock rod attached to it. The best replacement is a Fluidmaster as they are very easy to self install and easy to adjust the water level in the tank. I hope this assists you and thanks for using Fix Ya. If I can be of further assistance please let me know.

    Oct 26, 2008 | Home

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