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Troubleshoot Computer Problems in 2010

We are in 2010 dose not mean that computers will stop giving problems. Even in 2010 technology is not that advance to fix their own problems. So someone need to troubleshoot problems as they arrive. Lets have a couple of simple hacks and tricks that can be used to fix any computer problem.
Most of us think that computers are perfect or suppose to be perfect and get frustrated when something goes wrong. That is wrong and computers can only do what you program it to do and if somethings small goes wrong it start giving problems. So you need to fix it.
People think that if it is related to computers then it is too complicated and you need to learn about it to fix it. But what you learn in school or university will not help much when it come to troubleshoot.
One more thing that if you are scared of things will go worse with your action then you might have difficulties trying out new things and troubleshooting.

Whats is the problem?
Before you start doing anything you need to identify that there is a problem. It is easy. If things dose not work as it was before or giving out error messages or warnings or if it dose not do what it suppose to do then there is a problem. Identifying the problem is the most important part oftroubleshooting. That is the one most of us dose not pay much attention.
What cause the problem?

After identifying the problem then try to look for the reason for it. If there is any error message it will give most of the information you need. Most of the modern operating systems and programs have detailed error or warnings that tell what cause the problem.
Even if you get a error code you can always refer to its documentation or use Google to get the explanation and more details about the problem.
In some cases you will not find any error or warning message. For example if keyboard is not responding or CD/DVD ROM is not been detected or computer is too slow kind of scenarios will not leave any error messages. So try to collect as much information as possible.
What are the related software hardware components?
Which actions cause the error?
Above are two good questions that you should answer to get a idea about the problem. On top of that before you move to the next step try to get more information about the environment as well.
What Operating System (OS) are you using?
What is the OS Service Pack or Software Version?
What are the other programs that run in the background?
What are the last couples of changes you have done? (Upgrade/Installed new Software)
More related questions you try to answer related to your problem with make it easy to solve it as you get better unresting.

What is the solution to the problem?
As you gather more information about the computer or internet related problem will make it easy to look for a solution. 1. If you have solved a similar or exactly the same problem then the solutions for your problem will be to apply similar. That is base on your experience and with time you will gather more and more experience you will be able to troubleshoot techproblems pretty easily.
2. Even without any prior knowledge you can find a way to solve your tech problem.

You are not the first person to go through PROBLEM A.
Most of the cases (99% of time) you will notice that you are not the only one to face that problem or the first one to be. So you can always get help from others who have solved the problem. If you gone through blogs or forums related to your problem then you will notice how many people were gone through the same problem.
I use Google to find these forums and blogs which gives out step by step guides to solve tech problems. Great but how do you know whether it is going to work out. Small trick you need to do is to scan through the comments below the post or the conversations going on in the forums to see what others been saying. Because all the time you will not find the working solutions.
Another important fact when it comes to Googling is to use the appropriate search term.
1. Use the exact error message or code.
In this way you will be able to find the most appropriate solutions from Google. I will always try to copy and paste the exact error message in Google or in the documentations.
2. Use the exact error message or code with the software/OS/website/ name and version.
If the error message is generic you have to use the name of the software, application, OS or website with its version details with the error message to see the related discussion and solutions with Google.
3. Description of your problem with software/OS/website/ name and version
If there is no error message or code then you have to use a little description of the problem and all the other details related to the issue. That can be the operating system, software name or version details.
Always it is better to mix up the keywords or add and remove keywords to optimize the search result for your problem.
After going through the solutions and related comments and replies if you feel like that you cannot fix it or there is a high probability to make thing worst then always better to get someone else help. Even though you are not going to fix it by yourself knowing the problem and the solution is a great help when you try to look for help.
How to fix it?
Here comes the fun part. Fixing the problem. Until now what we did is to understand the problem and solutions to it. So now we need to apply it and get our problem solved.
1. First thing first. It is always better to backup your content and system as some times things can go wrong. If something can go wrong it will (Murphy’s law). Unless your operating system is crashed or files are corrupted you have a chance to back up all your content before you try troubleshooting. In most of the step by step guides they will instruct you to backup if what you are trying to do can cause any damage to the data.
When it comes to system back up System Restore comes in handy as you can roll back to previous state of you computer if your troubleshooting created further problems and if you feel like it is getting worst and worst.
google_protectAndRun("ads_core.google_render_ad", google_handleError, google_render_ad);2. Then take couple of deep breaths and follow the solution that you found out. It is really important to be patience even things are not going great. That helps to over come theproblems.
3. After going through the instructions sometimes you might end up without solving the problem. In worst case it might brings up a new problem. Do not blame anyone as that is quite common withcomputers. In such situation you need to go back to first step and follow the steps to get it fix.
This is quite general way to solve problems but I have tried this to solve many problems as it comes. Always a positive mind set will help you to get through any difficult situation with your computer or related issues.

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how to retrieve lost emails after lightning blew up computer

Lightning blew up your computer? How? Did it actually strike the computer... unlikely, but if it did....you now have a molten piece of technology what you can call "to be recycled". :-) What you really mean is lighting caused a power surge with travelled through the wired connections in your home and upset the Operating system as well as some programs, namely your e-mail program. In this case, what e-mail system ae you using? YAHOO, GOOGLE, OUTLOOK?
For any INTERNET type email, you have to contact the appropriate provider's support and explain what happened and hopefully they will have a copy of your emails. FOR MS Outlook... Check your Deleted FOLDER... if it's not there, it's probably residing on the server, BUT.... you have to ensure, the setting "KEEP MESSAGES ON SERVER" is checked in OUTLOOK.... In Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010/2013:
  1. Go to Tools, Account Settings in Outlook 2007; File, Account settings in Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013
  2. Select the Email account, click Change (or double-click on the email account)
  3. Click More Settings
  4. Go to the Advanced tab - leave on server settings are in the lower section
In Outlook 2003 and older:
  1. Tools, Email Accounts
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  4. Click More Settings
  5. Advanced tab - lower section
Hope this helps!

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I believe that error means the toner cartridges arent installed like they should be. Re-install each toner and restart the printer. See if that works. Any questions or any needs for supplies, please give me a call. Damien @ iPrint Technologies - 818.700.7419.

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Can you explain me what do you mean by advance format.

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Now some time last year (more like 10 months ago). My laptop stopped charging the battery when connected to the outlet Via it's AC Adapter (Specifications: Input : AC100-240V Internal Diameter : 5.0mm Output : DC18.5V 3.5A External Diameter : 7.4mm Item Includes : Power Cord Power : 65W ) Me and my mom have contacted hp and one of their representatives told us that leaving the laptop connected to the charger and leaving programs running on the laptop will cause this to happen. Now I'm not and expert, but I do know a little something about technology and it's my understanding that when a (modern) laptop is fully charged it will stop charging the battery even if the charger is still plugged in and I do not see how leaving programs running on the computer will cause this to happen I mean aren't laptops made to run programs?! This was Sjummer of 2010, the laptop was purchased that summer as well so this means the battery stopped charging within months of getting it. Battery specifications: SKU:LBHP037, Type:Li-ion, Voltage:14.4 V, Capacity:4400 MAH, Color: Black, Dimension:268.50 x 57.80 x 20.30 mm We have replaced the battery since then (Summer of 2010) and on May 8th, 2011 (Mothers day of 2011) it stopped charging again. Now I barely followed his advice to shut it down regularly and not leave it plugged up (unless it charges through the night or while I'm in school) the only advice I did not follow was leaving programs runnign because to me that makes no sense and is stupid to even think that could cause it. Of course I could be wrong which is why I'm asking for the reason this has happened. And if that is not the cause then what is and how do I fix it? replacing the battery (again) is an option but I'm looking for a different fix.

These devices are more like cellphones. You charge it when it needed some charging. Once full, you remove it from the main plug and use the battery. If you do otherwise, it'll shorten the lifespan of the battery.

Running programs themselves do not directly cause damage to the physical device. They may form as one of the elements that can cause, say your processor to work harder and therefore needing more power from the battery. But apart from that I think it's wrong to say that programs themselves were the caused of the battery failure.

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IT or Information Technology is program that specializes in providing technology and applications to give an industry a systematic way of working.

ICT- Information and Communication Technology- is engineering problems to give a technical solution provided that they need to use technology.

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