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If you have a dehumidifier that is not working correctly you have many things that could be causing it not to work. Here I will give some of the common reasons why it could be giving you problems.

  1. The coils in the back are frosting up.

The dehumidifier works by drawing the room air over a very cold coil. The trick is to keep the coil as cold as possible to make it pull water out of the air by making it condensate on the cold coil. If this coil becomes too cold, then the water freezes on the coil. The freezing can happen if the air temperature in the room is too cool and does not keep the coil warm enough. Raising the humidifier up off of the floor onto a table can help. The air temperature is often a bit warm the higher up you get. Make sure that the filters are clean if your unit has one. Restricted air flow will make the problem worse. Providing more heat to the room will help also. Most units will not work in a room with temperatures below 68 degrees F.

  1. There is no air moving over the coils.

This can happen if the fan motor becomes stuck or burns out. If it becomes stuck you can sometimes get it running by working a lubricant into the bearings. WD-40 first, and then a good motor oil. If the motor burns out it will need to be replaced.

  1. The indicator light is on and the unit will not run.

This shows you that the bucket is full and needs to be dumped. If your unit is working correctly and the air is very damp you may only run a few hours before the bucket becomes full. This also can happen if the bucket is not seated in it’s spot correctly. There is a little switch that will not let the unit run if the bucket is not place exactly right.

  1. There is no water being produced.

This can happen if the air is very dry and no water can condensate from the air. Check the coils to see if they are cold to the touch, actually they should be very cold, like almost freezing. If not then the refrigeration system of the dehumidifier has gone bad. To repair that you will need a person certified to work on refrigerant systems with specialized equipment. In many cases the costs to repair the refrigeration systems will more than the cost to replace the whole unit.

This should give you a brief overview of the problems that you can have with a dehumidifier and some of the things that you can do to help get things working.


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1 Answer

my dehumidifier runs but takes no moisture out of the air

wow I get this question A lot ... things to ck first
1- control setting = less than room measurement for humidity , if your unit does not tell you rooms rh% consider buying a external %rh meter that you can place elsewhere in room there not that expensive to buy
2 unit working properly ? look for bucket full lights (it doesn't allways mean bucket is full) fault light or codes ? filters clean and new looking ?
3 if unit sounds if its running did you know that most dehumidifiers nowdays have two fans in them , could be you hear one running and not the other , this will prevent the unit from working correctly and some units don't let you know theres a fault with it (poorly designed my opinion ) , use a flashlight give it a good lookover you'd be surprised what you can find with one of those

Sep 01, 2015 | Friedrich D50d Dehumidifier

1 Answer

My Goldstar dehumidifier model DH304 runs,but fails to pick up any water

If the room air is less than the set air, then there is no water in the bucket, because there is almost no humidity in the air. If it is winter, there is likely not enough humidity in the air to have water collect in the bucket. A dehumidifier will only pick up humidity out of warm air. If you are running a dehumidifier in your basement in the winter, the room may be damp, but too cold for the dehumidifier to pull out the humidity. Try running the unit in the bathroom after having a hot shower without the bathroom fan on. If working correctly the unit should draw water.

Other things that can cause problems: 1.Check to see if the air filter is dirty and/or blocked. 2. The room temperature might be too low, (below 60 degrees Fahrenheit ) 3. Check to make sure that there is no obstruction to the unit that might be causing poor airflow circulation.

Hope this helps you to troubleshoot & solve the problem.

Apr 28, 2011 | Goldstar DH304 Dehumidifier

1 Answer

54501 Dehumidifier: keeps freezing up....

There can be many things that can cause the dehumidifier to ice up...

This tip will give you some things you can check...

Dehumidifier2_bing.gif is Freezing up and not working


May 16, 2010 | Kenmore 54501 Dehumidifier

1 Answer

Ice accumulates in the rear of the dehumidifier.

The one that is iced up probably developed a freon leak and yes it will cosy more to fix it then to repair it...

This tip will give you some things you can check first...

Dehumidifier2_bing.gif is Freezing up and not working


Oct 12, 2009 | GE AHK40LK Dehumidifier

1 Answer

Danby Dehumidifier Model # DDR557HE Serial # 0107030704369 --Does not collect water and cxontinues to frost up

If you are having problems with your dehumidifier freezing up them here are a few things that you can check and also a few things that may help you.

First check the ambient temperature of the room at the level of the dehumidifier. If it is below 65 degrees and you do not have a special low temperature dehumidifier then you are asking for trouble. Most units are only designed to work in temperature 65 or higher and will freeze if they are working at lower temperatures. Some even will not work well below 68 degrees F.

Many dehumidifiers will shut off when the coil starts to freeze to let them thaw, then they will restart when the coil is warm enough again. This can take an hour or so. Some will not shut down the compressor and when the dehumidifier coil starts to freeze it reduces the air flow and only compounds the problem.

Check the air flow over the coil. If the coil becomes dirty or the fan motor stops or even slows down a bit, you will get freezing. The dehumidifier is very dependent upon the proper amount of air going over the coil to keep the coil warm enough to not freeze. Any restriction will cause problems.

The final and worst thing that can happen is for your dehumidification unit is to develop a slight leak in the refrigeration system. This will cause the coils to run even colder then they would normally and this will create the same problems. If everything else check out then you may have to have the refrigeration system checked by a professional. The problem with this is that many of these units only cost a few hundred dollars and a service call can soon add up to more then the unit is worth.

Some things that you can do to help out a dehumidifier that is freezing up are:

Raise the temperature of the room and provide a bit of heat for the room as the dehumidifier is actually a very small A/C unit.
Raise the dehumidifier up off of the floor… the air is usually warmer when you go higher up in the room, hot air rises.
Clean the coils off so that the air can flow through them easier and keep them warmer.
Make sure that the fan motor bearings are oiled and that the fan is running freely. Even a tiny bit of resistance will slow the fan enough to make a difference.

By checking all these things out and making some small changes you maybe able to make your dehumidifier work much more effectively.

Take care

Mar 23, 2009 | Danby DDR586R Dehumidifier - 58 Pints...

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