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If your cell phone gets into water...

Two differents situations can occur when you drop your cell phone in water: depends if it is salt water (beach) or fresh water (rain, etc). I use to repair cell phones for 6 years, and this is my best recommendation.
If the phone gets into fresh water, just remove the battery immediately, because the battery normally creates a short circuit inside the phone, then try without battery and if you can remove part of the housing, do it and put a small fan or a hair blower ( not too hot) aside the phone at least for 15 minutes continue, moving around constantly. This has to be done immediately, because the minerals in some types of water can cause bridges between the IC (integrated circuits), and cause malfunctions.
If the phone gets into salt water, and this include if you drop it into the toilet while urinating (remember, the urine if full in chemicals, most of them are salts), although it sounds crazy, just immediately remove the battery, and give a fresh water wash, I mean, try to wash all the salt from the phone, and then start doing the process to dry it as described before. 
Two tips more: It is probably that your battery will damage permanently, and nothing can be done. And, this not guarantee that the phone will work, because it depends on how long it was soaked. In a next opportunity, I can give you a little higher difficult level to do in order to completely recover your phone from future problems due to water damage.

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how much salt do you need for an egg to float?

why do you want an egg to float in a dishwasher?

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2 Answers

We have a saltwater system and after only 10 days of use we already had to clean the cell because of build-up. Is this normal? Also, I have a test kit that tests for bromine. Is that the same thing as free chlorine?

Lets start with bromine
it can be a substatute but is more expensive. more irritation, and must be kept at a specific reading more so than chlorine or it will be inaffective, or down right irritating to skin clothes and eyes
it works best in Hot tubs

as for the cell build up it sounds like too much salt has been put in
if your followed a table for # of gallons vursus amount of salt to start with then you probably are to high. the tables are just a guide and unfortunatly all salt systems even though produced the same have different results with different amounts of salt

you should get a salt water test kit about 10 dollars for 10 tests a dollar a test sounds exoensive but one you get the pool set you only need to test every 3 weeks or so. salt will not change unless you have a lot of rain or splash out and you are constantly re filling with fresh water

get the salt to 3000ppm no higher or you will get tremendous salt taste and no lower or you will not be able to generate enough chlorine for the pool. The closer you are to 3000ppm then you do not have to worry about the salt content too much for splash out or rain since those instances only change your ppm by about 15-35 so you are a long way from the 2500ppm minumum

check your pool and if you are ( you have got to be ) higher than 3000ppm then drain 20% of the water or so and fill with fresh and so on till you get to that level
clean your cell again and try again

one thing to remeber is that you will need to figure out on your own how long to run it. filtering and chlorine generation are 2 seperat things that pool owners do not understand
I will try to explain as easily as possible

sun,# of bathers and heat will affect the absortion of chlorine there for you will need to run the chlorine generator for different amonts of time. your chlorine should be between 1.0 - 1.5 but anything 3.0 and down to ..0.8 are ok just realize again that thew closer to 0.8 the longer you need to run the generator. Start with 4 hours and see what that does

as for filtering this is what people dont understand you need to turn a pool over AT LEAST 3 times a day even with no swimmers ( Lack of swimmers and filtration is the # 1 cause of cloudy, green, or algea pool )

So lets take generic #'s If you have a 4ooo gal pool and a 2000gph pumpt thats a least 6 hours of straight filtering over and above your chlorine generation

another great hint is to garden hose your cartridge filter every day.
Although it may not look too dirty it has micron particles that block the suction holes and your pump will be running slower than it should

hope this all helps if you have more questions you can e-mail me at shhhucantcme2@yahoo.com

Jul 16, 2009 | Intex Automatic Salt Water System for ...

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I got it wet!!

The first thing is to know if the phone dropped in salted or fresh water. If was in salted water, forget it, you let it pass so much time, but if was fresh water, try to open the phone ( get a Torx 6 or 8 screwdriver in home depot) and use pure alcohol with and old toothbrush and clean the mineral deposited on the circuits, gentle brush it and let it dry, then reasemble the phone a it will work perfect

Sep 20, 2008 | Nokia 6133 Cellular Phone

12 Answers

My phone in salt water.

To anyone who drops their phone in salt water. Get the battery out immediately. When you get home or sooner if you can put the phone in something that will allow fresh water to immerse it entirely. Keep water running in the container for about 3 days continually flushing the phone. Now take all of the water out and fill the container with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. Let the phone dry out for at least 2-weeks before trying a fully charged battery in it and turn it on. Should work and you have just saved yourself buying a new one. Then don't leave it in your pocket when you go to the beach, drop it in a Ferry Salt Water Toilet, etc., where it it is immersed in salt water. If it is most cell phone providers will refuse to even look at it from their tech depts. A Radio Tech/Inspector in Canada.

Dec 22, 2006 | Motorola Mobility V600

1 Answer

Sea Water problem

You'll need to buy another camera. If it had of been fresh water you could dry it out and MAYBE it would work, however, salt water shorts out the electronics. (salt conducts electricity, blah blah blah.)You could try putting it in fresh water since you can't make it any worse, then let it dry out and see what happens. In my experience, salt equals death.

Sep 24, 2006 | Samsung Digimax 420 Digital Camera

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