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DON'T buy that department store telescope!

You cannot buy a usable telescope for less than about $200. Sorry but that's just the way it is! Virtually everyday I am answering FixYa questions in the Telescope section from people that just purchased their first telescope for $89 off of Craigslist, or Wal Mart, or CostCo or WORST of all TOYS R US!

They just bought a JUNK "toy", that will soon be posted back onto Craigslist (for sale) or relegated to a closet or attic at home. These small "toy" telescopes do more to HURT the Astronomy hobby than just about anything I can think of.

Don't fall for the pretty color photos on the outside of the box, or the CLAIM that it is 550 power magnification! Walk away from any telescope or telescope advertisement that says this on the outside of the box!

Think about buying a nice pair of 10x50mm binoculars. This is about the same aperture as that 60mm worthless refractor telescope on a shaky EQ mount you are thinking about buying; and good binoculars and a star chart can be used to find many deep sky objects, including most of the Messier objects from a dark sky observing site. You can even get an Astronomical League award using just binoculars!

By buying one of these cheap telescopes you will frustrate yourself and or your child. Some of them are virtually impossible to use, cannot come to focus, or break very easily. The optical elements also may be plastic instead of glass. The focus mechanism and the eyepieces might also be made of cheap plastic.

You promised your child a telescope and now you MUST buy one? Ok, buy one of the ones listed below:





You really need at least 4.5 inches of aperture to begin to see the dimmer objects in the sky. Six inches of aperture would be even better. The scopes listed above are all, what we call, Dobsonian mounted telescopes. Very easy to operate- up, down, left-right motion. They can be pointed easily to the moon and planets, and the brighter sky objects; IF you learn EXACTLY where to point them. This is the biggest problem for beginners, finding those very small and dim sky objects.

Remember a telescope has a very small field of view. LESS THAN the tip of your finger held at arm's length! You can be right next to a sky object and NOT see it in the eyepiece! The scope must be pointed DIRECTLY at it! This is the biggest problem for a beginner, and leads to those questions here on Fixya like, " I cannot see anything in my new XYZ telescope".

I would also encourage you to locate your local Astronomy club and attend their meetings and star parties. The members will help you learn how to operate the scope, and also help you learn the sky.

A free monthly star chart can be downloaded at: www.skymaps.com . You can also install the free planetarium software Stellarium, put in your location and it will show what is up in the sky for any date or time.

Remember, MAGNIFICATION is the least important telescope quality. Aperture (the size of the lens in mm, or the size of the mirror in inches) , and quality optics is much more important than magnification. Usually I use no more than about 150 power in my 8 inch LX90 telescope. My usual magnification is somewhere around 100 power.

Again DO NOT buy those toy telescopes! It's a big waste of your hard earned money! Now go and read my Frequently Asked Questions TIP.

Clear Skies
Joe Lalumia

PS-- read these before you buy a telescope-




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instruction manual for the astrolon telescope 525

You are about the 10th person to ask for this. These are being sold at Toys R Us and the "toy" really applies to this scope. If you can return it and buy this telescope for your child.

and no you cannot buy a usable scope for less than $200. No manual exists for your telescope, however Meade maintains a web site of manuals for all their telescopes. Look under the REFRACTOR heading on the below web site for one similar to your telescope. They all assemble about the same way, and Meade includes a section in the back of all manuals on how to use the telescope.

This one is similar to your telescope.

Dec 23, 2009 | Edu-Science (10166) Telescope

1 Answer

Please do everyone a favor and stop buying those cheap toy telescopes on Ebay, at garage sales, and at Toys R Us! Do yourself a favor and stop wasting your money. Craigslist.com also has many junk telescopes for sale! ALSO-- stop giving us ONE THUMBS UP when we tell you that you just BOUGHT a TOY telescope that cannot be used for Astronomy! This is very frustrating, and an insult to those of us who are trying to help you. You cannot buy a telescope for $79 just like you cannot buy a usable laptop for $79!! Usable telescopes cost about $200. Here is one that would make a very nice beginner's telescope: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEs_MMcJ7JA You cannot buy a telescope that is useful for Astronomy for less than about $200. Also beginners should NEVER BUY a telescope on an (EQ) equatorial mount. These must be polar aligned before they can be used. The most frequently asked question is "I just bought a telescope and everything is upside down. Yes that's correct. ALL astronomical telescopes show upside down images -- it's normal, nothing is wrong with the telescope. In outer space there is no UP or DOWN! NOW --- read the rest of my TIPS below, and when we answer your question please rate us and don't just IGNORE our answers. Again stop giving us 1 thumbs up just because you did not like the answer to your question-- "What's wrong I cannot see anything!" All we can tell you is to practice during the day time on a distant object using the eyepiece with the largest number written on it. Turn the focus knob until you get a sharp image. That's really all we can say to you; along with finding a local amateur astronomer who will help you. A manual will ONLY tell you how to assemble the scope. It will NOT tell you how to use the telescope to find objects in the night sky. Any amateur astronomer can assemble these low cost telescopes without a manual-- find a local Astronomy club and get help. Many of these off brand scopes DO NOT have manuals. SO------- we cannot point you to one on the internet. Again stop buying $89 telescopes and you will not have this problem. Remember to give us the PROPER thumbs up for our answers. A one thumbs up for a correct answer is actually an insult to those of us who take time to answer you. One more time----- there MAY NOT be a manual for your scope, and you MUST learn how to focus a telescope. We cannot come over to your house and show you how! JOIN this web site for free and start asking questions. Very friendly people there who will help you. www.astronomyforum.net Clear Skies! TelescopeMan Subscribe to TelescopeMan's audio and video Astronomy podcasts. Here is the RSS link-- click it-- RSS Link to TelescopeMan Audio-Video www.telescopeman.tumblr.com

Aug 01, 2010 | Optics

1 Answer

It doesn't seem possible to tighten the telescope to the telescope mount. The tightening knob seems too loose. Also, there is no way for us to get our fingers into the narrow space to tighten it.

Sure wish you would have NOT bought that telescope. It is a 50mm refractor which is exactly the same size as a pair of 10x50mm binoculars.

The binoculars will have better optics than that telescope.

If it is already broken? Can you return it? You cannot buy a usable good telescope for less than about $200. Here is a good beginner telescope.

http://www.telescope.com/control/product/~category_id=classicdobs/~pcategory=dobsonians/~product_id=08942 6 inch mirror

http://www.telescope.com/control/product/~category_id=classicdobs/~pcategory=dobsonians/~product_id=09804 4 inch mirror

Dec 12, 2009 | Edu-Science (10166) Telescope

1 Answer

Can you tell me about the G900 Me Galielo ? I am looking to buy it for 50.00 for my 12 year old son. Is this a wise purchase?

No these are not very well made telescopes-- I am sorry but you need to be willing to spend about $200 at least -- to get a usable small telescope.

Something like this one--

Dec 02, 2008 | Galileo New Age 800x80 Telescope

1 Answer

Bushnell 78-9945

Take it back to the store and get a refund then buy your son this telescope--

Do not buy Tasco, Bushnell, Jupiter, Baytronic or any other department store junk telescope.

Sorry but it costs at least $200 to get a small good telescope-- and the prices go up from there. Also run away from any telescope that has pretty color pictures on the box taken by the Hubble Space Telescope-- or that has the POWER listed on the box (something like 550x) --- magnification is not important...... most of us us less than 100 power even in LARGE 8-10 inch telescopes costing thousands of dollars.

Dec 25, 2007 | Bushnell Voyager 78-9945 Telescope

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