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Using the Nikon ML-L3 remote control

To use the remote control, you need to set the camera to respond to it. Depending on the model, you'll need to alter either the drive mode or the self-timer mode: consult your manual to determine which.

There's also usually a custom setting to alter the interval before the camera times out. Again, consult your manual.

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Ibaught a remote control for my camera but I cant get it to work

You didn't specify the model of your Canon camera so I can't be specific, but on many cameras you have to set the camera to a remote mode before it will recognize the remote. Please refer to your camera manual for instructions on setting a remote mode.

Jun 10, 2011 | Canon LV-RC02 Wireless Remote Control...

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no instructions need to know how to operate

The Nikon MC-EU1 Remote Cord is an accessory available for the Nikon COOLPIX 880/885/990/995 4300/4500/5000/5400/5700/8700 cameras. The MC-EU1 Remote Cord is 80 cm long and allows the camera to be fired remotely like a cable release for a film-based camera.

The MC-EU1 Remote Cord's main function is to prevent camera shake. As well as the shutter release function, the MC-EU1 has the following functions.
1. operate the camera's zoom remotely,
2. advance or return images in the playback mode,
3. Controlling interval photography, automatically fire the cameras over a given interval.
Note this is the only Nikon remote cord available NIKON COOLPIX cameras and is only compatible with the cameras listed.

The Nikon MC-EU1 remote cord has two Interval modes, A and B

In Interval Mode A: the first photograph is taken at the start; and subsequent photographs taken at the specified time intervals, thereafter.

In Interval Mode B: the first photograph is not taken until the specified time interval has passed and subsequent photographs taken at the specified time intervals.

These modes can be selected by pressing the MODE button. The device cycles through settings in the order, Remote Mode, Interval Mode A, and Interval Mode B. When the Remote Mode is selected, the LCD panel displays Remote; when Interval Mode A is selected, Interval appears together with the letter A and Interval Mode B is indicated by Interval and the letter B.

The interval Modes, allow you to take photographs one after the other at a selected interval, which can be set in increments of one second to any value from two minutes to twenty-four hours. Interval modes are only available when the camera is in recording mode and cannot be used when the camera is in playback mode.

Setting the Interval

1. Setting the camera to recording mode and the remote cord to Interval Mode A or B, the interval setting will be shown in the remote cord LCD display. Items currently selected for editing will flash. Each time the selection (SEL.) button is pressed, the item selected will change as shown below.

Select the desired time by altering the settings (second [S], minute [M], or hour [H]) one at a time. While the item is flashing, press the down button to decrease the time set, or the up button to increase the time set. The value displayed will change by one each time either button is pressed.

2. After adjusting settings, press the selection button until the display is no longer flashing.

Starting Interval Mode Photography

• Half-pressing the remote shutter-release button has the same effect as half-pressing the shutter-release button on the camera, readying the camera to take a photograph. If the interval is set to less than two minutes when the shutter-release button is half-pressed, the interval display will flash. Choose an interval of two minutes or more.

• Full-pressing the remote shutter-release button has the same effect as full-pressing the shutter-release button on the camera, starting interval mode photography.

• When the camera enters interval mode, it will either take a picture and then begin the count to the next photograph (Interval Mode A), or begin the count to the first photograph (Interval Mode B). The Interval indicator in the LCD display will flash while interval mode is in effect.

Ending Interval Mode Photography

• Half-pressing the remote cord shutter-release button while an interval mode is in progress stops the interval photography.

• Photography will also stop should you run out of available space on the compact flash card; In this case, the number of exposures remaining displayed in the LCD panel will be 000.

The MC-EU1 has a feature that when the zoom button is pressed twice in rapid succesion, the camera will start zooming until this function is cancelled by pushing the button a third time. If this function is not cancelled, no other function is possible with the MC-EU1. If the MC-EU1 does not respond as expected please ensure you have not activated the zoom function.

Jan 02, 2010 | Nikon MC-EU1 LCD Remote Control

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convergence on my menu is no longer there

You need the service manual, I don`t know about these particular set, but on Toshiba`s, you had to press the menu button on the set and while holding that in, I think you pressed the red button on the remote. This got you into service mode. If the convergence went out while you were watching it, I don`t think adjustments will cure your fault, it sounds like the Driver chip may have failed which drives the convergence coils on the tube necks. Is it just one/two of the colours?? Is it out in the centre?? Is it out around the edges?? If you do intend adjust anything, make sure you write EVERY setting down first including EVERY mode, It is a VERY time consuming job and even then you`ll NEVER get it perfect. You have to repeat the whole setup in EVERY mode, eg: Widescreen, 4:3, Stretch, 16:9 etc. You`ll also need a signal generator to give you a steady picture while performing any adjustments and when you alter the brightness and contrast, this will affect the convergence also. DO NOT alter the binary settings of the set, these tell the micro what the set is fitted with, eg: Nicam, Freeview, NTSC, PAL etc, etc. If I remember correctly, there are about 300 settings which have to be performed in sequence and when you alter one setting in one mode, this can affect another setting in another mode. It`s a real nightmare, believe me. The only trouble is, if you do start to alter the settings and you find that there is a faulty component, You`ve got to try to get it back to the settings that they were before you started your tweeking. If you do alter the binary code settings of the set, then there`s a very good chance that the set won`t come back on. It took me three days to sort one set out once and even then the customer complained about the convergence. Ian

Jul 29, 2009 | RCA D52W23 52" HDTV CRT TV

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Canon remote RC-1

In order for the remote to work the drive mode needs to be set to "self timer-remote" .....that is selected by the drive mode selection button identified with the clock and multiple frames symbol ....on the back of the camera...to the right of the lcd monitor

May 20, 2008 | Canon RC-1 Remote Control

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