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Mobile phone battery not holding charge and going flat to quick

Hi, now this is a very common problem the only thing you can try is to let the battery go totally flat and keep switching it on untill the phone wont even light up.
Then what you need to do is give it a full charge for at least 8 hours this may lengthen the time your battery takes to go flat.

Now what the shop should have told you and didnt and what they should tell you in the owner's manual and dont is that once a month you are supposed to let the battery go totally flat and then do full recharge.
Doing this will ensure you get maximum time out of the battery and it makes the battery last at lot longer before you need to replace the battery.

If after doing this your battery only last an hour or two then the chances are the battery needs replacing so if you do this just remember to let it go flat at least once a month as the battery never does a full charge due to the fact that the battery never goes totally flat so this then causes bad cells in the battery so follow those rules and your battery will last longer than normal

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I replaced LG 800 - 800mAh Battery with a 1000mAh battery but the phone will not take a charge.On attempting to charge the screen & keypad flash on and off .Returning to my old battery everything works fine but because of battery drain i purchased a new battery.Hopeing you can help,regards John.

Hi, the problem you are having is with the new battery, their is a chip in the old battery that matches exactly with the phones make and model, now as the new battery is slightly different the phone is not picking up the signal and is going into safe mode to prevent damage being done by a battery that could be over powering the phone, if it was an older phone it would work as their is no chip in the battery but these newer phones have to match exactly with the correct parts else it will just put itself into safe mode to prevent any further damage being done by over powering the phone.

all you need to do is get the same battery as the one that was in the phone, if you take your phone to one of those independent phone shops they may be able to match a better battery up for you that will last longer in your phone.

now here is a tip

when you get a new battery its best if once a month you let it go totally flat keep switching the phone on until it wont switch on any more, then give it a full charge, doing this prevents bad cells forming in the battery and this will keep the life of the battery at its best, they dont tell you this when you buy the phone but they should do.

if you never let the battery go totally flat then this causes the cells to not charge properly and then this causes bad cells to form then when you charge the battery the cell wont get a full charge and then the phones battery life will decrease so let the battery go totally flat once a month and this will keep the battery life at its fullest and will keep your phone working for longer.

let me know how you get on or if you need further assistance ok

please rate this solution as i have a whole page of unrated posts, thanks

Nov 28, 2010 | LG KG800 Cellular Phone

2 Answers

My battery on my iphone runs out in 2 to 3 hours. What to do?

I think you must check your charger and if ok replace your battery

Mar 31, 2008 | Cell Phones

1 Answer

i have nokia6233 whenever i start my phone cemera its show operation faild how shouls i far this problem from my cell phone

Hi, their are 2 causes to the problem you are having, now the first problem you may have is that if your battery is low then this will give you the message you are getting as the camera uses a lot of power so if the battery is low the camera will shut off and not work.

one thing to try is let the battery go totally flat so as the phone wont even light up keep playing ring tones or something to flatten the battery a bit quicker then when the phone switches off wait a minute or 2 then switch it back on keep doing this until the battery is totally dead.

once its dead do a full recharge doing this refreshes the battery and helps maintain a longer battery life.
once you have done this try your camera and check if its working or not.

If after doing the above it still dont work then this would indicate a fault with the camera itself now the problem could be down to the phone being dropped or banged about or it could be down to it getting damp so if it still dont work try this
switch the phone off
hold it in one hand
hit the phone into the palm of the other hand
doing this will sometimes shock the camera into working again if the problem is to do with a faulty connection
so give that a try and see what happens

failing the above the problem is going to be with the camera itself and the chances are this is going to need replacing, this is a common problem and the parts are cheap to buy how ever the job is not ease to do as it requires soldering onto the circuit board so if none of the above works your only sollution to solving this would be to take your phone into a small phone shop as these are cheaper than big brand shops and ask them to change the camera for you.

one other thing you can try is make sure you have got enough memory left on your phone to store any pictures the camera is going to take not doing this will result in the camera not working so delete some old pictures and messages etc just to rule out it being a full memory problem.

let me know how you get on or if you need further assistance ok

Aug 03, 2010 | Nokia 6233 Cellular Phone

1 Answer

Only getting about 10 hours standby on Blackberry 8520

Hi one reason batterys dont last as long as they should is that when you charge them up they never achieve full charge and some cells will only take between 50 and 65 % charge, what you should now try is letting the battery go totally flat so that your phone wont even light up when you try switching it on keep doing this until the battery is totally dead, then give it a full recharge, you should now find it lasts a lot longer, you should aim to do this once a month to ensure you battery stays at its best, they dont tell you this when you buy the phone but it is common knowledge in the phone industry.

give it a try and you should be surprised what you find.

How ever you cant always believe what the phone adverts tell you because their are heavy duty batteries you can buy for certain phones, but if you think you have a good case of false advertisement then contact the phones makers and have a word with them they may even send you some free extras as they like to keep their customers happy,

You also got to remember that standby time means 17 days if the phone is not used and no one rings it say you take the sim card out then give it full charge, then with the sim card out see how long the battery lasts then this will give you some idea of the things that use the battery up such as alarms, people ringing, texts, even when you press a button this uses power to light the screen up so you can only rely on standby time if the phone is sitting their doing nothing.

i hope this as been some help to you

May 05, 2010 | RIM BlackBerry Curve 8520 Smartphone

2 Answers

my china nokia e71 battery run down under 30 minutes if i receive calls much

hi, if this phone is one of those 100% copy of the orignal then thats your problem these phones are good to look at but when it comes to using them you start to notice the difference such a talk time and battery power, they use cheaper products that just are not as good as the original one, so unless a battery out of an original nokia fits in and is the same power etc then the chances of increasing this time is slim.

If you had longer battery life when you first had the phone then the best thing you can try is let the battery go totally flat then keep pressing the phone on untill it wont even light up then wait 15 min and do the same switch it on untill it wont no longer light up then wait another 15min the repeat once the battery is totally flat plug your charger in then do a complete full recharge its advisable to do this once a month it ensures your battery keeps at its best.

Let me know how you get on or if you need further assistance ok

Jan 18, 2010 | Nokia E71 Smartphone

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