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How to fix a leak in a gas tank, the right way !

Must take tank off of motorcycle. Leaks are usually under tank . Empty gas from tank into a can or jar, cover and put away from where you are working! Fill and empty tank atleast 5 times to get all gas out. Leave cover off of the tank, we dont want any fireworks in April ! Serious, its dangerous fumes can build up in tank, so leave cover off to have air to exscape. Now leave water in tank even if its coming out, aslong as its not such a large hole that it pours out. If so let the water come out and just make sure you cleaned inside real good always! Now you should have found the water leaking out of the spot your going to fix. I like to sand area that we are going to fix with heavy grit sand paper, i use 36 grit, and a wire brush. The spot should be so clean that metal is showing not paint at all. I like old school, i use a hot iorn its called it plugs into wall and just gets hot, very hot. I also sand the tip of the iorn. If you dont have one you can use a soldier gun, or a plumbers tourch. I dont like either but they will do the job. I hope you have experience soldering, if so use plumbers soldier and wax cleaner. Its not that expensive but you need both, without the wax cleaner it wont stick right. Now make sure you have a hot tourch or iorn, and soldier dipped in wax, heat area being carefull not to burn paint on tank, i mean good areas. Start touching soldier on tourch close to hole and as the soldier melts work it into hole fast and get away, all that should take 2 minutes. Let cool off or cool with water, and then sand or wire brush soldier and chk that you did a good job. Fill with water after drying tank real good making sure no leaks. Leave alone for a few hours. and prime it. Should last forever if done right. I have done many with no problems. Im a certified welder can weld anything, and i have! Good Luck, Frankie

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1 Answer

yamaha vino 125 scooter leaks gas when i try to start it

carb will need cleaning as it sounds like you've got a stuck float valve...it only leaks when you try to start it as the fuel tap only flows when the engine is turning over.
When leaving a bike stood for a while with an empty tank you should put an oily rag into it to prevent rusting...although the correct method is to fill the tank right to the top and add fuel stabiliser.

Nov 20, 2012 | 2009 Yamaha Vino 125

1 Answer

can't put gas into my 2010 subaru forester

if the gas gauge reads empty it might be not working properly, and the tank could actually be full. I've seen this time and time again at my station over the past twenty some years. The other posibility could be an obstruction in the filler neck it self. Kids do the darndest things to cars ? LOL. If thats the case then there is Two hose clamps that hold it in place, usually a screw driver or a small socket will work. But first stick a peice of hose in there and try blowing through the hose and listen if you hear bubbles then its full if you hear just air then its empty and blocked. Good luck :- )

May 28, 2012 | 2010 Subaru Forester

1 Answer

what is the procedure for draining the gas out of the tank to change the fuel pump


  • remove the negative battery terminal
  • open the gas lid and remove the tank cover.
  • under the car , under the gas tank is a drain valve , Its like a bolt)
  • connect a running hose and let water flow under the car, (optional)
  • get a large flat container
  • remove the drain valve from the tank and let the gas run out into the container. when its almost full cover back the valve, empty the container in a gas container an then continue to drain.

easier method but most people say its unsafe,

you need a hose and a gas container,

  1. pop the hood,
  2. locate the gas filter
  3. remove the hose leading to the gas filter, put it in your hose and place the other end in the gas container (ITS LIKE YOUR extending the hose to your gas container instead of the filter.
  4. turn on the ignition and watch the gas pump out the tank to your container, (pump must be working for this to work)

Apr 02, 2011 | Buick Regal Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

How do i drain old gas from the motorcycle

you will need to remove ur seat in order to get to the bolt or clip down that holds the rear of the petrol tank to frame.make sure the fuel tap is off & remove the fuel line going from tank to carburator then remove tank & empty the old gas out.there should also be a drain bung/bolt on bottom of ur carburator bowl,undo this let all gas empty out,then re-tighten & then reverse steps to put tank back on.Fill with fresh gas try start,check for any leaks & should be good to go!

Jan 04, 2011 | 2007 Yamaha XT 125 X

2 Answers

my 1995 GSX600F tank is leaking and I cant find a replacement. Is the tank on the later model the same?

I am unsure as to a year to year match-up. Why not just coat the inside of the tank with "KREEM". This is a two part epoxy that you swirl around inside an empty gas tank then let set to harden. Rust is sealed and leaks are sealed.

May 24, 2010 | 1995 Suzuki GSX 600 F (Katana)

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