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Don't check electrical voltages when standing in water barefoot!

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dishwater will not fill...no water. Used to work okay Electric valve clogged? Are they cleanable?

Not cleanable.Must replace.But check them first. They don/'t fail very often. Also check the obvious.Someone might have shut water off. Check for voltage at the fill solonoid .If voltage available then replace. If no voltage , Check ,door switch and,waterlevel switch. If ok, look at timer or controller.

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Aug 16, 2011 | Amana 24 in. ADB1200AW Built-In Dishwasher

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I have a 1991 40 gl and it fell through the floor which is like 2 ft off the ground. turned the water off and replaced the pipes it has its own lever type power supply with the screw in fuses 30 amp (2) of them. I have pushed the reset button don't know if it reset or not I still don't here anything from it. I fixed the ground wire on the top of the tank as it had come off when it fell. I don't have any pressure from hot or cold water anywhere in my house. would the elements cause this problem? I won't replace them unless that is the only suggestion. None of my pipes are leaking either. Don't know what else to.

You have 2 problems with several possible causes:
You have 10-year-old electric water heater that was reinstalled after falling down, and doesn't heat the water.
And you have no hot or cold water pressure, and no pipes are leaking.

1) First problem is lack of water pressure throughout house.
Turn on outdoor spigot nearest to water meter.
This spigot will tell you if problem is inside the house or between the house and meter.
If spigot runs full force, then you probably have clogged pipe where water heater connects to main cold line, or the main shut off valve got clogged with sediment that broke off inside the pipe when you were working on water heater.
Open and close shut off valve to see if that helps. Then disassemble pipes and track back the problem. Put pressure gauge on water heater drain valve to watch pressure drop when turning on indoor faucet.
Read following information:

Water heater doesn't work:
Test across wires at top of heater to see if you are getting correct voltage:
If tank is receiving correct voltage, then no hot water puts suspicion on upper element or upper thermostat, or both.
Open following link for electric water heater troubleshoot steps:


1 Answer

electric water heater doesnt heat anymore there is power getting to the water heater.

You posted under electric water heater but don't give type of heater or brand or voltage.

For most types and brands of tank-type electric water heater, open following link for full troubleshoot.

If this is a tankless water heater, or boiler-type, or indirect, or hybrid water heater, then add a comment with brand, type and voltage for possibility of more help.

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Jun 02, 2011 | Water Heaters

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I don't have a problem, just a question. I recently purchased a home with a GE Smartwater softening system installed Model GXSF23Z01. What do I need to do to maintain this system. Does it require salt? What is needed/ Thank you!

Check the time of day, and make sure it's accuate. Reset if necessary. Add salt if it's low. It's always best to let the salt level run low (about 1-2") so it doesn't mush. Only add 80-100 lbs at a time for best results. This particular softener doesn't keep a water level in the tank, so you won't see any water in the salt area. If there is standing water in the salt area, that could mean it's not working the way it should. Here is a link to the owners manual. It's in PDF format


May 14, 2011 | General Electric GE SmartWater Household...

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how do i troubleshoot the element and thermostat to determine if they are working?

Troubleshooting requires some electrical skill and cheap multimeter from home center.
Plus understanding that 240Volt water heater can kill you if it has gotten wet or is wet, or if you touch electric terminal, electric wire, or electrified part, or if water heater is improperly grounded, or if you stand on wet surface or touch metal pipes or anything metal or any grounded object.
Be sure to stand on dry boards or dry surface, do not stand on bare soil, and wear dry clothes and shoes, and don't touch or lean against anything metal, or on a metal ladder, or put metal object in mouth, and tape tester leads to wood sticks to keep hands away from electricity. And don't sweat.

Other than precautions above, testing electric water heater is simple enough using information on following link:
Look at label on side of tank to see voltage of water heater and wattage of element(s)

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Apr 22, 2011 | Whirlpool Water Heaters

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